Marrying Millions: Bill’s Reality Check about Bri (Season 1) | Deleted Scene | Lifetime

[music playing] Things with Bri and I
have gotten a little tense. I went out for one night. One night does not
define anything. You were not that
person when I met you, and I don’t want you
to be that person now. If I did that to
you, you’d be crying. I don’t even know where
you were last night. Crazy [bleep]. Because of the
situation with Bri, I’m pretty excited
that I’m going to get to go hang out
with my old buddy Rick to play some tennis. And I’m going to be able to
get some of my aggression out. Bam! Woo! You take the eye off the ball. I think I know who’s
paying for lunch, Ricky. Rick and I go way back. We were buddies
together in college. Man, you’re doing
good for an old man. I know. I got you’re on you, don’t I? Rick has seen me through
my past relationships. He knows my first ex-wife, my
second ex-wife, my girlfriend stages. So yeah, he’s up
to speed on Bill. We ought to keep
on doing this. Good, because I need
something good for me, because I am stressed out. How come? You know, Bree is not
even there right now. Where is she? She flew home to hang
out with the parents. I think I got a little too
upset at her the other night. Bree has never really wanted
space apart from me like this, ever. When we do have space
apart, it’s out of need for my business travel. She didn’t come home
till morning, Rick. I’m not really a control freak,
but when she’s not answering the phone, and it’s 1:00
Am, 2:00 AM, 3:00 AM, it had me pretty stressed out. I walked out on her, and I
think that really scared her. What would you do if
your girlfriend did that? Well, look, my girlfriend
is normally in bed by about 11 o’clock every night. She doesn’t go out like that? No. That’s what I want. Mind you, she’s only 21. You’re 40 years
older than she is. What do you think of the
age gap between Bill and Bri? It’s a big one. I’ve never dated anybody
that much younger than me. They need to go out and hang out
with people of their own age. But she’s dating me. He should really understand
where she is coming from. She needs to go out with some
of her girlfriends her own age, you know? Going out and even talk
to guys her own age. She’ll figure out real fast what
a great deal she has with Bill. Why do you think
Bri is with Bill? It’s not because
he’s good-looking. She’s never done
this before, has she? No. That was the first time. Maybe she’s feeling a little
bit insecure because she doesn’t have a ring on
her finger, you know? And maybe that’s it. I hadn’t even thought
that maybe she’s wanting to get married. She hasn’t been
pressuring me for it. Right. Well, maybe she is. You’re not opposed
to the idea, are you? I mean, I love her. But I don’t know. Maybe I should do–
maybe I should do it. But I don’t know if marriage
is the direction I’m really ready to head into right now. Yeah. Well, that’s a decision
that only you can make.

Michael Martin

71 Responses

  1. Gold digging 101: easiest targets = Delusional old White men or Black men (any age, with absent or 🐺 chasing fathers) with skin tone fetishes. IJS

  2. Girlfriend that is the problem GIRL not a Women. You too old for this Girl it is crazy. You need to encourage her to do something with her Life for the furure.

  3. They want to do big people things but act like a child when consequences comes. If she is old enough to make the decision to make love to a man 30 years older than her… then she is definitely old enough to answer him after he has called 1 am 2 am and 3 am to be responsible enough in picking up her calls to at least say she is ok so he don’t think the worst when she won’t Answer!

  4. My bf is not rich like this men but he is older than me 20 year and he is very selfish and big ego of course controlling me a lot. He not allowed me to go out in the night for any reason and I don't know how in the future relationship.

  5. No wonder Brianna went home to see her parents. He was controlling in that clip where he had a go at her for staying out. Especially because Bri said that Bill does the same and she doesn’t complain!!

  6. So what do you do with a young woman who is feeling like she needs space?….try and lock her down by proposing marriage, of course! 🙄 The arrogance of these dudes.

  7. Old is right, he needs to hold onto that word. Running after young woman, his friend told him hard facts. Bill wants his cake and to eat it. Good for Brie going home. Who wants two Dads.

  8. When your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't answer the phone at 1, 2 , 3 in the morning..its time to reevaluate your relationship. Like he said" I didn't meet you this way. Marriage is not a good idea at this time. My opinion.

  9. Your friends as old as he is is giving you some real bad advice he's telling you the married a girl in order for the her to stay home that's not it at all you're right the first time when you were saying that she's younger than you so she does want to hang out with people her age so that alone should tell you you got no business being in a relationship with this young lady anyway find somebody your own age LOL this girl only wants you for the money run fast cuz if you don't she will hit your pocket in the end

  10. His buddy Rick isn’t even moving while playing tennis, didn’t know Kaitlyn Jenner went back to females good for her umm him, whatever the three of them look happy

  11. Im 42 with a 69 year old guy we started off as friends only took about 7yrs before us being bf and gf, glad took my time as b4 him was in a horrible abusive relationship, only good from it 3 awesome sons!

  12. Nothing could matter about love. Who you are or what you are . If someone could happy for there choiced then . We respect with it .not just we judge them .. love is not based on how rich or how poor or .how handsome or how ugly you are . It bases on heart the feelings you feel and the love that feel in your heart … age gap is just a a number . We feel the pure love inside of our heart.. not those people who judge fast to see age gap and life standard …

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