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[music playing] How was your day? SHAWNIECE: I’m tired,
and I’m exhausted. JESSICA GRIFFIN:
Having a new baby can bring up
conflict in a couple, even in the
healthiest of couples. Because there’s so
much that’s going on. There’s sleep deprivation. There’s hormonal shifts. There’s confusion about division
of household responsibilities, coupled with the excitement
of this new experience and the future that
you’re making together. So Jephte and
Shawniece are going to have to be clear in their
communication with one another, be patient with one another,
and be clear about what they need from each other. We got to figure
something out. I’m going to take my
paternity leave early. Why? To help you out. Shawniece works
really hard, and I feel like she just doesn’t have
a moment to take for herself. And she’s in the house all day. I don’t think Shawniece
is someone who likes to be in the house all day. SHAWNIECE: You’re going
to help me and do what? What are you going to do? You’re going to take
it sooner then when it’s time to go back to work? Then we’ll have to find a
babysitter sooner, when you could just take your 12 weeks. Because everything
I need you to do, you can do it during the
week and on the weekends. You don’t need to take
your time off to do it. Jephte’s just not the
cleaning type, or whatever. I feel like I’m not
given as much support as I would initially like
to get, so I’m overwhelmed. I’m stressed. And I’m very emotional. I feel like
you’re doing a lot, so I feel like if I’m here,
it’d take the stress off of you. To take what off? Because walking Kiki– you
could do that on the weekends when you’re off. So what, cooking? If you want to cook, you
could do that on the weekends when you’re off. That’s two days out of seven
days that you could help me. think we could start there
first before you decide to take your 12 weeks to just sit
around here and practice, I guess, helping me? I don’t know. You taking 12 weeks
off now is only going to complicate everything. JEPHTE: I think me being here
would cause less arguments, you feel me? It’s not going to
cause less arguments. Maybe. I argue with you when you
don’t do the things that you’re supposed to be doing.
– What? What do you want to do? What is it that
you want, Jephte? JEPHTE: I’m telling
you, I’m looking for– SHAWNIECE: So we got– –looking for a dog walker. I found a site yesterday, but
I didn’t want to just send no random person over here. So I know somebody
who walks them, and they should get her
a walk during the day. But, Jephte, you finding
a dog walker to walk– I told you, I’m fine with
walking her during the day. We take walks, that’s fine. Or you can walk her before work. You get up to go to
the gym before work, you can walk her before work. Oh [bleep]. And then if I’m here– and
then before you go to bed. So I don’t understand
you paying for a walker. But if you want to pay for a
walker, then go right ahead. That’s your money, you pay
for it, cool, whatever. But it’s not that it’s going
to cause less arguments. Because that’s what
I need you to do. And on the weekends
when you’re off, you don’t do it as much
as you should be doing it. Jephte’s definitely a lot
more talk than action. He just needs to try more. JEPHTE: I’m upset. You’re upset about what? I just– I don’t know. Whenever we argue, I feel
like it brings us back. SHAWNIECE: Brings us
back what, Jephte? If you feel like
it’s too much for you because we’re arguing– every
relationship has arguing. You know what my fear is? My fear is that I’m going
to go through this with you, we’re going to argue,
we’re going to have issues, and you’re going to be a
better man for somebody else. That’s what I
honestly personally think it’s going to be. Because I feel like whatever
it is that you need, you’re not going to be
able to get it from me. I really do. That’s how you feel? SHAWNIECE: That’s how I feel. But my whole thing is– what I’m arguing with
you about– these are natural relationship
issues, period. This is what the [bleep]
you go through when you’re with somebody. And if you expect that it’s
not going to be arguments, and we’re not going
to have issues, then I’m not the one for you. This is the [bleep]
I’ve been talking about.

Michael Martin

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  1. This is new to the both of them, they both have good intentions. They just have to find a better way of communicating. I'm hopeful, they'll find their way. They're such a beautiful couple, I'm cheering for them!!

  2. I think these two need to communicate more effectively.. I think he was just trying to help. In his own way. N she was just attacking him in a way… I wasn't fund of him in the early stages of the show but I can see where he has grown. Give d man sum credit. We know u stressed but take it easy. D way she handled things, it could've gone another way. Men can't read your mind If u want something to get done u say " bby I need you to take out the trash" or smtn of that nature. They aren't mind readers and ofc they see that the trash needs to be taken out but men function different from women. It is better wen everything is communicated in an effective manner

  3. She made so much sense…to me and every other female on here. However to a man (stay with me here ladies) it will seem like she is refusing his offer to help more and the dreaded nagging. It is not what she said…it is how she said it. Again, she made so much sense to us but men…aye. She could have had that convo when she was nice and calm and they were relaxing in bed or just minusing the frustration. It would get the results she wanted.

  4. Shawneice is done with him. I noticed a couple clips ago. I think him cheating really hurt her and she doesn’t have as much patience with him as she did in the beginning. Even if he did everything right from this point on i think she’s already checked out.

  5. And they need to learn that when the baby is sleeping, lay her down and let her sleep on he back side, let her get use to her not being held all the time and new borns sleep a lot and they need to put her on a schedule now while she’s in that stage, then the mama want be frustrated and grumpy and mad at the world to start fight with her husband over nothing and that’s what I just saw in the video. He holding the baby while she’s sleep and wife is frustrated because she hasn’t done the things she wanted to do, it’s not hard very simple but it’s what you make of it. Put your baby on schedule. Sleep when she sleep, if breast feeding still use a schedule, after feeding change her, talk to her, put her in her seat and do as much as you can before the next feeding and in the morning after feeding they usually go back to sleep, take your shower, it’s what you make if it. Do what you have to do between feeding and sleeping!!!

  6. Baby girl, hormones r in overdrive. If she continues in this manner & with that TONE, she will be visiting "POSTPARTUM"! Pull back baby, pull back❗

  7. How you fight is just as important as how you love. They need to work on that so that at least when there are arguments they both reach a consensus.

  8. The saddest part was he didnt get it . He lacks empathy……alot of people (men) do . He is so used to spoon feeding him love while he has runs away and shes over it.

  9. He DOES NOT WANT TO BE WITH HER.. it doesn’t take much to see that.. She better leave him before he makes her miserable even more

  10. Let him help you Shawneice. She needs to respect her husband. Find peace for herself, controlling, and sensitive and rotten.

  11. So many bitter women on this post. He felt like she was stressed and tried to make a better plan to be there with her so she wouldn’t feel so much pressure…. I.e her fears if him being better for someone else. She could’ve just told him that she’s okay and the original plan is what’s best for the family. Y’all live making men feel less than and promoting single motherhood when they are just going through a time. The nonmarried have all the marriage advice✌🏾✌🏾

  12. That baby made her grow up real fast!! She not playin with him😂 She feels real love for her baby so she can see reality now

  13. Oh my, why is she speaking to him like that? Sshhaasseewenniieecceeee nooooo you can't speak to him like that. Well at least not without apologizing. That can not be the normal way of communicating.

  14. Starts at 3:06 YES girl u say your piece. I know shawniece seems naggy but honestly she has some points. Yes maybe her delivery isn’t perfect but when you’re fed up seeing your husband not picking up the slack and instead wanting to do the “fun stuff” ie, holding a sleeping baby instead of doing the necessary boring things like walking the dog, cleaning the house, it is frustrating. …lol here i am ranting and raving and im not even married with a kid 😛

  15. I think that she is awesome. She doesn't just break down, she articulates her thoughts and feelings Very well. Which says sooooo much. That baby is new. I can't emagin being her

  16. I see a man who listened to his wife's frustrations and offered his suggestions of how to fix it. His suggestions were shot down and not valued for the motive behind it which was to help relieve her overwhelmness. I hear her insecurities that he's going to leave…not that he wants to be married to her and he is trying. If she keeps telling him he wants to leave, it is going to get harder for him to stay. I hope they work it out. The way they touch each other and look at each other and laugh together…they could make it work.

  17. She so aggressive wit it tho, and if he wanted to pay for a dog walker to help because he didnt want to do it there didn't need to be a debate about it at all just to say well its your money if thats what you wanna do. At least he came to her trying and she kept shutting him down, They can go from the positive point he's trying to start after all the frustration. instead of being negative because of anything that happened in the past. Meet him halfway or your fears will come true because you wont move toward positivity with him as a team

  18. Facing facts that, It a lot for both of them, to much to soon. it's takes time. It will not happen over night. All the things that has happen has been the easy part. But now comes real life. Going to take prayer, patience and MORE PRAYER. Praying you guys strength.

  19. A dog walker? Sir if you don’t get up and walk your own dog. He is seeming lazy at this point. He is putting forth effort the things he wants(I.e:gym) because he can help her like she stated on his days off, which in actuality you have a child..there is no days off.

  20. I used to have those fears & stay I get hoping the person will change. She’s better off without him. He ALREADY showed his character. ONLY GOD can change him. Let him be with a introverted ratchet thot. 💃🏽

  21. Shawnice you're too young and beautiful. Japhte is a man who listens to his African cultural mother. He will only realise a good young woman you're after loosing you . He's way too much of himself

  22. I felt her deep in my soul with that one
    She gone build and mold him to be someone else’s best man and she was begging him to do right

  23. This is why you be careful who you make a covenant before God with.. Marriage is not a game , a fairy tale or easy. when you add a baby, it only becomes more complicated, If you want a marriage that goes the distant , you have to work, work, work for it, and then work some more. The couples that make it put in the work and refuse to give up. I am praying for this couple.

    The race isn't given to the swift or to the strong, but to him that endures the trial to the end.

  24. Have mercy. Getting married at fist sight then baby immediately…it's enough to stress any body. I've said it before. GET YOUR FAMILY OFF TV!

  25. He is trying im routing for them. Most men dont just do stuff around the house women always do extra always have once they communicate they will have it down but put a fence up n let keke go outside

  26. Listen from day one he kept saying he didn’t think he was ready … he even said he was scared …He will come around and grow into the man eventually… that baby girl is going to change him

    He is still young …

  27. I looked at all of this couple clips and i really love them but in this clip i see frustration with Shaniece it's not only the chores its built up emotions and now she is releasing it out on Jepthe .in the last clip on the date night she told him how much she loved him with no response from him He looks at her like he love her but like he don't know how to express himself and she in not feeling the love from him and so it builds up and that is why she is lashing out at him, but I am praying to God for them that in time he will see that his wife is a wonderful woman I believe that this marriage can last the test of time If Jepthe can release himself and show his wife that he truly love and care for her as much as the baby.

  28. This is what happens when you marry people you don't know every episode its nag nag nag he not the worlds greatest husband but he tries the way this girl is this marriage not going to last they just doing this to be on TV at this point.

  29. She is basically saying he doesn't help out enough as it is so she doesn't believe he will actually help when taking off work, so she is refusing help. He is trying by offering and she should give him a chance because it will take a toll on her mentally if she keeps doing everything herself.

  30. I actually thinks Shawniece doesn’t respect him anymore now I can tell , it’s like do something else so I can have a reason to leave you for good attitude lol

  31. Wow! What she said forced me to look at my own relationship. Talking about making him better for someone else!!!!¿¿¿¿ 🙄

  32. WOAHHH!!! YOU CANT PRACTICE BEING A FATHER! Did she really say that to him… I WISH I HAD A MAN THAT WANTED TO TAKE OFF TO HELP ME WITH A NEWBORN BABY!! She just started a argument for no reason!!! She needs to chill because it’s clear as day that he is a good man. SHE GONE PUSH HIM AWAY WITH THAT ATTITUDE

  33. If the man wants to help let him she need to stop taking out her stress out on him because he want to be the great husband and man for you 😒😒 and you needs to be a man plz she need help do your job stop wanting to do .Do IT OKAY BE A MAN!!!!!

  34. Oh Shawniece, this is a battle you should not have picked. Particularly at that moment. Perhaps mull it over and talk later.

  35. As someone who is married and expecting I get everything she is saying and the frustration in her delivery. he doesnt only have to be a father on paternity leave so he has to pull the weight now. if your up early go ahead and walk the dog help with house chores. your free now every night and weekend and dont lift a finger what difference is paternity leave going to make. all he gonna do is make them have to pay for child care sooner. anything he thinks he can do on paternity can be done now. he just isn't prepared to sacrifice his routine to adjust to his families

  36. Swear to God a woman can turn dog walking in a soap opera. Some of you "men" need to learn how to remind your women to stay in their lane.

  37. It's way easier to do the parenting alone 8 hours of the day then to have someone around whose not helping plus the baby sometimes I tell my husband just go to the gym please so I can get in my groove lmao but my hubby is really good at helping and is an amazing father.

  38. She's definitely a wife. He hopefully will step up to being a husband. It's new and challenging plus they are still getting to know each other.

  39. Shawniece if you can hear, see what I'm saying, trust me, allotttt of men are more talk less action, you are not alone, we as women seem to follow through faster and more

  40. Her delivery is very agressive her neck popping and attitude is not right. If a man want's to take 12weeks off honor that. If she's your trying to make a point calm down he is trying to help.

  41. Her worst fear of him leaving her and someone else gets "her hard work" like he a job her project. That statement generates from insecurities. Concerning your self with the worst of what could be while she is in the now. She missing out on him because that girl dont love herself yet. If he leave and never returns you've taught him nothing anyway.

  42. honestly she needs to calm down he's really trying to help she's not thinking rationally……she don't want him iam a woman i can tell been there did that

  43. She didn't speak anything and this is the problem with household especially and an African American household the most high who created both man and woman told woman that she was to submit to her husband and all things if her husband wanted to take a leave of absence in order to be there then let him be there this is the problem once he got off the she could tell him what she need him to do she was wrong I believe he was right and I believe that she was just wrong she should have let him be the man and make the choice of what he believes is good for his household Point Blank. She's not giving him a chance

  44. I think the baby draw them closer and if he want to stop from Work to help at least he's trying
    However if you don't want him to stop say it nicely if he's nice with you be nice to him I know it's not easy but you both have to meet each other in the middle I love you both great couple

  45. This guy lol, he just never has anything to say. I like that (he keeps his cool), but I can see how that can get frustrating.

  46. More patience Shawniece, all space and time for Japhte's opinions. Allow some things to slide, while keeping an open mind.
    Love you both…
    "Teamwork makes the dream work girl." Lighten up!😍

  47. I feel bad for her. To be forced to marry a man who didn't love her. Then she's stuck with him because of the baby.. Just end it and heal.

  48. She is more mature than he is thats all. Life experiences she has had more than him.
    I think they will be ok I love this couple and they have a beautiful baby girl.



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