Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After – Gender Reveal (S1, E4) | Lifetime

[music playing] DANIELLE: Do you
want to look now? BOBBY: Heck yeah.
– Do you want to wait? We can wait till later. BOBBY: No, like right now. DANIELLE: Bobby and I are
three months pregnant, and we finally got the
email from the doctor that contains the sex of our baby. And Bobby and I are
going to sit down and actually look
at it together, so I’m really excited. What do you think
it’s going to be? A boy. I’ve been saying boy
for, I think, weeks. I know what it is, but– What do you think it is? It’s a boy. It’s a boy, I mean,
there’s no question. It’s going to be
Bobby Dodd the fourth. Are you going to be
disappointed if it’s not a boy? Mm-mm.
no. OK, I think it’s a girl. I’ve always said that
I wanted all boys, but at this point, the farther
I get into my pregnancy, the less I care about
the sex of our baby. I think that it’s just important
that the baby’s healthy. But I know he’s rooting
for that boy, for sure. I’m like shaking. And I see that. No. BOBBY: I’ll be happy, really,
really happy with the boy. And it would definitely take
some pressure off keeping the family name going. And just having a boy–
I don’t know. I just always picture
myself having a son, so it’d be really nice. OK, you ready? Mm-hmm. I’m freaking out. No [bleep] way. It’s a girl. What? I knew it. I knew it. [laughs] I swear
to God, I was like, so certain that it was a boy. We’re going to
have to try again. Not for a while. I was so set boy. I know you were. On a scale of 1 to
10, how shocked are you? 10.
I’m shocked. 10. I’m– obviously,
I’m super excited. I’ve been calling her
my son for like a week. I honestly can’t believe it. I really had it in my
mind I was getting a boy. And I was actually almost
kind of certain in saying he. So now I can start saying she.
– Crazy. Well, now we got
to think of a name. Have to find a name. Can’t go Bobbie with an I-E. It’s crazy. CALVIN ROBERTSON: Even
though Bobby wants a boy, as every man does– they want
someone to carry on their name, Bobby Dodd the fourth– the fact is, Bobby is
so full of love to give, he’s going to absolutely
adore that little girl. I love you, [inaudible]. I love you. Let’s go tell the dog. Yeah, OK. Nellie will be happy. Henry’s going to be so pissed.
– I know. Hi, Hank.
We’re having a girl. [bark] BOBBY: Oh, [bleep] All right, so now that
we know that it’s a girl, we’re really excited. I’m pretty overwhelmed,
and I’m just trying to prepare myself for a girl. I have definitely
spent the last few weeks, trying to figure
out, you know, what’s going to go in the nursery. And now I can officially
start shopping. I’m going to try to keep the
pink tamed as much as I can. I’ll be letting
Danielle pick out the clothes, because I’m really
not sure what to do there.

Michael Martin

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  1. Matthew 7: 15 "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."

  2. Also why is it so important to carry on the family name?? I find it hard to believe that people would have a completely unique lineage or surname to continue…most people are common af but be thinking they are something special. Why can't a girl carry the family name?? Oh wait that's rights women have to change their last names for their husband…why is this still happening??

  3. Anyone else just see this family as a really southern Christian family with two kids lived in a standard house with three rooms two bath rooms really really standard kid rooms and a white picket fence don't know them but that's what I see no hate

  4. He said she’s going to be a good girl mom? What does that even mean? Omg he really needs to calm down…it’s not that serious

  5. I'm going to be honest. I didn't like them on Married at First Sight. They were least favorite couple. They thought, mostly her, that they were so perfect, and it was irritating. They failed to see their problems and I feel like they are still failing to see the problems in their marriage. It's always the ones who think they are perfect that have the most problems later on. When you fail to acknowledge the little things they turn into big things and then they'll want to get a divorce. It it's more so her than it is him. I can see why he kept saying the baby was a he, because of the way she acts he knew deep down inside that if they had a girl it would be like having two of her.

  6. Wait???!! Isn't this the same woman who admitted having thousands in credit card debt? How are they gonna afford a baby?

  7. Bobby you better wake up cause you going to get fed up with yessss man!!!!!!!!!!!! stop letting her think for you can't believe you're pregnant already.

  8. I'm so happy for them.

    Reading these comments is disturbing… you guys don't see their relationship except for what Lifetime wants you to see. And shame on you for judging her.

  9. "Bobby and I are pregnant" – no honey, you're pregnant, not him. It's your body that's growing, you're going through the morning sickness and you'll be the one doing the pushing, so you're pregnant, not him!

  10. Bobby will totally fall in love with that baby girl cause that’s Bobby. They both have such gentle spirits toward each other but we also don’t see in the inside I wish them tons of luck and love.

  11. What's wrong with Bobby, either he was a virgin or has so low self steem to put up with this woman she is just taking advantage of him. She doesn't bring nothing to the relationship and just expects a lot, like he owes her something, Bobby you should have run when you had the chance😂 it's becoming a high price to pay just because "he likes her eyes"

  12. I know a guy that stormed out of the hospital with his 4th daughter. Men want a son to carry on the family name. I'm surprised he said what he did. Another guy i know wants a son to hunt and fish with. All men want a son and if they say they don't they are not telling the truth. You just hope what you get is healthy.

  13. Did he just say were going to have to try again like a girl is a mistake. Smh look at the bright red disappointment on his face. Hope he has nothing but girls

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