Mayo Clinic atrium piano, charming older couple…

Michael Martin

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  1. Once wielded by time, i just imagine what are they back then? Back when life is different that what we have now, i dont see two old humans playing a piano in this present time, i rather see them who they are back then, why?

  2. That's so funny I saw this in a different viral videos list and was like "huh that looks like Mayo???" and sure enough, that's where I work alright!!

  3. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH. <3 God bless y'all and thanks for keeping the FUN AND THE MUSIC in your (obviously) FRIENDLY AND LOVING RELATIONSHIP.

  4. Marlow died on May 12, 2016, and Frances died on January 4, 2018… They're now both together again making wonderful music!

  5. Well, sadly Marlow passed away at May 12th, 2016 at the grand age of 97.


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