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Mom. Wow. What do you think? You do look like a
princess in this one. Love the neck line. I like this one better
than the last one for sure. So are we thinking this is it? Yeah. This is definitely an option. When you’re trying
on wedding dresses, you’re supposed to
feel like a princess. You’re supposed to feel,
like, blissful and happy. It’s beautiful. Yeah. But I’m not feeling like that. Yeah, I’m going to just
keep looking, just in case, you know, because I’m
not 100% right now. A little part of me
keeps thinking about Sean and how he’s been acting weird
since we’ve seen his dad. Want to sit down somewhere? Yeah. I’m a little bit
worried that his dad’s disapproval is getting to him. What’s going on? Sean’s not acting the same. I think that his dad
got into his brain. Maybe she’s getting married
to you because that way she can get what she wants. It’s really,
like, affecting me. It’s stressing me out. I’m, like, already stressed
about this wedding. I can’t handle it. Do you think he’s worried
about the money part of it? Why would he think that? You know, why would he think
that I’m after his money? Megan, she’s been given
some extravagant things, but she grew up
with average stuff, so she doesn’t
expect anything more. As a mother, it doesn’t
make sense to me. It’s just not fair. He knows our family
and how loving we are. And if any of us did
need money, we’ll always help each other out. I just don’t know if I’m more
committed to this relationship than Sean is. As we’re planning this wedding,
I’m seeing a side of Sean that I’ve never
seen before, and it scares me because
what if he doesn’t want to go through with it? It’s going to be OK. Hey. Like, what’s
going on with you? You’re, like, not the same. I’m just having a really tough
time with this, to be honest. My dad put some
things in my head, so I’m just wondering if we even
need a certificate, you know? I knew Sean was a little bit
nervous, but this is insane. Sean knows this is
important to me, so he needs to follow
through with the commitment he made when he proposed to me. He’s happy not being married. And he’s like, if you
are going to get married, make sure you have a prenup. It sat with me. I’m not that
kind of girl that’s going after you for
your money, and your dad is getting that in your head. I don’t think my dad put
these thoughts in my head. They’ve always been there
after my parents’ divorce. It was traumatic. I mean, they had
a 10-year divorce. The lawyer bills
were in the millions. Look, what is wrong with
signing a piece of paper and then we’re safe,
like, if something happens in the future? Why would I go
after your money? I’m content with family. I don’t care about money. I don’t care about cars. Yeah, it’s nice to have in life,
but I am not with you for that. Then what’s the problem
with signing a piece of paper? Just sign it, and we’ll
just forget about it. Yeah, that piece of paper
is like a sword in my heart. It means you don’t trust me. A prenup, to me, means that
your partner thinks that you’re going to take everything if all
else fails, which after five years of being together
and having a son together, Sean should 100% trust me. I mean, everything’s
wonderful now, but I’ve seen what my
parents went through. I just don’t want to go
through the same thing. What’s the harm of
talking to a lawyer? To me, it feels like Sean
is treating our marriage like another business
contract and not like a unity of love and commitment. OK, I’m not signing anything,
and you need to just know that. You want me or you don’t. I am not another
one of his clients. I’m the love of his life, and
he should treat me like that.

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  1. Girl he is trying to protect he's. And if you really love him you will sign it. If you say your not doing it for the money then you shouldn't have a problem signing the prenup. He's work hard for what he has and giving you so far. So if you really love him sign the prenup. Or that just shows you are there just for the money. Is not going to hurt you either way is he's money he's work hes butt of for it. You didn't work for it he did. So is pretty much your choice, but if I was him I will protect what's mine.

  2. I understand his motivation, If the money really wasn’t an issue, then she would just sign the prenup to make him feel better after his traumatic experience with his family. Then, on the flip side of the coin, I understand her feelings, they have been together for years and have a child together yet he still doesn’t fully trust her. It’s hard for both of them, maybe his Dad is right, they shouldn’t get married and should just stay as they are.

  3. She is absolutely right! They've been together for 5 years, had a child together and she's waited long enough. She deserves a marriage and a husband. He would still have to support that child if they broke up. He needs to be his own man and step up to the plate and be a husband and father as a married couple. Not listening to his dad. He's marrying into a wonderful family and she's in love with him so go for it! It's the right thing to do.

  4. Look girl sign the papers, you have a child an he will be well taken care of. An if you have more its all good hun.

  5. He needs to keep his family out of their family unit. And understand that he’s marrying Megan. Not his mom and dad. Quit comparing your relationship to your parents. Just because they didn’t have the best, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the best. All she asking for is love, trust, and fidelity. That lasts longer than money. Money can go bye bye with or without a prenup people. If she were to sign the prenup doesn’t mean that others won’t come out the woodworks to claim what’s been yours.

  6. I remember she said she will be with him if he was broke so won't you sign the prenup you're not with him for the money

  7. A prenup doesnt mean she get 0$ in divorce. She will still get millions but just few millions instead of many tens of millions

  8. Sign it !!he worked hard for his money, why are you so worried about it I bet if the tables were reversed you would have him do the same.

  9. She is trying to secure that bag!! She should go about this a different way. Threaten to leave him, take the child and threaten child support.. He will forget all bout that prenup!!

  10. I agree with him, her reaction is showing she has alternative motives if she's getting so offended by him protecting his assets.

  11. Megan is in it for the money, period! If she truly loved him there wouldn't be a second thought about signing the prenup. I think Sean should take his dads advice and not marry her. I think Megan is the shadiest of them all. I wonder if the baby was a surprise or planned by them.

  12. DONT DO IT SEAN!! she is to defensive her body language and choice of words gives her away.. Stop making excuses Sean a prenup or nothing

  13. I don’t see anything wrong with a pre-nup as long as both parties get out of the marriage what they have put in. Anything that is purchased a) BEFORE the marriage, OR b) during the marriage by their own personal account for their own personal use (cars, boats, art, etc) belongs to them, alone, in the event of divorce. If there is a large savings account or something along those lines before the marriage, it should be noted and remain yours alone.

    If anything is purchased FOR THE USE OF THE FAMILY, then each person deserves half of that, and perhaps say “only if the marriage lasts at least x-amount of years”. If one parent leaves the workforce to take on the upkeep of the home and stay with children, then they are contributing equally. If either party begins to contribute less than you do, confront them. Try to work through it with a professional if they are willing. Re-work the pre-nup into a post-nup if that is not working but you still want to try to stay together. If they won’t sign the new post-nup then it is time to walk away immediately.
    I don’t believe in alimony, but I don’t believe either party should leave a marriage with nothing. This way both parties walk away with everything they walked in with, as well as the half that they contribute during the marriage. Just my opinion. I understand the knee-jerk reaction to feeling wounded when asked to sign, but we all know that even the happiest of marriages can fizzle out after an announcement of years. It’s just reality. Some last happily, some last miserably, and some fizzle out. Trust me, in the height of pain when a relationship has just ended is not the time for either party to have to figure out financial matters! Saying you won’t sign ANYTHING at all period is a red flag, even if they’re the fellow parent of your children!

    Marriage is serious, deciding to have kids is serious. More people should realize and accept that before they enter into it. Not preparing by figuring out such matters early on to the best of your ability is one way countless people end up traumatized at the end of a marriage.

  14. Give it to the children her half of a divorce. If she divorces him in less than 25 years of marriage. If they are married for 25 years then divorce, she gets total control of half his wealth. If he divorces her before 25 years then she automatically get's half as if they had no prenuptial agreement.

  15. At The end of the day it’s not the fact that he’s asking to sign a prenup it’s the fact that shows that he doesn’t trust her and that he thinks he’s she’s only with him for the money when they’ve been together for years and have a son together surely he should trust someone enough with everything he has if he is willing to marry her then surely he should be able to trust her enough to not think that she is after his money

  16. It’s hard to say.. but lovers turn to the worst of enemies.. so I understand why Sean wants a prenup

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