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[music playing] JESSICA: Well, welcome. It’s great to see
all three of you. Well, all four really.
– Yeah. Technically, yep. With just one week
to go in the Happily Ever After experience,
Pastor Cal and I are taking advantage of the
time to meet with the men and the women separately. How’s she doing? She’s sleeping so well. She’s doing good. So that we can give them
the opportunity to talk freely about issues that may
be unique to their role as a new mother or a new father. How are things going? I know so much has happened. I had a really rough
few months though. First trimester was rough? The roughest. But I feel like it’s– hopefully, it’s
smooth sailing now. Once you hit the
second trimester, and once you’re about
halfway through, you start to get more energy–
– Yeah. –and you feel like you can– ASHLEY: I feel like I
never got that energy. No, I never got the energy. But I feel– like,
I relatively– I feel good. One of the things I want to
emphasize with the three of you today is, this is really the
time to hash out any issues before the end of this process. So Ashley, you’ve identified
that one of the issues that you and Anthony were
struggling with had to do more with communication. How’s that been going? I’ve learned, if
it’s something that’s really important
to me, like, I need to talk about it right away. And when he walks
away from it, like, I just assumed like,
all right, you don’t want to talk about it? Then you must not care. Like, I had no idea, like, that
that was his way of processing, that, like, he was
trying to, like, cool off or figure
it out, you know? So it’s nice to know that, like,
that’s not actually the case. One of the things
to be clear about is what you need
from your spouse. Sometimes, even just
writing it down– here’s the things that
we need to accomplish– might be useful in preparing
for sort of next step. So Danielle, how has
the emotional expression been going with Bobby now? I’ve gotten very comfortable
expressing, like, frustration. And he’s gotten
very good at, like, figuring out how to handle that. But I still have a
lot of work to do on, like, positive emotions. Who in your life are
you most expressive with? I’m very good at telling
Henry how much I love him. SHAWNIECE: Who’s Henry? My dog. ASHLEY: Your boyfriend. SHAWNIECE: How
much you love him? Yeah. I’m always like, I love
you so much, Henry. You’re the best boy ever. So the dog gets
more of your loving. Yeah. SHAWNIECE: It’s the
opposite at my house. It just reminds me
of Jephte and Keke. Now that we have
the baby, I have to watch him look at the
baby and Keke and go, I just love you two so much. So it just makes me
feel like, OK, I’m here. I’m your wife.
I’m cooking. I’m cleaning. Like, I’m doing all
this, and you never once told me you loved me. I literally cry. Because I’m like, you never
once told me that willingly. Hearing Shawniece talk
about how she feels when she doesn’t hear Jephte
express himself, I think, is definitely very eye-opening,
and really helps me see it from Bobby’s point of view. She’s talked about
how hurt she’s been. And it makes me feel pretty bad. And I don’t want Bobby
to feel like that. Sometimes, I feel like
it’s implied, or that– That I’m supposed to know. Right. Yeah, you just– like, of course I love you. Like, that’s why I’m here,
and that’s I’m with you, and that’s why we’re
doing all these things, is because I love you. What are your thoughts
on that with bringing a new baby into the world?
– Yeah. I mean, I don’t want her to
have those same problems. I don’t want her to
look at us and be like, I can’t tell how Mommy
feels about Daddy. So– Danielle and
Jephte both struggle with emotional expression. Danielle has acknowledged
that this is an issue for her, but knows that she really
needs to focus on this. Being able to be more
emotionally expressive is going to be like
learning a foreign language. They’re going to
have to practice. It’s going to feel
awkward at first. But the more they do it, the
more natural it will become. I want you to make sure
you are intentionally expressing your feelings–
DANIELLE: Yes. –maybe multiple times a day. DANIELLE: Yes. And that’s a good way you
can model for your children.

Michael Martin

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  1. I’m so glad that Shawneice told Danielle what the experts are trying to tell her. The thing is that with her doing it from the married just had an infant woman’s point of view it should really make Danielle think about just how blessed she is.

  2. Shawniece how do u expect to hear those words from him when he don't feel the same way about u he's telling a dog and his baby who don't understand that he love them and hasn't told his wife huh she has a good heart to me and how her hair is isn't important think about what she going through

  3. Why people on Shawniece glasses. Buy her one if you all don't like it nah. She is comfortable with what she has. These humans.

  4. I do not think Jephte would know if he was in love, even if it smacked him in the face. If you watched both of his TV shows he has acknowledged/alluded that he was a 26 y/o man who had never been in a serious relationship and that he had been blindly sleeping with multiple partners. He was a star athlete, attractive, and good with kids yet no relationship. In addition, his father had 9 kids with his mom and several others with other women. So Jephte has never witnessed how a man should love a woman in his childhood household. I think he fights with his daddy issues and fears repeating his father's patterns. Also, his mother probably was not as affectionate because she was a Haitian mother raising 9 black boys by herself. And lastly, before Jephte even met Shawniece he acknowledges that he always knew he would have to grow to love someone (because he was vaguely aware of his problems). Jephte's relationship problems have nothing to do with Shawniece or him being MAFS; he had stuff he needed to work on that he may have never done had he not been on MAFS.

  5. It really hurts seeing Shawniece a good, beautiful wife and mother and can’t experience real love 💗. Yes she really loves her husband and baby 👶🏾, but she’s not receiving real love back…..

  6. 😥 she is a good girl tho, being a man myself If you don’t love her don’t mess with her feelings and pretend you do cauz guess what in reality you don’t.
    If the mutual feeling is not there Don’t fake it . It will NOT Get better overtime.

  7. Shawniece you are beautiful inside and out….it takes a strong woman to be so giving and loving. God bless you and your family 😍💃stay strong

  8. he doesnt say it because he most likely don't love you. i don't see why people will get married at first sight anyway

  9. Shawneice and jephte just need to be co-parents and move on because obviously he cares for her as his baby mama, but he's not in love and Shawneice deserves to be with someone who will give her what she needs, they do have a beautiful daughter together though.

  10. Love is not a feeling. I think Jepthe worries so much about what love isn't, he doesn't realize what it is. He could love Shawnice if he wasn't pressuring himself about it and stop using his youth and inexperience as an excuse. Shawnice has shut down mentally because she believes Jepthe is going to learn a lesson to give to someone else. I want these two to succeed and Jepthe is giving it all he has to make it work, but what I haven't ever heard him do is to apologize to Shawnice for his infidelity and restore trust. Jepthe wants the marriage to succeed for his daughter, but has yet to do anything to restore trust and safety to Shawnice. That lack of consideration is why all of his efforts will be in vain if he fails to address that issue. Shawnice will grow to resent him more and more until he restores that disrespect. I have seen Jepthe cry for what his infidelity and his fear of co-parenting in two households. However I have yet to see or him acknowledge how he disrespected Shawnice.

  11. He has alway said he was never in love with her … he’s still waiting to fall in love with her

    A baby don’t make a man fall in love or stay 😭

  12. People are so touchy, touchy, touchy! The comment Miss Felicia made I feel is so correct the point. A mother raising nine voice even if she had a man around is very hard.

  13. I don't think they have a problem with expressing their emotions. I think they both just don't like their partners like that 😂😂😂

  14. Maybe it's just me but when you genuinely love your partner you CAN'T keep it to yourself…"out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." If that person has to be told to tell you they love you then it's probably because they don't.

  15. 95% Of men don't say they love you.. And this very saying from a lot of women sorry but it's very true and not that they don't love you, but they do. I heard a pastor tell the men in the church to just say you love your wife once a week (try) it. I think when men say thank you, that means that they are saying I love you. Women try not to expect the man to say I love you but use words like honey, baby sweetheart, darling whatever the nickname you both use. love and peace, blessing

  16. Remember drama brings ratings. Read between the lines Shawniece and Jepte Loves each other. He would not of been there this far if he did not Love Shawniece. Look at the way they look and laugh together. It's all for entertainment.

  17. I love how they showcase Shawniece’s emotions , so often , media portrays black women as alpha, independent, cold , and insensitive. Thank you for humanizing a black woman on tv ❤️

  18. Shawniece and Jephte should try to work it out. She deserves a better man who loves her but the baby is still young. I don't want her to struggle as a single mom

  19. ok really, I thumbs down this, not because Shawnice. I hope for the best for her and her family!!! This was click bate, I noticed when her time to speak came the editor of this video cut it out, also when she was speaking ( which was an inspiration and help to Danielle) the camera ( now this was the production fault) didn't stay long on Shawnice but focused in the other women, however, when the other women spoke, the camera focused on them.

  20. Pastor Calvin is absolutely right; concerning feelings. Feelings is not the basis of a marriage. Jephte is beginning to grow up. He opened up doors that should have been closed & those doors hindered his feelings toward Shawneice. I pray their marriage will last.

  21. Sometimes we are in love with people for all the wrong reasons. Love is patience, kindness, it doesn’t hurt. It compliments, it puts the other over itself. It doesn’t live in the past. It’s always growing & showing up in small things.

  22. Well a wise person said when people break up the problem is right there in the beginning…he was not really into her in the beginning….now he is forcing himself to be with her because they have a baby…he always wanted to be a father….he said he loves her but is not sure if he is in love with her…two different emotions…women love different than men…Shaniece cme looking for love…and is willing to love him and she can feel that he is not in love with her… will not change he is not in love with her…..she is not what he wanted….he may not even know what he wants but it is not her…they cannot even communicate with one another….he has to joke around in order to communicate with her…..they cannot have a serious conversation with each other they are wired so different…..he will be a good father,,,but the husband department with Shaniece he will fail….they do not have the tools to make this marriage work….he was on the wrong show…the match was not right intellectually if you really think about it…

  23. I love the progressed these couples have made….. even in a relationship not publicized we have some of these same feelings, sometimes they are met and sometimes not…….Marriage takes a lot of work and compromising……blessings to them all, especially my favs ……Shaunice

  24. STOP Haters, he is in love but does not understand how to express, and communicate. Shawniece do not give up your dealing with a real Family and people need to understand most Black males & Females do not see a real example of love and Marriage due to broken homes. I am black but had a great example of love and marriage from my parents, my brothers did also and they have happy marriages, but all our friends that CAME from broken family's struggle to keep a family going

  25. There is totally something wrong with Danielle and I have been noticing this from the first episode on the show when they first got married. I don't quite know what it is over-all, but I sure know she not truthful about alot of things

  26. The problem is Shawniece loves Jepthte more than he loves her. I love them together. But I love him. There's something very mysterious about him. His Hard to get attitude perhaps. 😀

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