Married at First Sight Season 9 Decision Day Recap & Spoilers

Lifetime/A&E Press  Married at First Sight’s long-awaited and highly anticipated season 9 Decision Day finale episode has finally come and gone, and with it came a mix of shocking, devastating and slightly confusing choices by the four couples  So what happened on tonight’s finale? Who stayed together and who called it quits? Read on for a short recap of the season 9 episode 14 Decision Day choices, but BE WARNED! THIS IS YOUR MAJOR MAFS SPOILER WARNING! Keep reading if you want to know what happened on tonight’s finale episode, or turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you!Deonna & Greg Decided to Stay Together Although this should come as no surprise to anybody, Deonna and Greg both decided to remain married and to keep working through the few minor issues they’ve encountered in the last eight weeks of marriage Although Greg worried Deonna would continue struggling to open up to him, she revealed that she wanted to keep building their relationship and working on her intimacy issues and the two happily committed to staying married Matt & Amber (Unsurprisingly) Split Amber finally let Matt have it during the Decision Day finale and revealed that he hasn’t just been humiliating her by staying out all night and leaving the bar with other women, but he was actively still trying to date women after they were married Although she admitted that she still cared about Matt and wanted to work things out, Amber thought divorce was their best option and Matt agreed Matt and Amber have been a hot mess since they first tied the knot, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that they decided to split, although it is still somewhat disappointing, since it was clear Amber was hoping things would work out in the end Jamie & Elizabeth (Surprisingly) Stayed Together Jamie and Elizabeth, season 9’s most tumultuous and volatile couple, surprisingly decided that they wanted to work things out and remain married During their time with the experts, both reality stars reflected on the negative aspects of staying together, but inevitably decided the pros outweighed the cons and chose to work through their issues Although they’ve had several blowout fights (including one where Elizabeth flipped a table and another where Jamie left for four days and didn’t come home), they are apparently ready to keep dealing with each other’s brand of crazy and are hoping to make things work in the end Keith Called it Quits, Despite Iris Wanting to Remain Married & Work on Their Problems Probably the most shocking decision of the evening, Keith and Iris ended up calling it quits, although only one of them wanted to divorce Keith was the one who decided to split up, while Iris wanted to stay together and keep working on their intimacy issues It was obvious that Keith was losing patience with his wife and her reservations about sex over the last few episodes, but we were still holding out hope that the two would work through their problems and stay together in the end However, it looks like Keith just couldn’t deal with her relationship inexperience and wasn’t willing to keep trying Although Iris claimed she was at peace with his decision, it was clear that she was still hurt by his choice The Experts & Elizabeth Chewed Matt Out & He Told The Cameras He Wished He Hadn’t Done The Show All in all, the evening was filled with some shocking reveals, some devastating blows, and a few confrontations, as both Elizabeth and the experts confronted Matt about the way he treated Amber throughout their time together The experts drilled him on how he could be out dating while his wife sat at home wondering where he was, and Elizabeth confronted him during the after-show barbecue Elizabeth, who viewers know is very outspoken, questioned Matt’s behavior over the last eight weeks, which didn’t sit well with the reality star; Matt ended up storming off and told the cameras that he wished he hadn’t done the show  When the rest of the cast learned that Iris and Keith weren’t staying together, Jamie asked Keith if he would ever consider getting back together with Iris Keith said that he “wouldn’t count it out,” so there may yet still be some hope for the two in the future  Tune in next Wednesday, September 18 at 8:30 p.m. ET for the MAFS season 9 reunion episode to see where the couples are today and how things have been going since filming ended  READ NEXT: Married at First Sight Season 9 Episode 14 Finale Spoilers & Predictions

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