Marriage Counseling : Are You Ready to Be Married?

Hello, my name is Reka Morvay and I’m a psychologist.
The topic right now is whether you are ready to be married or not. I think the first question
you should ask yourself is why you want to get married. Are you clear in your reasons?
Do you know what it will mean for the rest of your life? What will it mean in terms of
changes to your life. Do you know the person that you are getting married to? Is that person
somebody who you can see spending the rest of you life with? The first question is really
important whether you are clear in your reasons for getting married. What is it mean to you?
Sit down with yourself and consider what will it actually mean to be married to this person.
Will it mean changing your life style? Will it mean that you have to give up your friends
or your job, your home? What kind of changes will it bring? And are these changes the kinds
of changes that you would like to welcome to your life? The second really important
question is whether you are clear on the history of your partner. Do you know this person?
Are there life choices in the past, the kind of choices that you think you could live with
for the rest of your life in a marriage relationship? The third question is whether these, this
commitment will bring a change in your life that you can live with. Have you identified
and communicated your needs to your partner? Are you clear? Are both of you clear on why
you want to be married and what it mean; what it will mean. Do you have the same ideas about
child rearing? Do you have the same ideas about finances? These are all questions that
you should probably sit down and discuss before you make the decision to be married.

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