hello everybody and welcome back to my channel today's video I am gonna show you Larry and i's nighttime routine so the first thing that we usually do is get ready for bed and we're gonna start off by washing our face and doing our skincare routine so he is using the Kiehl's ultra facial cleanser and the Kiehl's multi corrective cream i've recently just started having him wash his face and do skincare routine because he just he does and he's not really into it so so right now Larry is washing his face with the moisturizer and I am trying to find something to tie my hair out of my face and I'm using one of those white headbands and nearly choked me to death it was so tight and there we go this just kind of helps keep my hair out of my face while I wash my face and do my skincare routine I'm gonna go in with the Clinique take the day off balm this is my absolute favorite balm to take off my makeup it takes off all of my mascara as well I have not found a makeup remover that takes off my makeup the way this one does it's perfect so now I'm just kind of lightly massaging that over my skin and circular motions and then I also lightly use my fingers up Larry's ask me what to do with that corium so I'm telling him to take a little bit of them out and then just massage it into his skin anyways so now I'm just kind of rubbing my eyelashes lightly to get that mascara off and Larry is doing very good and moisturizing his neck as well as his face his skincare routine is much quicker than mine the next thing I'm going in with is the Murad anti-aging acne cleanser and I'll put about a dime sized amount into my palm and massage that together and rub that over my skin larry's now moving out to brushing his teeth he's using the crest cavity protection toothpaste i cleansed my face twice especially when I'm wearing makeup and especially when I'm wearing liquid foundation just to ensure that I get everything off here's me being a creeper and staring at layer he was so into brushing his teeth he had no idea I was staring him down he's not amused now I'm just gonna dab my skin pet it dry with a towel as you can see I have a lot of discoloration from acne scars I am still suffering from acne breakouts and trying to perfect my skincare routine this current routine I have been trying out for the last month right now I'm using the Murad toner just to remove any excess makeup next I went in with just a very mild moisturizer and rubbed it over my eyes just to get all of that mascara off and I'm using a cotton ball larry is all set and done and he is gonna head off into the bedroom my next step is the UFO ultra clarifying face oil by Sunday Riley this seems to help a lot but I'm also getting new acne so I'm I haven't perfected my skincare routine yet but this is currently what I have been doing and I'll just dab that and push it into my skin so it sinks in next I'm going in with the skin Iceland this is a brightening eye serum and I just dab that on my under eyes and my eyelids next I'm going in with the Sensodyne or sensitive toothpaste and my Philips Sonicare toothbrush which I got from my parents for Christmas is the best best toothbrush ever and now I'm going in with just a basic toothbrush and I do this every night and morning I wet the toothbrush and then I just kind of massage my lips and get the extra dead skin off and now I'm going in with the eos vanilla lip balm all done skincare is set next is pajama time and i have to try wizard tournament t-shirt with a cute pair of kitty cat pajama bottoms and you guessed it larry has a twinning shirt and his plaid pajama bottoms so now we are going to feed lexi Kitty and she's super excited we feed her at night because she used to wake us up at 4:00 in the morning when we fed her in the morning so we feed her her what good at night time and she is so happy we feed her the blue brand in case you guys are wondering next our nighttime routine also includes filling our filtered water we purchased this I believe at Walmart several years ago and it is perfect now I'm just holding the door open for Larry so he can easily place the water filter inside that way we have fresh water for the next day Alexi is so tired poor little baby okay now I'm going in with my little Pampers relaxation I'm going in with a plant guru lavender oil this promotes kind of like relaxation perfect to rub on your temples it really helps to when you have headaches I usually put it on my temples and if I have headaches or neck pain I'll rub it on the back of my neck next I'm going in with the aromatherapy peppermint oil from Bath & Body Works just to kind of spray a little bit of fresh peppermint in the air and then I'm going in with my Kiehl's I think it's the creme de Corp some oyster Iser and it didn't want to come out ere it goes Larry's just chatting with me and talking to me next we're gonna take off those extra show pillows off the bed and place them on the floor and Larry's gonna give Lexi a little kiss this is my favorite part is jumping into bed oh my god I cannot wait after a long day it's just the best and here's me jumping into bed no worries in the world Lexi was scared she's like mom what are you doing I'm trying to call her over and get her to come up next to me and she usually does but for some reason she wasn't having it that night so Larry and I like to get cozy into bed and read our book and he likes to organize here we are again trying to get Lexi to come but she's just not having it she was staring at the camera that was sitting on the bed she did not like it there so I'm currently reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Larry is working on his crossword puzzles and we like to do this for about 15 to 20 minutes before bed Larry aughh also likes to do his calendars and organize his days especially whatever we did that day he likes to write down reading and doing things like this and jotting your memories down in a journal or notebook is really helpful just to kind of clear your mind and with me with social media I spend a lot of day on my phone in my computer and I think it's really important to make sure that you take time before bed and read a book I am always finished before larious he usually stays up for a little bit longer than I do now it is time our lights off and larry has a little lamp next to his nightstand and we always end the night with a goodnight kiss I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a huge thumbs up also let me know if you like the routine videos I hope you guys all have a wonderful day bye

Michael Martin

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  1. It’s awesome to see that’s how much using your time to spend with, because of good experience what’s your routine time during your night time. It’s a good example of busying to errand in a short journey of rest your life! 😉👍🏼

  2. what advice do you have in encouraging a man to wash his face and use moisterizer? Maybe Larry has a response guy to guy. My husband is 10 years older than me, he is 57.

  3. I stumbled across your guy’s channel the other day and I have to say I just love you guys!

  4. I’d recommend getting young living essential oils! All EOs are not created equal. I love making face serums, using them for head tension, and the aromatherapy aspect is 💯 just a thought. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  5. Hello Mindy I'm new to your vlog absolutely you guys in love I am married also a man 16 years age Gap but I'm happy with him..older is loving than younger one I'm just saying please notice me 😘

  6. Mindy be careful with the oil that might be the reason you are breaking out more maybe do the oil like 2 or 3 times a week that is what I do and it is so far working

  7. I found this channel over a snapchat story and totally love the channel! Love is love and age doesnt define it!❤️

  8. Hey just a heads-up since you said you were having acne issues, my dermatologist recommended a website called that lists the safety, the chance of acne, etc, about different skincare products. She said if it is a 3 or above in the acne section, don't use it. I found out almost all the products weren't helping and were actually making it worse. Ever since then my skin has been so clear it's insane. (Also a lot of Western skincare will help get rid of acne, but it causes it again over prolonged use, so you think their product helped, but it instead made it worse. A.k.a. you'll buy more since it's all about $$$ for a lot of companies)

  9. I love Larry's idea of writing things down in a planner of what you did that day! Think I'll use that 🙂

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