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Goober’s like my best friend. He looks out for me. So when he called me, and he
said Tristan, me and my girl broke up, I started
swiping again. I saw your wife’s profile. I looked at it, screenshot
it, showed me it. And it’s deactivated, right? I don’t know. Because I don’t know you. Mia is telling me that
her profile isn’t active, and she deleted the app. But I honestly don’t know
if I can believe that. She’s lied to me
before, so how do I know that she’s not lying to me now? TRISTAN: I don’t trust you. I know you don’t. TRISTAN: I don’t. That’s why Pastor Cal
keeps talking about trying. I’ve said that consistently. I said there is a
cloud that’s hovering around that is stopping me
from falling in love with you. And I said it’s because
of the broken trust because you lied to me. And then this now, too?
I’m done. Because of everything
that has transpired in these last three weeks
with me and Mia, I felt it. And there were times when I
was falling in love with her. But now I just don’t know. I feel that everything with
her right now is a lie, and I don’t know how I’m
supposed to trust her. Mia, I really don’t, I don’t
talk about this any more. I didn’t get
married at first sight to be with someone who doesn’t
trust me and doesn’t love me. I got married at first sight to,
you know, get into arguments, but still learn about each other
and come back to each other. And right now Tristan’s
not showing me that. So I want to talk to Dr.
Jessica to figure out how to move forward from here.
– Hi. Hey you two, how are you? We had our most explosive
argument ever this this morning. That doesn’t sound too good. So tell me what happened. Tristan’s friend
Goober told Tristan that he saw my profile
on a dating app, which I honestly thought I deleted. And it just started
like this whole argument where we’re both so, I guess,
like emotional and heated that we keep talking in circles. When you say it’s
emotional and heated, tell me more about
what you mean. I’m upset with her
because I don’t trust her. The trust was broken
from when she lied to me. Then, I felt betrayed again
when I found out she was still up on these dating apps. You know, all of this
is like building up. There are some significant
communication problems here. And one of the things that
can really erode marriage is resentment. And Tristan, when
you’re talking to me, it sounds like there’s a lot
of resentment that’s built up. Yeah, I took the ring off. Since the arrest, everything
has been centered on how Mia is doing, how Mia is feeling. And I didn’t realize
how much resentment I was holding in
until this dating app situation just came about. So here’s the thing. Unless you no longer want
to be in this marriage and you’re going to
sign divorce papers, don’t take your ring off. Don’t threaten divorce. Because it’s just, it’s like
emotional blackmail, really. Now does that make sense?
– Yeah, it does. After everything that they’ve
been through at this point, I’m not surprised that Tristan
is struggling with trust. But, at the same
time, he hasn’t had the opportunity to
process his feelings and how this has
really hurt him. And so, I believe that
if Mia is able to be consistent and dependable
over time, the two of them can work on
rebuilding that trust and have a happy and
healthy, successful marriage for the long term. The trust is going
to be an issue. And that’s gonna take some time. And that’s OK. I mean, the two of you,
several weeks ago, didn’t even know the other person existed. And the way in which we
build trust is consistency. Being who you say you
are and continuing to show that to that person. Even after having
this humongous fight, I am still wanting to
be married to Tristan. And I know it will take a while
for him to fully trust me. But I hope that him being
able to open up to me today will help us slowly start
to get rid of that cloud and move forward positively. All right, thanks doctor. OK. Bye bye. That was a lot.
– Yeah. That was good, though. Yeah. I feel emotionally
drained, but I’m actually a little bit encouraged
after talking with Dr. Jessica. And I’m still committed
to this marriage, because I still have the
faith and belief in Mia. And I still have the
faith and belief in us. So I’m willing to trust
that this was just a mistake and move forward in a more
healthy, productive way. We’ll get through it.

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  1. 😂😂😂😂 well at least she's light skin like you wanted😂😂😂😂 Dann she deserves an Oscar cause she is playing the role well!

  2. Mia may have brought the drama and started snuggling up to Tristian to keep him quite. But now it seems that Tristian is over doing his frustration for the camera. He has a right to be mad with his light skin bride but some of that reaction was just much, IMO.

  3. I still can’t believe she got arrested on the way to their honeymoon 😭😭😂😂😂

  4. He is lying to himself about who he is & she's lying to him about who she is. Dam! Everybody lying to him including him. 😂🤣😂😂

  5. What I am trying to understand is how does someone have the time to stalk someone . Really? Most people are waaaay too busy to stalk someone. Seriously

  6. I don't see what's wrong with the fact he doesn't want someone darker than him. Like some people aren't attracted to Asians, some people aren't attracted to Caucasians, who cares? It's an attraction

  7. An overarching theme with men here is that they put too much weight on looks . Just because someone is pretty doesnt mean they are good.

  8. Well if she doesn't want him dr. JESSICA will be dating him after the show like how shes now dating Jonathan after he left Molly

  9. Mia ,Tristan i love both of you guy's .Nice couples just learn how to trust each other and keep your family's out of your business ,learn how to deal with your situations and grow together, and work at trusting each other .

  10. So i hate white People cause i Think Black men are more attractive and more strong mentally? i Think Black women are so pretty, So it meens i hate my whiteness? 🤣🤣🤣but all of u calling her White devil and judge her cause she is white and wish him bad luck cause he is attractived to a certain type, u all became ugly in my eyes, his racist or u guys are racists, jelousy makes womaen ugly…if u are proud of being Black woman love u and stop hating arab woman, chinese, white european, spanish, just f*** stop😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  11. That man knows what physical attractiveness he likes. What does it matter to all of you? The same with height, weight, educational background. Men/Women know what they want, it's all a preference..

  12. Tristan is immature and verbally abusive. Obviously this process does not work. Pastor Call should step in and send Tristan to anger management or end this union.

  13. Tristan Tristan hold up, you will loose a good woman bcuz of your anger. Because she made a mistake b4 that should not make u hold resentment towards her. She loves you but u not seeing bcuz of your of her arrest. Women are watching you , you might end up being single. Take baby steps with her, you slowly chasing her away. Remember u guys don't know each other for long. Sorry if u feel offended.

  14. Rule 1 never get married .Rule 2 never live together . Rule 3 never trust a woman . Rule 4 show little to no emotions. Rule 5 keep your money and finances in the dark . Rule 6 Dominat and control . Rule 7 keep a side chick .

  15. That seemed like an excuse. Sorry but there is no love. Yet, they vowed on their wedding day. I hope they really put together the right well matched couple together. Anyway, God bless them. Unless two people serve one another wholeheartedly, relationship will not stick as a lifetime partner. Stay in peace. Thanks.

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