Maroon 5 surprise a teen for the party of the year.

Michael Martin

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  1. Worst band ever! Another stupid act crammed down our throats! I wish these idiots were really marooned on another planet permanently. Like a boy band, but not boys.

  2. First, did they run a red light??
    Second, I don't think it's fake because they have no phones, this is a tv show and it's supposed to be a "set for a music video" they didn't want the surprise to be blown later so they probably told everyone no cell phones 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Omg omg omg. Im like a huge and massive fan of marron 5. I'd go cray cray every time I see him 😭😍 my childhood artists.

  4. I want to imagine if some one is in the toilet during the party and he is like
    "Is someone playing moves like jaguar?"

  5. Worshipping this guy as if he is a god. How awsome it would be if people come together like this in worshipping Jesus Christ the author of eternal life. This has been goi g on for ever, remember Elvis Presley. I remember watching videos of people crying as soon as Elvis walked in the room. This woman just said that moroon 5 brings her happiness, true hapinesss will only come from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Turn to jesus while there is still time, time is not on our side. Death could be right around the corner. Repent!!! and be saved.

  6. Nah guaranteed I'd be like "What the fuck are these tools doing here? Who invited them cause you need to get slapped"

  7. This is bullshit, I want to see them go into the heartland of the country and surprise people who are poor and don't have much

  8. Awesome. Good to see someone who’ve achieved so much in life and still cares about the ones who really love and admire them. Keep rocking.. xoxo

  9. Reminds me of the song with Bruce Springsteen with the song Dancing in the Dark when he looks in the crowd and he randomly grabs a fan by the hand and puts her on the stage and dances with her and she looks surprised and total in awe of him but she ends up being the actress in Friends.

  10. Please don't put anymore of these talentless freaks on here! This guy has got one of the worst voices ever and you know it! His voice is like finger nails on a chalkboard! I hate these freaks!!! This is proof that this generation is fkd!!!

  11. I know I'm late but reading all these comments just goes to show how much people don't pay attention. They told everyone at the party they were filming a MUSIC VIDEO so obviously they weren't allowed to have phones out. On most sets whether it's for a movie, a tv show, or a music video, the extras are told they are not allowed to film because they don't want anything to be leaked out before the actual video is released.

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