Married at First Sight: Honeymoon Island – Shannon and Kimber Talk About Kids (S1, E4) | Lifetime

[music playing] KIMBER: Things are so much
more good than bad, though. That’s why, like–
– Yeah. – –I feel like–
– Well– –we should focus
on that for a second. –but we do need to talk
to them about this, though. Obviously. Shannon and I have such strong
feelings for each other, but honestly, and
unfortunately, I feel like we’re seeing evidence
of a much bigger problem that could be a dealbreaker for us. It’s been a dealbreaker
in the past. So we decide to have a
meeting with the experts. We just wanted to
check in with you guys. We’ve got one thing we want
to talk about with you. What’s been going on? [music playing] Kids. Kids. I don’t really want kids. Really? That surprises me. I feel like, because
of the amount of time I’ve already spent analyzing
it, thinking about it, talking about it, I
feel pretty, like, set. SHANNON: I mean,
I’m not absolutely sold on kids, either. I love them, but I don’t
know if I want some. But I just don’t like
the close-mindedness, like 100% no kids. With me, I need open-mindedness. I don’t like absolutes. Everything is open
for discussion. But like, I don’t
think I’m gonna get nowhere just me talking to her. So sitting in front
of the experts and having this open dialogue
will help me and Kimber. So I’m curious, Kimber,
about what the reasons are. What’s brought you
to make this kind of a decision for yourself? It’s not that I hate kids. Like, I love kids. I would honestly rather
raise a kid that wasn’t mine. Are you saying adoption,
or someone else’s children? Like– CALVIN ROBERSON: Or
what are you saying? –if he already had a kid
that was part of him and not me. But something about the idea
of, like, a miniature version of myself freaks me out. What is it about you that you
don’t want to see reproduced? I guess just, like, I was
a not happy kid or teenager. I just wasn’t comfortable. And it would be
really frustrating for me to have someone
come home from school and look just like me
and be just like me, and go through the same
kind of negative feelings. I just hate the thought of it. Did you struggle
with depression at all? Yeah, until my early 20s. And is that something
that you’re afraid of, sort of passing that down, too? KIMBER: Definitely. Listening to Kimber
just open up and tell me, like, her depression and
she don’t want a mini her, it’s sad. It’s like mind-blowing
to me, because she’s a wonderful person. And if I had a mini Kimber,
that’d be a good thing. I mean, I hear
what you’re saying. But for all that
you’ve gone through, you said you don’t
want to a little person that resembles you. From day one– JESSICA GRIFFIN: Why not? CALVIN ROBERSON: –from
day one we’ve said, Kimber is incredible. Thank you. JESSICA GRIFFIN: And I don’t
think– you know, in this conversation, nobody is gonna–
CALVIN ROBERSON: No. –no one is trying
to change your mind. CALVIN ROBERSON: Oh, god no. And I think that it’s
just great that you’re having this conversation now. It’s one, then,
which you should be empowered to make
whatever choice you want to make regardless. It’s just having a space
in your relationship where you can talk
about it and be open to, you know what, I
might change my mind. I can’t promise
you that right now. CALVIN ROBERSON: Right.
KIMBER: Yeah. Just like you might
change your mind. Communication on key
topics, like whether or not to have kids, is vital
for a growing relationship. I applaud Kimber and Shannon
for both being willing to listen to each other’s reasons
for how they feel and agreeing to keep an
open dialogue on this topic. But if neither budges, this
could be a huge roadblock as they work toward marriage. Whatever arrangement
you decide to have, it’s your family and
your decisions to make. Yeah. KIMBER: Like, yeah, I’m
comfortable calling it a maybe. I hope that the takeaway
here is that I am who I am because of my experiences. And I do want to start
fresh with you, but I– anything that you
like about me is also because of my experiences. CALVIN ROBERSON: Absolutely. So I can’t just
write those off. CALVIN ROBERSON: Absolutely.
KIMBER: You know what I mean? That’s fair. That’s my part of it. JESSICA GRIFFIN: Very wise.
– That’s good. Very well put. Thanks.

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  1. 🤣🤣🤣 black men will try to date ANYTHING! She is nuts!!! He probably feels bad because he can’t have his precious mixed kids with her…🤭 he thought he found his white queen.

  2. Nothing wrong with her not wanting kids.. there is nothing to fix here between the two cuz she’s not going to change her mind. He just needs to move on.. no offense but there can’t possibly be something “so special “ about her that he can’t move to the next.

  3. I know exactly where she’s coming from. The children will be mixed as well so they will have challenges she has never experienced. It’s like going through childhood all over again, but this time with added challenges. I commend her, she already knows she won’t enjoy it.

  4. If women doesnt want kids its because they are young and i am sure at one point in life they will change there mind.
    You can say as they grow older.

  5. Most white girls don’t want kids until after they done who’re ing…… and they like to have kids with child hood friends, and in their own race.

  6. He's selfish. it's her body, not his. Her body will be the one that will have to go through the changes and pain of having a kid. And she's doing the right thing by being honest and upfront with him, he can either accept it or move on. 

    Another thing i wanted to add is that women are NOT your baby making machines! Not all women want kids, and no one should be pressured to have a kid, and that goes for both men and women. Think of the baby, and how they would feel about not being wanted by one of the parents. Babies are NOT accessories, NOR are they your ploy to keep your significant other around, babies are human-beings too, and couples should think long and hard before bringing a baby into this world.

  7. I respect her for saying that. She has a big heart. This is indeed a silly world and bringing kids into this world means exposing them to all those things she talked about. Most people don't even think about that before having children.

  8. I hate when people try to convince women that they should be open-minded about having kids. Some people just don't want kids! There's nothing wrong with them!

  9. I see idiots all in the comment section. A human who doesn't want kids is a pyscho/nuts…
    Miserable people love finding faults in others 😂😂😂

  10. Plenty of neglected and abused children bc their parents also had the pressure by family and friends to start conceiving. I like that she's honest and he already has a child so just chill.

  11. What a fool..dump her…shes crazy nuts.GOD GAVE HER LIFE TO GIVE LIFE.and shes doesnt want kids .she clearly phsyco…kook koo

  12. Kimber does not really want Shannon she wanted Jonah and Shannon was her second choice. Poor Shannon he was not picked by the pretty BW on marriage at first choice 2nd chances either.

  13. Ooh ok, I respect that, but will she allowed the dude to have with another woman tho, when it's time he wants kids, coz for what I get from her is that she loves kids but she doesn't want her own.

  14. I feel like she would be one of those girls, where the next day when the cute glasses,makeup, hair product etc are gone you'd be like WTF did I do haha.

  15. Warning Warning. Dump her brother, She isn't maternal, doubt she is a team player, as you said and I agree, I hate the absolute definitive responses, however on a positive note at least you know what you are dealing with.

  16. If one person desires to start a family and the other person don't= unequally yoked.

    If she get preganat and has a child, she is more likely to leave the relationship or give the child up for adoption and have resentment toward Shannon. They are folks who want to get married but don't want children. My advice is to find the one who desires to have a family Like you😊😊

  17. He's a handsome foolish intelligent man that desired kids with a woman that doesn't desired the same things in life. So he's willing to satisfy his dreams to make someone else happy so sad

  18. Not everyone wants kids, which isn't a bad thing. Period and the way the world is today, why would you want kids, lol 😂🤣🤣🤣

  19. At least she is keeping it real….I knew a lady once who told me she didn't have the time, patience or money to ever have kids… Got her tubes tied because she said she was to selfish to spend time or $ beyond herself or her cats. Unwanted kids should never come into this world…..

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