Married at First Sight: Iris' Secret Is Revealed (Season 9) | Lifetime

Michael Martin

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  1. Every woman my family waited for marriage (except me and except my cousin, Beth…) I don't understand today women go 1 date then intimate go 2nd date exclusive 3rd date relationship, by dating 4 weeks move in 6 weeks comes baby then after baby breakup next guy same thing. Cycle. I say wait.

  2. Iris getz me sick enough wit da virgin thing she has neva been wit da significant other smh but u kiss already I don't know what to say bout da situation she's to fake for my liking

  3. Well after virginity being fetishized so long, and young girls being cast out and possibly killed for NOT being a Virgin, I see this as a refreshing progressive change! This is 2019, move out of the dark ages.

  4. Keith needs to move quickly so Iris can stop talking about her virginity. She needs a new topic and to toned it down a bit. I love them together and if she can make a few adjustments with her chat, I can see them working out.

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