Meet Mitt Romney’s Mexican Mormon Family (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 6/7)

Lebaron is so close to the American border, they’re
totally affected by our immigration policy and, of
course, our war on drugs. If America sneezes, Mexico
catches cold. And because of this, they are
extremely interested in American political policy. You have narco cartels. You have a drug route. You have illegal immigration. So all of these problems, who
do you think should be the next president of the
United States? BRENT LEBARON: Mitt Romney has
a great, great policy. SHANE SMITH: Now are you just
saying that because you’re Mormon-ish? BRENT LEBARON: His
ties, his people. His family lives right across
the mountain here. You should probably meet them. BRENT LEBARON: Now, when Brent
says his family, he means presidential candidate
Mitt Romney’s family. Now, we knew that his father,
George Romney, had been born into Mormon colony in Mexico,
but not that they still had an active Romney colony
here in Chihuahua. So the Romneys still live
here, across the valley? BRENT LEBARON: Yep, they’re
some great guys. I just really like them. Golf with them quite often and–
some really cool guys. SHANE SMITH: Yeah? BRENT LEBARON: Yeah. SHANE SMITH: So we went across
the valley to check them out. [MUSIC PLAYING] BRENT LEBARON: Nine holes with
two par fives, and two par threes, and the rest
are fours. Pretty nice greens, eh? SHANE SMITH: Beautiful. How did this golf
course start? BRENT LEBARON: We just got a
group together that like to play golf and copied other
golf courses, put in the sprinkling system. When the violence started, we
lost quite a few members– just like in Casas Grandes,
a lot of people moved out. SHANE SMITH: You play here with
some of the Lebarons from colonial Lebaron? KELLY ROMNEY: Yeah, some
of the guys come over here and play. SHANE SMITH: And who’s better,
the Lebarons or the Romneys? KELLY ROMNEY: The Lebarons. [LAUGHTER] KELLY ROMNEY: I don’t know
what they’re eating over there, but– [LAUGH] SHANE SMITH: So how long have
the Romneys been here? KELLY ROMNEY: 1885. My great grandfather, Miles
Park Romney was one of the original people that
came here. Mitt is a relative. He’s a second cousin. SHANE SMITH: So his dad
was born in Chihuahua. Yeah, he was born in Colonia
Dublan, about 15 miles from here. Their family left, and they
stayed in the United States. They didn’t come back. You know, I remember his father
ran for President of the United States in ’68, at
least he was a candidate. His citizenship was questioned
because he was born here in Mexico but he was born
of America parents. SHANE SMITH: Do you think that
this craziness around the run-up to the election, is that bringing too much attention? KELLY ROMNEY: I think one of the
reasons it’s brought a lot of attention to here is because
of Mitt’s position on illegal immigration. SHANE SMITH: Now what’s ironic
about this is that Mitt Romney, whose father was born
in Mexico, and would be considered the poster child of
the Dream Act, actually has one of the staunchest views on
immigration in his already conservative Republican Party. MITT ROMNEY: And I’ve indicated
I would veto the Dream Act if provisions included
that people who are here illegally– if they go to school here long
enough, get a degree here, that they can become permanent
residents. I think that’s a mistake. [APPLAUSE] MITT ROMNEY: Now, it seems a bit
weird for a person who’s essentially a first-generation
immigrant to have such harsh views on immigration. It’s kind of like, me thinks
thy dost protest too much kind of deal. And his own cousin Kelly who,
although he supports Mitt for president, thinks that
his position on immigration is wrong. KELLY ROMNEY: I think
he needs to change. Being born and raised
in Mexico– and especially since NAFTA, I
think that the United States is partly responsible for
the increase in illegal immigration that happened. SHANE SMITH: So America makes
policy then, all of the sudden, Northern Mexico
gets all screwed up. KELLY ROMNEY: That’s right. Give amnesty to those that are
out there that are working legitimately and have a job. Come up with a guest worker
program and let these people go out there and work and then
come home and take care of their family because, basically,
they’re starving to death here in Mexico. SHANE SMITH: In fact, it’s so
bad that, for many people, there’s only really
two options– one, sneak into America, or
two, work for the cartels. Didn’t some farmers go up from
the farms and go to the mountains and start
growing drugs? KELLY ROMNEY: Yeah, a lot of
them have gone into the mountain areas, and they
grow of drugs. SHANE SMITH: And now we’re
sitting here, going, OK, well, what are we going to do. KELLY ROMNEY: What are
we going to do? Exactly. I wish Mitt would make
contact with us. And I really think that
we could help him. SHANE SMITH: And as I would
later realize, contacting the Mexican side of his family would
probably be the last thing that Mitt Romney
would do. MITT ROMNEY: We have got to
protect our borders and stop the flood of illegal
immigration. And I will not do anything that
opens up another wave of illegal immigration. [APPLAUSE] KELLY ROMNEY: When they started
the war on drugs, the violence just escalated. To me, this used to be
the most peaceful place in the world. But now you keep a close
watch on it. SHANE SMITH: Have there ever
been any Romneys kidnapped?

Michael Martin

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  1. Mitt is mind controlled, research his father, George, and his relationship to nazi science: mind control that our CIA adopted under operation paperclip. He is a literal manchurian. This is real, I was discussing this with my father because he was allegedly masonically murdered (a masonic square and compass that Mormons wear on nipples of their underwear) was drawn into a pool of his blood, immediately after the DOJ returned my request and demands to investigate my RICO suit's relation to UBS.

  2. Having difficulty leaving responses. Basically, my father and I are allegedly offspring of US senator John Chafee of skull & bones. Because of this, his status with the navy, harvard, yale and other high places, we were both (father and I) inducted illegally into mind controls as assets to the military. The covert BBC propaganda about Jesus and Mary M. having children is covertly Mormon doctrine (I was told this by active MOrmon ex-inlaw). I was drugged and hypnotised by a husband khazar.

  3. There is a reason that Rosslyn Chapel Scottland is so popular and mysterious, and as DNA descendants of crypts there related to the Knights templar and persecutions, it is proof, very powerful proof of some pretty bad things that came down in Christianity. That is why the Sinclairs are considered the grail family. I was never told about a literal bloodline of Jesus Christ, in fact, I am told much worse, but no one dare speak of it. It got my father murdered. I am a target of Mitt's family.

  4. The cartel is so vast and huge (as Kennedy spoke) that I am being denied rights to appeal at the 9th circuit to the supreme court, they get into my home, change my mail keys, rig it so that I do not get court notices, etc. Our judicial system was hijacked by certain royal families, Clinton and Bush, both drugrunning whores for their agenda. Illuminati is real. Not what people think from the lying media. It's a banking criminal cabal, many call themselves jews, when they are not, but khazar.

  5. My father, John Sinclair Dyer, told me that my problems stem from who his natural father was… I only figured it out after going through my father's things at his home, another grail that the banks stole from me and remodeled while new. It was about my being the female prophesied from the ancient house of Sinclair that would "wake up" from her sleep… bla bla bla. I am not a liar. I could never lie to the world for gain. We were being forced down a path unwillingly. We got problems, guys

  6. Well, in EXACT words, actions, and only true events did the Jewish portray that they were part of the Cartels? i need exact evidence. To be honest, i have no evidence that they are or are not part of the Cartel. you don't have any either.

  7. Cocaine is produced in southamerica but southamerican countries don't have cartels
    Coca Cola company owns southamerica

  8. What? dude are you smoking pot? i don't even know what you are talking about. when did we start talking about the CIA, and where did Leyva come from?

  9. Thats your typical American Neo-Conservative BS. Real Republicans are made to look ignorant by most in modern times. Real Republicans don't assume myths are true. Real Republicans understand that their name is used by corrupt people (Senators). Use true Republicans are sons and daughters of liberty and understand how our government is meant to work fucntionally. We have 2 parties for a reason and fighting the other one like they are the enemy is wrong. Fox News spreads misinformation horridly.

  10. trust me if he didnt have one he wouldnt be a citizen, not run for office, not become senate, not for god sake PRESIDENT! Seriously You need a birth certificate to go to school, hospital, social security etc. I am pretty sure he got to be PRESIDENT because he has one

  11. Cop out of an answer from a condescending, smug, arrogant little prick. I don't hate liberals, I just don't agree with them.

  12. The guy mentioned the name Romney earlier in like part 3 or 4. I was wondering why the Vice guy's ears didn't peak up? I figured he knew.

  13. See this video: watch?v=WDHYqyiPBxk

    This will change mormonism into a religion that accepts the scientific evidence and this world could turn into a heaven.

  14. Facepalm. Is not that you are supposed to accept when the evidence confronts your supernatural story, that is a great idea, but the point is you should only believe in things that are supported and suggest by evidence, and no religion can do that.

  15. Buen documental pero, si México está jodido debido a la guerra contra el narcotrafico, es principalmente causado por la tremenda hipocresía de los Estados Unidos. USA es el principal culpable de la jodides que tiene sumido al país en violencia. El narco en México no existiría si no fuera tolerado por los Estados Unidos. Me gustaría mucho que hicieran un buen documental de lo que pasa con la droga cuando ha superado la frontera norte. Un buen documental de los carteles Estadounidenses que seguro existen, escondidos, pero existen. Venga que ambos países, México y USA tienen tanta culpa del problema de la droga. Paren de escandalizarse por la violencia mexicana. El peor escándalo es la corrupción norteamericana que tolera el narcotrafico, pero se distraen de él haciendo y poniendo solo la atención en los problemas del lado sur.

  16. Romney can be a 1st generation and against illegal immigration.  WTF do people not get about the difference between LEGAL immigration, which no one has a problem with, and ILLEGAL immigration? Seems like anybody with 2 functioning brain cells that WORKS for a living ought to be able to understand the difference.

  17. how can rommney be so unempathic and inhuman not to understand that a mexican who wants to have dignity in his life, can only turn to the United States to have the opportunity of a decent life.
    No, MR rommney, if you want to mexicans have a decent life and work in mexico and not be inmmigrants in the USA, fist of all cut the weapons bussines, Have a strict gun control so not a single weapon end in the cartels. Provide funds, instruction and support for mexican police so they may drive down completelly the drug traffic. take your stealth fighters cross illegally the borders, destroy prantations , wipe out druglords ressources, jail all zetas. jail the corrupt mexican politicians, cops and military. the day the druglords are death or jailed, and drug traffic is stopped, no more money for corruption.

    when all of that is done and drug traffic is just sad old history, and mexico gets rightly industrialised with fair salaries, then you are morally entitled to prosecute ilegal immigration, FUCKING HYPOCRITE!.

  18. q falsedad se aprovechan d e nuestros recursos economicos en MEXICO POR HASTA TRES GENERACIONES FALSOS ¡¡ Q DESEAN ?? COQUETEAN CON USA Y NO QUIEREN A MEXICO ¡¡ Q QUIEREN ¡¡¡

  19. He's agenst illegal immigration. And not all People from Mexico are pro illegal immigration, so it's not that weird for him to have conservative views. Not everyone fits the democratic narotive guys constantly try to push.

  20. Wow. Watching this in 2019. Had no idea about Romney’s ties to Mexico! Also his anti-immigration stance back then was awful due to the fact he himself has roots in Mexico. I’m so glad Obama beat his ass.

  21. Who's here because what happen today in Mexico? I think something about these Romney's and Lebarons are Crooked here… sounds too fishy… maybe bad Transaction drug related issues? In Mexico 🤔🤔🤔

  22. Wow. This is very relevant right now. An entire caravan of Mormons were just slaughtered in Northern Mexico. Babies and all. Shot and burned to death.

  23. I don’t think much of Sen Romney since he attacks Trump while in office. He needed to go to him in private. I didn’t like how Ted Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi, etc attacked Bush while in office. Just trashy!

  24. If Romney's parents were citizens, he would be too though. In any case I'm sure Romney immigrated to the United States LEGALLY.

  25. Mitt Romney is one of the co-founders of the illegal invasion that poisoned and killed millions of American citizens then that illegal invader simply replaces the murdered American citizens spot in life stealing that citizens job and resources away it's easy to lie that's what illegals do 30 million of them this is unacceptable please deportation is desperately needed all over the USA finally putting American citizens first !

  26. Nafta only benefits The U.S and screwed Mexico into poverty, Mexico cant refine its own petrol, cant produce fertilizers so supplement the agriculture and livestock sector. we have to buy our own fuel back from the U.S and buy fertilizers that won't work with Mexican seed, you have to buy the genetically engineered seeds from the U.S too. I don't feel sorry one bit for Americans overdosing on drugs, you pushed Mexico into a narco-state and migration.

  27. And it keeps lower American wages so we can't make a living… We don't want to live in our cars… California's already Little Mexico and it sucks living here.. go pound salt you traitors !!!

  28. It sounds like the Lebarons and the Romneys are the rich fat cats in that part of Mexico. It also sounds like they want the US to pay to take care of Mexico's poor, …so they don't have to pay the extra taxes to solve Mexico's poverty issue themselves!

  29. What kind a "drugs" do they grow in the mountains? Would it be the great tasting weed that has been legalized in many U.S. Sates? They should keep it there we have the best bud in California and Oregon, the market is flooded.

  30. Where were the bodies in the video of the burned out car? If the area is so dangerous why would a caravan of women and children travel through unescorted?

  31. I'm glad he used Finger Quotes when he said "Mormon-ish" cause the LeBaron's (at least the ones in these videos) don't seem to be real Mormons….or at least not active members of the church

  32. ohhhhh this is bull shit…. VICE knows who the Polygamist arms runner LeBaron family is….. they are just pandering to Mitt Romney….

  33. Bromley is a part of those people who wish for the abolition of the Constitution of America the disarming of the people of America did defend itself and the seizure of properties across America by the state so how can you vote for someone who has the ideology of corruption and works for the Devil

  34. Once again a fine example of all those people in the new world order which to take over the running of America and hand it over into the hands of the few so they can seize the properties the ability of the people that feed themselves and carry out ungodly acts against the people of America imposing the same ideology as what the Islamic community tries to impose on the world yes the Normans and no different to an Islamic group I know how they're brainwashing works it's the same as the type of brainwashing the fundamental issues they will destroy your country and enslave the people into the ideology of enslave men for those who do not adhere ear to the dictatorship

  35. Now we know why these families aint all dead they have conections in u.s.a. and the cartels fear theyll get blocked by mit chemney whatever his name is. Its why thw police help them patrol just for appearance.

  36. I live in central México, as a missionary, and we are under constant threat from the cartels. The only reason they kind of leave me alone is what I told them in April of 2018. They leave me alone in the interest of self preservation. They bring me food now, I take them food, all in the interest of neighborhood peace. Since we're unlucky enough to be neighbors, we have to keep the peace because they can't afford to harass me or my wife. Not with my background.

  37. Mitt Romney for President???? Oh F**K NO! He will take this country down with his policies. He is NOT a Republican. He is a Rino! All his policies are democratic based….all of them! We dont want him as President. He is a corrupted politician. He has ties to Ukraine and Mexico and not in a good way either.


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