Married at First Sight: Danielle and Bobby Have Zero Issues (Season 7, Episode 9) | Lifetime

We were just
talking about y’all. – Yeah.
– Oh, about us? MIA: Yeah. How’s y’all’s
relationship going? We were like,
they’re so private. It was so private.
– OK. Well, tell me about yours
and then I’ll recap on mine. MIA: Well, Tristan and I, we had
like, this argument last night. And it was all centered around
like, trust and communication. Was is like, a major thing
or was it something like– I wouldn’t say like, none of
our stuff is extremely major. But, I mean, for
me I didn’t realize that he raises
his voice whenever he we’re in an argument. And so for me, that’s where
I kind of like, shut down. I don’t know. So that’s something that
we’re talking about, too. But I don’t know. Yeah. MIA: Have you and Dave got into
any like, arguments or fights? I mean, I know like, Dave and
I have been having some rocky– Oh, really? AMBER: –like a rocky week.
– Yeah? We were talking about my
hair, how was like, breaking. And he’s like
well, why don’t you just like, not dye it anymore? So I was like, OK. So you are basically
trying to get me– To go brunette.
AMBER: –to be brunette. And then we were talking
a whole conversation about why I dye my hair. I’m like, why not dye my hair?
I’m a girl. It’s what girls do. Sometimes I just want
a different hair color. MIA: I just think
she’s so beautiful. It doesn’t even matter
if he wanted a brunette. I think she just really takes
it personally and really wants to be perfect
for her husband, which I definitely understand. Yeah, so a lot of big
things going on with us. It’s a lot happening. Yeah. What about y’all? We’re good. I mean, there’s
still been no fights. So it’s been really good. That’s awesome How
is that possible? I don’t know. I’ve never made it this long
with anybody without fighting. Since your marriage is going
so well, I’m having issues. I mean, you’re having some
issues, which is normal. But do you have
any advice for us? I just don’t really
have anything like– I really don’t know. I do feel like we’re on
different levels of the playing field at this point. And, you know, I
don’t want to get too caught up in their stuff. My focus is still
my own marriage. And I’m here if they want to
talk, but it’s like, you know, you can only give
so much of yourself to other people’s problems. I don’t get stressed out
or upset very easily. And he’s kind of the same way. And so there just really hasn’t
been anything like, big enough to make one of us upset. Yeah. AMBER: Danielle and keeps
telling us that there are no problems in their marriage. And it’s like, I
don’t believe her. That’s outrageous. I’m sure it’s not sunshine
and rainbows all the time, and that they have some issues. But it has to come
out at some point. Yeah.
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27 Responses

  1. 1. The point to not dye your hair is because it's breaking off.
    2. Mia is full of shit.
    3. I haven't fully watched this season because it's snooze.

  2. It's possible to not really fight!! Seriously lol but, it is not always going to be sunshine and rainbows for sure. She needs to get real or else her bubble is going to burst hard and she'll get a rude awakening.

  3. "Why not dye my hair.. he just wants me to go brunette"…. uhm, or he's just trying to help with your hair problem.. common sense really, you dye damaged hair it gets more damaged🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I mean…

  4. So Mia didn't like Tristan vaguely talking about their relationship but she can, with such detail and negativity? Ok.

  5. Danielle wants her relationship to be private? Umm, than why did you get married on a tv show? Sharing this part of your life is the whole point of the show? 🙄

  6. Danielle adds nothing to her marriage with Bobby. She doesnt cook she doesnt clean she doesnt compliment, shes closed off…..and she came in with a bunch of debt and stray dogs. She is the worst girl to go to for girl talk. BOBBY IS WAAAAY TOO GOOD FOR HER!

  7. Its possible that Danielle and Bobby are both easy going people who truly love each other and tries hard to please each other which is very rare. They are my favourite couple to watch, no drama or unnecessary conflicts.

  8. I think Bobby and Danielle are on the same page and really want this thing to work…Mia had issues before the show in her relationships and personal problems…Amber has self esteem issues so she takes every comment negatively…which will run dave off…he mentioned the idea of stop dying her hair to stop her hair from falling out…she said her hair was breaking off do to dying it….

  9. The fake blonde….. Ummmm lady, your hair is FRIED! I can see it on the video, imagine what it looks like in person. You're a natural brunette anyway so its not like he's asking for something you don't have. She so incredibly insecure.

  10. Mia and that blonde are butt hurt that Danielle has what they won't. Mia stop lying and you might have that and the older blonde chic is such a hater… you Danielle I'm happy for you

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