Meet the Couple – Naomi and Vu – Don't Tell The Bride

twenty-six-year-old vu at Lamar's and 25 year-old Naomi vain met five years ago they moved in together after nine months and have been inseparable ever since he's a fantastic bloke he makes me laugh he's very kind genuine and we get on really really well we're like best friends as well as being a couple she's a lovely girl she's very very considerate she's very very affectionate and she's gorgeous a year ago boo popped a question who whisked me away to the Maldives for holiday and he wrote will you marry me on my back in suncream there was just one of the best moments of my life really I am a bit of a romantic as corny and as cheesy as that sounds it's nice because when you do make a gesture and she really appreciates it what would be the costing on that estate agent who's long hours mean that Naomi manages their home life he is quite disorganized and a bit forgetful she's like a friend and a PA and a wife to be she's really useful today reality hits home naomi is moving out of her home in Birmingham and in with her sisters a hundred miles away in Hartford sure it will not only prove to ourselves but also to our friends and family how serious we are about each other and how we want to spend the rest of our lives together who will have only four weeks and 12 grand to organise the wedding if I can run an estate agent every day and we do a good job of it I'm pretty sure I can organise a wedding

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