Masters of Ceremony – Under Control (Furyan Remix)

Michael Martin

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  1. Euh.. que dire… l'original est carrément meilleur ! Ok pour un remix, mais là le kick est vraiment degueulasse… 😣 certains anciens me comprendront 🎧 🔈🔉🔊 😊

  2. Fuck this garbage! The original is real hardcore, this is a fucking shit of nowadays you call hardcore….you and your 'friends' are the problem of the scene

  3. You guys that don’t like uptempo are a bunch of pussies seriously lol go listen to EDM or hardstyle then. Uptempo literally is just at a higher tempo, which is the premise of hardcore, what it was built on.. besides the kick.. anything slower becomes hardstyle, or rawstyle, which is cool too but I’ve been seeing a lot of hate recently on it. It gets the energy going on the floor. As for the psy- kick i agree it has been becoming overused recently but I think it’s a good gateway to the distorted hard kicks. I appreciate the hard and fast shit because I’m from the USA so everything’s fuckin slow. Maybe you guys out there in NL or wherever should take a step back and appreciate what’s coming out or just listen to different artists instead of going on tracks and being like . “Shit. Uptempo. 👎”

  4. under control is a very classic track. its hard for me to say that this remix sounded like fuckin uptempo. ive missed the feel of getting energy, what the original always do. Hardcore is usely a hard-melodic-elektro music but now is going to be nothing but hard with some cheap strings in it sorry 🙂 whoe cares right? 😉

  5. Podía haber sido mejor….. Me gusta el subidón pero cuando parte es basura,bombo solo no vale nada

  6. I love the remix, it works great on the dancefloor (what many people here forget where it's all about) and the kicks hit hard and good.

  7. Wtf is happening to Furyan lately? This remix is embarrassing compared to the original one. And again with kicks like the one used here. Meh about temporary trends. This is gonna be a forgotten track in 2-3 weeks.

  8. The melody is the best in a un under control. You destroy the song whit a new shit kick. But Well done gj

  9. Furyan est un bon…. j'adore tourner c'est vinyles … fait chier le numerique , il ce fond rare ……………….

    Furyan is a good …. I love to shoot it's vinyl … shit the digital, it's a rare background

  10. Man sollte nicht versuchen was besser oder neuer machen was schon gut ist finde den Track normal viel besser

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