Married at First Sight: Mia and Tristan Try to Put The Past Behind Them (S7, E7) | Lifetime

[music playing] What’s up? TRISTAN: Last
night after dinner, Mia and I had got
into an argument that we never resolved. So when she’s upset, I’m upset. Do you not remember how you
were last night with me? I was tired. TRISTAN: You told me you
were very disappointed in me because I had told Dave
that I’m still working on rebuilding trust in you. And it’s like– and you told
me you were upset with me. MIA: I had no idea about the
trust issue until last night. I was really upset about it. Well, I just wish– what I
meant was that I just wish you communicated that with me. TRISTAN: I mean, I told you
that there’s a cloud hovering. You don’t know what, like,
hell this has been for me. And it was like, I actually
needed somebody to talk to. And I’m just like,
dude, I’ve been going– it’s like, it’s been so much. MIA: Well, then
that makes sense. TRISTAN: And I’m sitting
over there like, Dave, like– and he was like, how’s it going? I said, yeah,
we’re still working on rebuilding the trust. I didn’t say what it was about. I didn’t say that
you had lied to me. I just said that I am working
on building trust with her, but it’s going to
take some work. It’s– you know, we’re
still fresh in this. Yeah. We have our frustrations
with a lot of things. Some from each other,
some from outside sources. But that’s what a marriage is. We just stay connected
and get through it. MIA: Yeah. (SINGING) Dream on
[inaudible] you belong. TRISTAN: So do you guys
want to go to the couch? KATHY: OK.
All right. TRISTAN: [inaudible] I’m
gonna sit right here. KATHY: OK. There is a lot at stake
meeting with Tristan’s mom. I’m nervous because I don’t
know how she’s going to respond. So, what, two weeks? The longest two weeks in
the history of marriages. MIA: Yeah.
We met the other couples. KATHY: Ooh, so how’d that go? It was fun.
I mean. KATHY: How much did y’all
share with the other couples? TRISTAN: As far as the
reason why we weren’t, like, there in Cancun? We didn’t want to focus on that. And just talking about,
like, whatever did happen, it brought us closer together.
KATHY: OK. So and it’s really
accelerated the process. And that’s like what we’re up–
like, opening in saying like, hey, I love you. They were just like–
MIA: Oh, yeah. –they were,
like, gasping, like. That’s a strong
word for two weeks. It’s kind of quick for me. Mia is absolutely amazing. And she was worth fighting for. She was worth staying for. Her heart is gold. It’s just– it’s hard not
to fall in love with her. Yeah. OK. OK. Y’all show– tell me something
that y’all came across and it was, like, an issue. TRISTAN: Do you want
to talk about this now? She gave me little pieces of the
truth, and then she lied to me. She didn’t trust me. So I was, like,
in this heightened state of, like, paranoia. I mean, this is
kind of difficult. It was so scary, especially
when you’ve never had a run-in with the law before. You’re like, oh my goodness,
what’s gonna happen. I was a prison guard. And I pray for
you, because I know what they do to pretty girls. Now, have you told
him everything that would affect him? Because I don’t want
Ray Ray or Cockroach coming up behind him going,
you know, you with my woman. MIA: Yeah.
KATHY: You know? MIA: Yeah. I told him everything,
like, detailed play-by-play. KATHY: Not just of
that issue, just– MIA: Oh, just my
past in general? –everything. Just everything
that would involve your relationship with him. Trust, honesty, get it out. And you know, let
sleeping dogs lie. [inaudible] Amen. I had many concerns. I had a lot of concerns. But as I was listening to
her answer, I felt peace, I felt at ease that
she was sincere and that she was
telling the truth. I’m really glad, because I
had to look you in your eyes– Mhm.
[inaudible] –and yes, ma’am. I’m very relieved at
Tristan’s mom’s reaction. She’s just being very
understanding and supportive. She wants Tristan and I to
move forward with everything. I’m comfortable now. I am.
I am. – Give me a hug.
– I’m comfortable now. So– mm. Bless you, girl. [inaudible]

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  1. Mia is too sensitive to the word trust b/c of her drama that he had to logically break it down to her.  Good that he is being more logical now because he seemed more desperate and goofy at first.  I guess he is happy to feel needed since she did not want to even kiss him on wedding day.   Well Mia worked it.  Both hubby and scary mom down.

  2. Thirteen days of marriage and two of them with her spent in jail… of course there's a breech of trust. I can't with Mia!

  3. Tristan is so genuine and transparent….good soul, u can just tell!
    Mia is going to break his heart….I dont wana judge but I'm sorry there is something off about her….I think she joined the program to make her ex jealous….so he can see this program and possibly make contact….she is hiding something….Tristan honey this beauty is silently cray cray…u can't help her

  4. These two don't have a prayer! She has too many secrets & acts shady. He deserves better than her. Wrap it up…..

  5. Tristan Mama got to stop praying for Mia and PRAY ON her. She not ready to be married to your son. And Lady wait, how this boy cant fall in love with a woman darker than him? PRAY BOUT THAT TOO

  6. Okay I was rooting for this couple and I am not putting the bad word on them…but tristans wife got some secrets. Now she is 9n e dating app. I wondering when he get a clue? It is not looking good. I fill sorry for him.

  7. Tristan will be an excellent husband to someone who is truly ready to be his wife. Mia is going to be HARD lesson for him. My heart already hurts for him.

  8. A shame.. his mom dark but he didn’t want a dark women.. 🤦🏾‍♀️ now you gotta deal with an ex convict 💅🏾

  9. Flashback to their wedding….she was never interested in being his wife genuinely. She's an opportunist. Next!!!🗣️🎬🚚

  10. I am wondering if this is really reality or is it all fake to generate ratings for the show….just wondering.

  11. Mia get out! Tristen has done a 360 on his personality… He gets angry, blames you and then tries a tantrum like a 12 yr old. He is not the one! Get away fast

  12. Something is off with this girl.he better end it and hurt now rather than later..he can always find another light skin woman…..

  13. Mia is Beautiful and she is trustworthy Tristan’s insecurities and low self esteem is because he feel Mia is too pretty for him

  14. If it's an apple cloud… find out how much your paying per month Tristan. Your bill is about to be high. Take out a pay day loan. These two must be getting paid to stay in this fake marriage.

  15. Tristan's mom failed him in some way. How do you raise your son to not see the beauty of women who have your complexion? Something is seriously wrong here. He chooses complexion over character.

  16. This is a mess. Why does the "wife" always look disheveled, like she just rolled out of bed? I have no words for the "husband". These people should not be "married".

  17. Mia is to shady and crafty, she is well messed up and this is not a good match .Tristan is just not happy and you can see it .


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