Marriage Proposal Rejection Compilation ✔

Michael Martin

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  1. Ohhh im going to hell for watching this and laughing so hard but at the same time haha you got owned son…feel the burn.

  2. 4:21 The dude in the mascot costume seemed annoyed. She was just too embarrassed or she didnt feel like it was the right moment like too early for the question

  3. You shouldn't probably propose if she never brought up any wedding related topics during relationship.

  4. Poor guy on ellen. He looked like an all around great guy. Maybe she had a secret lover. Or maybe shes not into baldies

  5. Honestly, women who propose are so desperate. When a man wants to get married, he will propose.

    Why do assholes get the public involved??? Women don’t like that. Most of these assholes are teenagers!
    And 2 weeks! In front of everyone?????

  6. I think the woman who say no see their guys small dick or a imagine if it in their head while they open the box and it’s a metaphor for this is all you’ll have. They can’t help but say no and run…lol

  7. Bro. I feel bad for that guy in the mall. The huge crowd and the security guards. But shit, those people are assholes for laughing

  8. I searched for these compilations, man! And I'm having some laughs right now. What kind of person does that makes me? 😂

  9. ffs, why would people "share" that moment with a bunch of total strangers?? So awkward!!
    Btw marriage is a trap!! Never Marry!! Go MGTOW 😎👍

  10. I wonder how many people have said yes in public just because they didn't want to embarrass their partner…

  11. oh gosh, I am a horrible person for searching this up. Never propose in a mall that's all im saying a mall isn't special. unless it's special to the person you're determined on marrying.

  12. A woman should NEVER ask a man to marry her. It's emasculating, unnatural and an absolute turn off. Unless it's done as a joke, no man (with balls) can say yes to that shit. Lol

  13. That girl was a bitch for saying "stop embarrassing me" like what she want to do him to propose to her in a dumpster and she embarrassed him she rejected him

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