Marsau Reflects on His Mother-In-Law’s Comments About Him | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Do you remember
the last time we were on a seven-day vacation?
– Our honeymoon. Our honeymoon. I think all in all
the wedding was great– family, food,
fun, until Tisha’s mom ruined the reception. Marsau, why you not
wearing your ring? I know you’re her mom,
but you are not my wife. I don’t have to be
your wife to find out why you not wearing your ring. It’s her first time in Miami. Like, she just
having a good time. I didn’t realize it
was her first time. Wow. But she was calling you out
on something you didn’t do. Like, you did not
have your ring on. You’ve been with it ever since. My fingers could be ash,
yet I still got my ring on. [LAUGHS]

Michael Martin

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  1. I missed this episode, but based on the clip, she was right to call him out! The men on this show are more than questionable concerning being a good husband. It seems the mother-in law was just having her daughter's back. Where your ring Marsau???!!! LOL!

  2. Seriously though that's not something he should be combative about. Just kindly tell her what happened with the ring and why you're not wearing it.

    If I'm married and my in-law calls me out for not wearing my wedding band, he/she has every right because they want to protect their loved one. It makes sense to ask. The way you react is more telling of who he is then the question or who is asking the question.

  3. Ohhhhhhh chiyle….no man will speak to my mother like that and I don't care how sweet your dick is or how fat your bank account is . just cannot disrespect my mother…. PERIOD, what in the Jussie is going on here!!!!!( See anything I can't understand or make sense of… it's the Jussie 👅).

  4. Wow, cultures really do differ. If I brought a man who talks to my mother like that, it would be a no dawg from my elders. Infact he wouldn’t pass the preliminary rounds lol

  5. Now I understand why Tisha speaks a little slow…..Her mother can't speak very well either… Speech therapy is needed asap.🤦🏽‍

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