Married At First Sight Season 2 Episode 8 “Adjusting to Married Life” Full Episode Review & Recap

what’s up i wanted to do a review of married
at first sight’s episode last night so we had a lot of tension being built up yesterday’s
episode so lets start with Sean and Davina. Sean and Davina actually were probably the
most mellow couple out of all of them. It seems like they were setting in a really good
place. They haven’t consumated their relationship but i think that’s probably going to happen
in the next couple of episodes. Turning to Ryan and jaclyn they were probably definitely
the most interesting couple yesterday. They definitely saw some cracks in their relationship.
They started fighting a bit about where they are going to live. Ryan got to meet Jaclyn’s
you know indian part of her family and all he could talk about was missing his family.
And it came across as like really really bad. It’s like okay dude we understand your family
is really away. It’s not like they overseas. They are probably an hour drive away and you
can go see them on the weekend. And the other thing that hasn’t been discussed is that Ryan
is a realtor why can’t he just relocate and go work where Jaclyn is working right now.
That way it can solve a lot of the distance issues between them. I think and Ryan seems
like he’s checked out. I Think this is the couple to watch i think they could go either
way as we have like 4 or 5 more episodes left in the season. And now turning to the last
couple of the season Ryan D and Jessica. And wow Ryan and Jessica again fighting fighting
and fighting. Although the thing that gives me hope is if you saw the preview for next
week’s episode they seem like they are starting to work out their problems. THey are making
a list of the kind of words that jessica doesn’t like Ryan using and i feel like they were
really a misfitted couple. I Feel like the producers purposely put these two together
because they knew there were going to be fireworks and i don’t think they’ll end up renewing
and you know staying together at the end. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see one couple
staying together compared to last season where we had 2 or the 3 couples stay together . But
that basically does it for my thoughts. Leave your comments in the section below and if
you want to stay up to date on all married at first sight information click the subscribe
button. Take care guys.

Michael Martin

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