Married at First Sight: Recommit or Get Out (Season 9, Episode 10 Recap) | Lifetime

Now that the couples are over
halfway through the experiment, we’re here to have a frank
discussion with each individual about what is and
what isn’t working, because we don’t want them
staying in marriages that are toxic or have no
potential for love just for the experiment. So for the first time
in “Married at First Sight” history, we’re
giving them the option to recommit or get out. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Matt hasn’t come home
for the last two nights, and we need to find
out what is going on. He’s, like, a
completely, for me, different person on
camera versus off camera. And I told him last
night, I want to see you. I want to spend
the night with you. He ignored every
single text I sent him. And does he think, like,
no one’s going to find out and nobody cares? I mean, we care! I think we did a really good
job this first month of kind of building a solid foundation. Don’t BS me, please. Where have you been? [SIGHING] I went into this
for a partner forever. [SOBBING] I wanted it so badly. [SOBBING] Do you think, at this point,
that he deserves that chance? Is there another girl? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] The fact that that’s even
in question is disappointing. It’s been stressful. But if you want
this to work, man, you have to put in the work. [UPBEAT MUSIC] I think Tiana has been
stagnant with her emotions and not opening up and not
sharing, where I’m wanting more, because I’m doing– trying to do this. I’m still elevating. You’re just right here. Because even though it’s only
been four weeks, by this time, there should be some
kind of openness. I mean, you guys are
not strangers anymore. Right. Do you think you
could love him? I’m on that track to get to,
like, growing in love with him. But I feel like, to
get to that point, like, I just need time to
continue to build that trust in that relationship. And I just feel like,
me, personally, I haven’t had enough time
to get to that point yet. [SOMBER MUSIC] My virginity and
all that kind of stuff is definitely something
that I asked him going into, like, hey how do
you feel about this? And he was like,
oh, yeah, you know, well, it’s definitely something
that we will grow into. And just recently now, he
said that it’s, you know, kind of an issue or concern for him. Are you attracted to her? I am. Sexually? Well, sexual
maturity is something that is attractive to me. And I’m not really sure about
her sexual maturity yet. [SOMBER MUSIC] I’m just becoming a little
emotional, because this is very difficult. Like, coming
into this as a virgin, I was hoping that I’d
be matched with someone that truly understands
and would be able to just be OK with that. And just knowing that that’s
one of Keith’s concerns is really difficult, because
that’s something that I can’t change about myself. That’s the one thing. There’s just so much
that goes behind taking someone’s virginity. Because she’s a virgin,
you’re like, well, I don’t want to take you
outside of your comfort zone. Yes. It’s difficult. Unfortunately,
because you don’t really know how to navigate
this, you’re, at times, probably hiding behind it. Hm. And that uncertainty, I
think, is what scares him. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Jamie, you called her
a materialistic [BLEEP].. I lost my cool. I was way out of line. Yeah. I’m embarrassed
that I said that. I’m going to be honest. When I heard that, I’m
like, oh, god, she’s out. She’s done. She’s done! It’s hell in a handbasket
right now for me. That’s the best way
I can describe it. He’s not the person that
I met the first week. He was just so happy-go-lucky,
and then I don’t know what’s happened up until this point. So it sounds like you’re
on a roller coaster. Yes. You can not use the
threat of divorcing as a weapon in marriage. Do you feel that
you’re absolutely committed to your marriage? [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I’m absolutely
committed to the marriage. I do feel like I am
really committed to Greg. I do care about Amber to
the point where, you know, I’m willing to put in the work. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] I’m going to give it my
heart out until decision day. Why wait until then? I want it to work, so badly. I’m sorry, but this
doesn’t seem like a marriage. [DAUNTING MUSIC] I am 100% committed,
still, to this marriage. Yes. I am very committed
to this marriage. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] If this didn’t work
out, I wouldn’t even know how to date because
what would I be looking for? Somebody to come
close to what she was? I don’t know. If you feel that
way about her, then, dude, you’ve got
some work to do, man. No one else here is
responsible for this but you. I think Jamie is
a really great guy. The only thing that I just
really am concerned about right now is if he can’t get
his emotions collected and the way he blows up. And I– you know, you
can’t be around that. You know, you just can’t. You have agency in this. You can choose, at any
moment, to no longer be a part of this marriage.

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  1. Iris, sweedy you're married. I bet you Amber would give anything to be with someone like Keith. Please Experts, counsel Iris, Jamie, Deonna, Elizabeth and Matt. They need it!

  2. "Where have you been?" For Matt to disappear again after Dr. Pepper read him the riot act, he is checked out of the marriage, probably has a girl on the side. Run Amber.🏃‍♀️

  3. Sometimes I found this world unfair, why Amber have to go trough this?! She is great to meet this Ugly Matt. Deona, the guy is into you, so what are you doing?! And remember there's no perfection in human!

  4. Matt is a total doofus and a lost cause. I bet he has a girlfriend. Mr Baldy and Beth are another lost cause. They do not know how to fight fair. As for Iris, her entire identity rests in her virginity. If you’ve staked all of your worth on your purity, it’s not enough to be beautiful, intelligent, or anything else. She will never give it up.

  5. I feel bad for Amber and Matt is a joke I'm tired of hearing about the virginity (I was told that when you're a virgin it's because you haven't done anything but Iris has done some knotty things she's not so innocent

  6. I hate beth and her husband but i hate her husband more. He’s childish. Beth has her issues but it seems that the husband pushes her buttons on purpose. It feels like he starts it and blows it out of proportion. All she is is defending herself even if its toxic

  7. Run Beth you a lil cray but I genuinely think you have a good heart but Jamie seems to be even crazier and his behavior is borderline abusive, Matt is definitely living a double life or he is straight out disrespectful I understand the way Deanna feels as I believe we are somewhat similar in expressing our feelings Greg just know that she is into you but forcing her to open up might push her away or turn her off. The love and affection will come with time as for Iris and Keith I am a bit confused.I truly admire Iris for going against what is popular and protecting her body and virginity but it’s too much now I am tired of hearing her discuss her virginity.

  8. Matt can't be for real!!!. He don't expect that having been in hiding for more than once, one would assume or question that he is with another woman. I am so happy that the experts are taking this stand. These people need to stop trying to be on international TV for selfish reasons. I believe that if this show was NOT first an experiment, that a lot of the persons who enter the show would be more serious and committed. They know they have the option to divorce if their moods change, so I believe a lot of them were not serious from the beginning.

  9. I'm so happy somebody finally telling Amber her marriage isn't a marriage at all . . She needs to realize her worth

  10. I had a gut feeling about Matt from the beginning. He’s creepy and now we know he’s a professional liar.

  11. I really feel for Amber. I am happy to see her getting strong and confronting things as they are…. Greg is such an adorable man. He made me all teary eyed when he assured Deonna that he wouldn't hurt her nor treat her the way his dad treated his mom. I hope Deonna can really forgive herself and those who hurt her in the past and love Greg for who he is, a true gentleman….Iris and Keith WOW, I am wishing them all the best. I just Love them both…Good start Iris and to Keith, thanks for opening up to Iris about how you really felt.

  12. Oh God! Somebody tell me Matt did not leave Amber to go sleep at a friend's house who Amber mentioned that was not even at home when Matt was there!! Who does that and then tells Pastor Cal that he likes and cares for Amber!! Thanks Pastor Cal for calling Matt out after he told you that the 1st Month has been good! "That is BS…" says Pastor Cal😂😂..Deonna, Open up that is all Greg wants and he is being amazing right now👍..Iris, same thing with you…you are Married now, and Keith needs your assurance because he respects you. That shows commitment to me, and means you won't regret giving up yr virginity to someone who cares and is committed to least for now. Jamie and Beth, even though Jamie said that he doesn't know if he can find someone close to what Beth is, he doesn't show it. Wait a minute, maybe they are a match made in Heaven! Anyone remember how in their audition tapes they said they wanted kids, but after they met, none of them wants kids! Hmmm..Plus they both blow up quickly. So only God needs to intervene in their communication so that they understand one another before calling it quits. Love all the couples and I think if they put in more actions to match their words, all will be good. Marriage is a constant work in all departments. So, good luck to all of you👌🙏

  13. Amber is dumb. Runnnnn girl why staying for. You could find someone else. I think she wants a husband so badddd, that she’ll take whoever wants to. He’s a jerk who don’t know what he wants. Girls are so dumb sometimes. Sorry!

  14. I am shock that it is taking so long for needy Jamie and Elizabeth to realize they are a perfect match. These 2 individuals do NOT want children and want to be told how wonderful they are every second of the day. They should spend the rest of there lives complimenting each other.

  15. Shame on the experts to match Amber with Matt. He is an unemployed basketball player, who does not want children and wants to be single and did not invite any family member to the wedding. Red Flag. Amber is the total opposite. Shame shame shame

  16. Iris gets so prideful and walls go up as soon as someone mentions she might be using her virginity as a power thing or hiding behind it.I can't stand her attitude .Wh would want a 27yearold Kindergartner as a wife.Kieth needs a real women.

  17. Matt is a bum and should've never signed up for this show. Amber is pathetic and a sad excuse for a woman. Why are you begging this man to love you? And STOP CRYING!!!!🙄

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