Marriage licenses being issued in Rowan County

COUNTY ARE ISSUING LICENSES AS THEIR BOSS SITS IN JAIL. (ESS) KIM DAVIS IS REMAINING DEFIANT AND HAS BECOME A SYMBOL IN THE SAME SEX MARRIAGE DEBATE. AFTER THE SUPREME COURT RULED IN JUNE THAT GAY COUPLES COULD MARRY … DAVIS DECIDED SHE WOULD NOT ISSUE MARRIAGE LICENSES. SHE SAYS IT’S AGAINST GOD’S WILL. BUT A FEDERAL JUDGE SAYS DAVIS HAS TO CHANGE HER WAYS OR STAY BEHIND BARS. (STINGER) WYMT’S HILLARY THORNTON WAS THERE… AS THE FIRST COUPLE RECEIVED A LICENSE. (PKG) HILLARY IN it’s been a busy day here at the Rowan county courthouse as several couples who have been trying to get marriage licenses for more than 2 months were finally able to do so SOT/NATS is really real VO Right when the office opened at 8 o clock a couple of more than 9 years William smith junior and James Yates walked in to get a marriage license… something they had been trying to do since July 6th. Turned down 5 times before… the morehead couple saw a different result today NATS Meanwhile many supporters of Kim Davis gathered outside of the courthouse, including her husband who says she is in quote good spirits and staying strong SOT if she authorizes it it means she agrees and approves and we do not agree and approve. How long is your wife prepared to stay in jail? As long as it takes HILLARY OUT Joe Davis says he has only spoken with his wife on the phone and will be able to visit with her in jail on Sunday in Rowan co ht Wkyt (SERVER VO) THIS AFTERNOON… THERE WAS A CROWD OF PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE JAIL … ALSO SHOWING THEIR SUPPORT FOR DAVIS. THE GROUP BEGAN GATHERING AROUND 11-30 THIS MORNING. MANY OF THEM HAD BEEN AT THE ROWAN COUNTY COURTHOUSE BEFORE MOVING TO THE JAIL. THEY AGREE WITH HER DECISION TO GO TO JAIL RATHER THAN ISSUE MARRIAGE LICENSES. (WIPE) (SERVER SOT) Kudos to her. For her stand. Because she would be disobeying the law if she did marry them. She’s standing on her religious right… (VO) THERE’S EXPECTED TO BE A RALLY FOR DAVIS OUTSIDE THE JAIL TOMORROW. TONIGHT AT SIX… MORE ON WHAT DAVIS’ ATTORNEY SAID DURING A NEWS CONFERENCE THIS AT SIX… MORE ON WHAT DAVIS’ ATTORNEY SAID DURING A NEWS CONFERENCE THIS AFTERNOON. (1-SHOT MOUNTAIN SHOT) THIS WEEK’S FIRE AT THE HISTORIC

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