Maroon Cornelli Lace Wedding Cake; Featuring Natizo Piping Tips

Hey, I’m Auntie, first of all, Thank you so
much for the fans who sent me these Natizo piping tips. I find that they work really well. In fact, the cake in this video is going to
feature these tips. It can be used as a beginner set, for intermediate
pipers, or even advanced decorators. I found that they work really well for what
I am working on. Not to mention, the price! Oh, my goodness, the price is awesome! I have a link down in the description box
if you want to check that out. I appreciate all of you subscribers and all
of you who watch my videos. It keeps me excited and happy to keep going
and keep decorating, which I love, so, I hope you enjoy this cake.

Michael Martin

100 Responses

  1. Beautiful work. Love the attention to detail. Love it that the cake was not 90% icing (ugh!). If your customer was not happy with this cake, it's not your fault, dem just ungrateful.

  2. Quisiera saber donde usted aprendio a decorar cakes?
    I want to know where do you learn to decorate cakes? I just subscribe but I always watch your videos! Thank you so much to show us how decorate cakes!!!

  3. Wow Que Chevere Sebe Delicioso Y Muy Hermoso Muchas Gracias Por Compartirlo y Millones De Bendiciones Con Pila De Éxitos Es Un Trabajó Maravilloso Genial Gracias Mil Gracias Por Compartirlo???❤️♥️❤️

  4. Hello lady! Beautiful cake. ❤ I used to decorate cakes about 25 years ago, quit doing that about 10 years. I did it as a hubby. It was a great enjoyment for me decorating cakes. I loved it very much. Thanks for sharing this video. 👍🙊🙉🙈

  5. How do you keep such a steady hand while doing the lace part? This cake was beautiful and I hope that one day I can decorate a cake (even if it’s not like this lol) this was a great video thank you for sharing

  6. You are REALLY!! REALLY! REALLY!! REALLY!! REALLY!! REALLY!! GOOD at this😉. I love the flower you put on it!! Do you make the designs up yourself because if you do you're a genius at what you do😉. You must have a very steady nervous system to make this cake as perfect as you do😉. GREAT JOB!!👌

  7. Hi of Puerto Rico, the cake so beautiful, excellent and precious. Your work are art wonderful . God bless you art.

  8. I love this cake so much!!!!! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the classical music (very relaxing).

  9. So inspiring. I'm working on my piping skills here in Indiana. I don't see this type of skill much here. Thanks for the video 💖

  10. Such beautiful art! Subscribed! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 I absolutely love gifted humans. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

  11. Can you recommend another set of tips? As the link you provided is not working anymore, thank you … Also do you use royal icing for all the piping techniques you do?

  12. It's so beautiful, how rich. Please show the camera more the numbering of the nozzle you are using in the decorations please. not always visible  thankful.

  13. trabalho linda obra de arte parabéns amigos queridos que Deus , abençoe e proteja cada dia mais e mais vcs todos linda equipe sempre beijos com bastante carinho e respeito enorme para todos vcs tchau amigos agora vou dormir boa noite queridos amigos tchau sempre da amiga de sempre.

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