Man thinks about divorcing his obese wife. [Hello Counselor / 2017.08.14]

Why didn’t you try persuading her gently, encouraging her to lose weight? At first, I said it gently. How? Lose weight. (That’s very gentle all right) But she wouldn’t listen. What makes me angry is that she likes to party. She does? She invites her friends over often. She’s a good cook. Those who eat a lot usually know how to cook. Many obese people like eating their own food. The tiger is running wild. (Convenience store / Parties / Cooking skills) How many times a week does she hold parties? 2 or 3 times a week. That’s quite often. Do you think it’s because she likes people? Or does she want to eat a lot of food? Both. What do you normally cook for people? Glass noodles with chili peppers. It’s hard to cook that at home. I make fried chicken. You fry chicken yourself? At home? We have a fryer at home. That’s just about everything. What else? Spicy sea snails. I make all kinds of food. I’d like to come over one day. (Come over anytime) I think your friends are here with you. Hello. (What do they think?) Hello. Whose concern is bigger in your opinion? He has been working out hard even after they got married. But she just eats and drinks at parties. She’s still gaining weight. Her friends and family are worried about her so we’ve nagged at her and cussed at her. But she just laughs it off. (I love eating) Who are you? I’m her friend’s husband. What do you think after hearing their stories? I understand how the husband feels. When they have parties, he’s always the one cleaning up. Because she doesn’t move. You do everything at home? She cooks. But I do everything else. She won’t clean up. She probably doesn’t know where the recycling bin is. Then just don’t do it. Then the house becomes a mess. It would be chaotic. She doesn’t move around at all at home? No, she doesn’t. She asks me to get her things. If I tell her to clean, she just says, “You’ll clean anyway.” It’s a habit now. At first, I thought you were overreacting that she gained a lot of weight after getting married, but it does sound like a problem. Why do you make him do all the chores? Since I’ve gained weight, I’ve become quite slow. I was a bit slow even before I got fat. If he leaves it, I would clean it up someday. How long have you been married? We’ve been married for 2 years. How would you feel if your wife gradually gains weight and doubles in size? If we walk down the street, I wouldn’t walk right next to her. Really? (But she’s still your wife) She just glared at you. (Hmph!) How does it feel when you go out with her? I just pass by her like we are strangers. – You just walk ahead of her? / – Yes. It’s not just because she gained weight. Men from Gyeongsang-do are like that. (Why should that matter?) When you’re out and about… Aside from your Gyeongsang-do traits, are you ever embarrassed by her? Yes. Are you two affectionate towards each other? I really love to be affectionate. When I go near him, he says, “Pig! Go lose weight first.” He won’t even hold my hand. Did you get hurt when he said that? Yes, it hurt. Wait. Your friend has something to say. She doesn’t get hurt. If she’s hurt, she would try to lose weight. But no matter what we say to her, she just laughs. When was the last time you two were affectionate? I don’t even remember. He hates it. Couldn’t you try to be more affectionate? Is it because she gained weight? I don’t normally like being affectionate. I really don’t. (I’m sorry I asked) You didn’t like it even when she was skinny? I didn’t even then, but we were intimate because she was skinny. But when I’m drunk, I do become affectionate. She looks skinny when I’m drunk. He drank quite a bit. (Optical illusion) She makes me drink more. On purpose? To make you be affectionate? She won’t try to lose weight. Instead, she makes me drink more. (I am shocked when I wake up) You say you two aren’t affectionate, but you have another child. Right. (How did that happen?) Two years ago, I made her work out at the gym. She lost 20kg then. 80kg! Yes. So she looked so beautiful. She looked beautiful even when I wasn’t drunk. That’s when she got pregnant? Yes. I heard that things got even worse at one point. We had a big fight once. We talked about getting a divorce. I asked for a divorce and she said yes. We decided to meet in court so I went. She never showed up. So I called her. I asked her where she was and she was at home. She was with her mother. She said her mom brought boiled duck with rice. She told me to come and eat. Did the divorce talk go out the window? I said okay and went home. (It tasted good) How cute. Even when you know the other isn’t serious, people tend to get worried. You didn’t think he was serious at all? I didn’t know he really meant it. I didn’t think he was really going to court. He loves to eat food that I’ve cooked. In order to eat my food, he must stay married to me. So you did go home to eat the duck? He came over right away. – As soon as I could. / – As soon as he could. I can bear everything else, but I can’t stand being hungry. (An easy way to stop a divorce) (An expert’s way of dealing with it) She knows exactly what to do. As long as she feeds him food and gives him drinks her problems are solved. What you worry about the most is her health, right? Obesity is the cause of all illnesses. I’m quite worried. She got a physical examination before coming here. Let’s take a look. (Body composition analysis) She has 29kg of muscles. It’s slightly above the average. But her body fat percentage is 50%. It means half of her body is fat. She must lose 36.9 kg. She must lose 36.9 kg of fat. She has to lose 36.9 kgs of fat to have a normal weight. This shows that you’re severely overweight. With a larger the body mass index, you could lose 13, 14 years of your life. You should be quite worried. Shouldn’t you lose weight for your health? You saw the result. After getting a checkup, I found out that I’m severely obese. But my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are normal. So I was relieved. That’s why I continued to eat and sleep. Please tell us what you eat in one day. I eat breakfast at my store. It’s all right. (Embarrassed) I lay out the food on the table. Two hamburgers, one lunch box, one rice roll, 3 rice balls… That’s for breakfast. Then for lunch… About the same as your breakfast? You should stop eating leftover food from your store. Even by doing that… They’re fattening food. When you have a lot of leftovers, you’ll eat more. What others eat in a day, you eat in a single meal. That’s what it is. You even eat snacks between meals, right? Then you eat dinner and you eat before sleeping. That’s why you’re gaining weight. You should eat one meal throughout the day. I’ll do my best. If you eat because you think it’s a waste, you’ll end up spending more on your health. You try to save this much and end up losing so much more. (It’s sad, but he’s right) You’re not just making a promise with your husband, but with everyone else who’s watching this. You’ll feel more responsible about your promise. Why don’t you say what you want? Don’t make a ridiculous request. You weighed 105kg two days ago. Then let’s say she weighs 106kg today. I don’t need anything else. Just show me you’re trying to lose weight. Then I’ll begin to be affectionate. If you lose more weight, I’ll be more affectionate. Lose some weight. If you are this confident, you must be quite good. (He won’t deny it) This is what he wants. How much weight will you lose by when? Since you want me to weigh 70kg, I’ll do my best to achieve that. But please speak gently to me and be more affectionate to me. There are studies that show being affectionate can help a person lose weight. Be really affectionate like this. You can lose weight by kissing a lot, right? No, not by kissing. Then what? You can’t do it alone. I’ll never be able to do it. You need a coach to work out. (Right) Jang Moonvok, you first. I think it’s a concern. Son Hoyoung. I’ll press it to encourage you. I’m sure it’s quite hard for you right now. You’re smiling all the time. I know how that feels. You’re smiling, but you’re stressed on the inside. You have to relieve that stress so you do it by eating. You can direct that stress somewhere else. You can do it. Thank you. I also think it’s a concern. But if she gradually works on it, it’ll be solved. You can do it. If you can relate to the husband, please press the button. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time’s up. Please say a word to your husband. I’ll try to slim down to 70kg. And I’ll try to do chores around the house. I love you. (We’ll see you on “Hello News”) Please show us the result. “Fraudulent marriage.” It ends with 9. The first one got 159 votes. Is it over 100? 99 votes. (They got 99 votes)

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  1. I ask my guy friends..which one he prefer..beautiful wife but bad habit..or ugly wife but so kind..most of them prefer beautiful wife..n the reason is good looking can fix everything even u kind no one will notice it unless u have pretty face..

  2. She should dump those toxic people around her. Her husband is an egoistic asshole without any empathy and HER FRIENDS?!?! They make fun of her und stab her right in the back instead of encouraging her. What makes me really really angry is THAT THEY SHOW UP TO THE PARTIES AND ENJOY FREE FOOD, then talk shit about her. WTF????? Bitches ain't loyal. 😒😪

  3. IS IT WRONG THAT I WANT TO STAB THE HUSBAND TO DEATH ? even though it's late because he is such a disappointment in the name of man . What a shameless fool .

  4. I do understand that how she eats is bad for her health, and it’s causing her to be unproductive around the house. But to be worried about her looks gets me upset. She seems like a genuine & kind human. I hope she finds someone who deserves her.

  5. just because she don't have high cholesterol or diabetes is because your body works hard to keep everything running smoothly. If your organs are overburdened, they will eventually fail as you have kept them running at 100% to keep you healthy. Just like a car, your organs have a set mileage in which it will work until it starts failing. So it's better to keep your organs running at a low rpm so that you can stay healthy for a longer period of time.

  6. Women get rid of this bastard, find someone that really loves you, and before you leave tell him this:

    ~~ I’m so sick of this fake love, I’m so sorry but it’s fake love~~

  7. Who the fuck are these "friends" ? They are SOME people who change when you insult them but when everyone is telling her "eurk you're a pig i can't even walk next to you" everytime.. don't you think she will be like "OMG THEY ARE RIGHT HAHA I'M A PIG I'LL LOOSE WEIGHT". Sorry if it's not clear in my head it was and also i'm still learning english..

  8. no is about the weight is the money the love is gone they should divorce because no one is happy sorry is sound cruel but is true

  9. Wow both her husband and her friends husband are really shallow….i understand if you dont want to be with someone because they become morbidly obese and you dont want to take care of them because they literally are stuck in bed, but she can move. Losing weight is really difficult. It seems like she needs motivation and his encouragement, not his taunting which will make her hate herself more and eat more to comfort herself…

  10. Im grateful I aint from Korea bc they might burn me alive just for being overweight there or just too fat for their ideal weight for women.👎🏼

  11. I dont even eat for 20 days just to have a k-body…then eat again after than then dance, exercise go to gym…hehheheeh

  12. She has an amazing personality and she's BEAUTIFUL. I don't get why THIS UGLY ASS LOOKIN MOFO talking about how she needs to change her body when this asshole needs to change his damn aditude. She's beautiful just the way she is.


  14. Growing up in America, I completely understand why what the guy said about his wife's weight is rude and downright inappropriate.
    Growing up with Korean parents, both from gyungsangdo and my dad having every trait of a gyungsangdo man (yes, it exists) this is just how they act. My parents make very tough comments to me, especially about my weight. What the husband says to his wife is what I hear on a daily basis ke. But in the end, I know that they still love me. One thing that the husband said at the end confirmed that he does care about his wife, when he said "I just want to see the you that is working hard to lose weight." People from gyungsangdo value hard work, they themselves are hard workers and that's ultimately what they want to see from their loved ones. I can see from the way that they talk about each other that they know each other's habits and ways, and while their emotions might not be synchronized (it's a BIG stereotype that gyungsangdo guys don't show emotion, which I think is that case here) their relationship did have dynamics that allowed them to stay together for so long.

  15. when I watch weight related episodes, it makes me realise how perception of body image varies so much depending on the culture. She really doesn't look "that big" to me, but then I live in the UK where 60% of the population is overweight so..

  16. Honey they are not your friends and he is not really your husband. You are much nicer than them, more beautiful as well. I hope you find real friends and good health n happiness and get away from these toxic people.

  17. Wow what love he do his wife when she walk with him he prepared like a stranger if I will be their first I will give him a big tight slap on his face and said fuck yourself ass hole

  18. A better way to succeed would be smaller goals. Try to reach double digits, celebrate that success, then try to hit below 90, then down to 80 and keep celebrating each successes and by the way I think her body type would look very sensual around 80 kg with nice juicy curves. I know the culture likes slender but I think she would be super sexy with curves. Let her have an all you can eat buffet cheat day when she hits each goal as a positive motivator and when she hits target weight keep celebrating a job well done big dinner date like once a month to cheer her on for working hard until the new lifestyle feels natural and she can celebrate in a different way. I'm pretty sure she feels very lonely and she needs to feel valued.

  19. I hate such men even her friends were making fun of her they don't see that she hides her pain behind her smile

  20. They need to have experts on the show 😬 Although they have good intentions, they may not be directing people with serious problems in the right direction. What if she slips down so much and gets addicted to exercise and becomes way too underweight? I hope she sees a professional after the show to help her along and give her tips that actually have facts behind them.

  21. The husband is ugly. No woman will want him. He's undesirable in all ways. He's so disgusting!!!

  22. Wow that guy hit the nail on its head. She’s gets comfort from food. Because it’s quite obvious she has a lack of kindness, love and affection from her husband and ‘friends’. The husband even admitted he wasn’t affectionate even before she gained weight. Food to people with emotional problems is like a drug. Just like alcoholism, taking drugs. People use it as an escape and quick fix to their problems. People are way to quick to label overweight people as lazy! But 99.9% of the time that person is suffering. I hope she finds happiness and like the guy said an outlet for her stress and problems other that food.

  23. Listen! Her problem starts after giving birth. Usually women have to get a postnatal massage after giving birth. Looking at her figure she prolly didn’t get hers. At All. Postnatal helps your body to get back to it its former condition.

    If she doesn’t get it, her pregnancy stress remains inside her and now lives with her. She’s not listening to her body now. That’s why she doesn’t heed on any advice. The stress has become a part of her.

    Something must have happened during her pregnancy. It could be the husband not giving her extra care or whatever.. this can be where the stress starts. Stress CAN BE DANGEROUS WHILE you’re pregnant and even after the delivery. All men must really take care and listen to your wives at this moments.

  24. But her friend’s husband is a damn faggot. I would regret marrying that sort of guy. I’d be getting ready to leave him for sure.

    For this man here, they need to get her speak out her STRESS. She needs to cry it out. I mean it. Just look at her all smiley.. something really went wrong. Her husband gotta approach and council her himself make her cry her stress out. Her heart must have gotten real hard.

  25. This wife is really deserve better life. She should open a small restaurant, Cook her foods and be happy with customers. All people around her are so awful especially her husband.

  26. Both men are very superficial & shallow! So if they're quit to divorce that easily cuz of weight gain, then the wives should divorce their asses as soon these stupid men get old with beer bellies, bald and can't get their dicks up anymore!

  27. I just wanna knock out that friend of hers😤 she's obviously hurt if she's binge eating!! The people who should be supporting her are just making things worse for her and its so sad to see😔

  28. Her friends are jerks.. they say she doesn't get hurt .. for god's sake it's clear that she's depressed . And those husbands are total bastards smh

  29. the wife should lose weight for herself and her health too
    and yes i could tell it hurts her all the blunt comments the husband makes but she doesn’t act on it
    if it hurts her to that much of an extent but she doesn’t do anyth ,, nobody’s gna think it actually hurts you
    normally , ppl when hurt , do everything to get rid of the hurt and pain and to get better , but the wife is doing nothing and laughing it off so obviously nobody will know
    the husband seems shallow at the way he said that he married his wife 80% / 90% for her body like the audacity to “ admit “ that so shamefully
    it is clear that both sides are at fault like the wife is throwing parties 2 ~3 times but doesn’t clean anyth but all she does is eat and talk and she affects store sales things like that but the husband seems shallow and says harsh words so nonchalantly

  30. Everyone who is fat should be compassionately encouraged to lose weight, but to disrespect the loyal kind mother of your child like that, fuck that sheeeit.

  31. I use to be like that, if someone said something so mean to me I would just smile, but feel so upset about it till I started to cry, but now after years of hearing that shit, I'm immune to it. I would have probably lect the husband because he doesnt really love her for her regardless of weight or looks

  32. even tho if she just laughs it out… we don't even know if it hurts her inside … her "friend" don't even tryna defend her, her friend didn't even agree that she's deeply hurt in her husband's words…

    edit: i know im a late viewer…

    anyone in 2019?

  33. the husband is a jerk. leave him. he's toxic and really kills your self esteem. when a person truly loves you it does not matter if you are skinny or fat. lady just come to n. America, you won't be judge by your size

  34. She laughs because not because she's not hurt. She laughs because she's hurting too much. I think she also has a lot of frustrations in her heart and food soothes her temporarily. Mean remarks doesn't always work too. Others do it to soothe their own ego not because they sincerely care. I'm like her too. The more i'm cussed at, the more i will resist. Everybody has their own way of healing. I want to bitch slap her friend.

  35. I hate this. This is just disgusting. My theory is that she developed a food craving during pregnancy and the hormone responsible for that is still active despite her not being pregnant anymore. And the fact that her husband had married her based on her looks is so disgusting.

    Not to mention her friends who say she doesn't get hurt because she laughs it off. That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard and it annoys me so much because I too am a type of person who laughs things off when things hurt just not to show them they're bothering me. I'm sure this bothers her greatly and for her friends to say this to her is plan out wrong.

    I know that her current weight is unhealthy and she should lose weight, but verbally abusing and humiliating her isnt the right way to go about it. They are supposed to support her and encourage her, not force and shame her into doing it because it's not going to help her and will leave a scar on her mind as well.

  36. Wow dudes….She's got a husband who doesn't support and helps her and she's got friends who'r basically the same as the hubby…..I feel so bad for her. You can clearly see she's just laughing the pain and embarrassment away. I'm also a big person and I tried everything but as long as you're not feeling happy and have no one or no other object of sorts to get comfort out of , you're just going to end up trying to get the comfort you need by eating even more food. He seriously should start asking her whether she's feeling alright, what a dick!

  37. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you could do everything you want without respecting your other half. Think if the man would smoke weed, do drugs and do not work. Or just double or triple the weight. The woman would probably think of divorcing him too.

    People who love each other are also trying to make themselves attractive. Of course, everyone is getting older. But it doesn’t mean you would not want to take care of yourself.

  38. I think Koreans just don’t have a good mind set, they don’t think it’s their own fault she’s like that.

  39. He gotta change how he talks defo but she got a problem too but damn I would love having my own convenience store

  40. That husband has an identical behaviour to my dad but he's stressing my mom because he don't act as sweet as before they have kids so my mom is happily divorced now.His wife reminds me of a male patient next to his bed when he's bring to a hospital.That patient is obese and have eating disoder and keep to making messes,instead of apologising he's laughing.When he secretly order foods and the doctor mad at him,he laughs it off too.

  41. Can she divorce the jerk already??? This makes me so mad…I get it she's a bit Lazy and overweight but does he really have to be like mean
    And the friends are so mean like who the heck says I wouldn't walk near her to her own friend….THE NERVE….HE WAS GONNA DIVORCE HER???…

  42. counselor, being robbed of 1000MWon reluctantly for a san'gwan'ob'so old woman to be nice to you should be a good cure?

  43. We should be understanding, not ignorant to the wife's obvious eating disorder. We should also be understanding and not ignorant to the husband's frustration. Mental health issues are selfish, they take from the ones closest to the victims too. It's easy to blame the husband for being unsupportive, but actually living with and supporting someone with mental health issues is a much different story. He is actually the one that is going to be by herself and encouraging her to improve. He's not asking her to be 50kg, he wants to encourage her that if she loses weight, he will show more affections and quits smoking/drinking. Whether we admit it or not, appearances are important especially in an intimate relationship. The husband's concerns are legitimate.

  44. omg how can she have no respect to herself like that! Not only allowing some jerk to bully her even if he's her husband but more importantly ON A TELEVISION? Like cmon girl. Show some respect to yourself run from him as fast as possible NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT to bully you. Especially bc of someone's weight. Maybe she has an ED or smth she needs to seek for help not only for eating habits but also for low self esteem.

  45. Honestly I think we shouldn’t be thinking oh these people on the show obviously have symptoms why are they peer pressuring them and trying to change them when in reality these people who go on the show take a physical examinations and the doctor says oh this is happening and she or he needs to lose this much. These are professional opinion not what the mcs say. Plus they know it is not professional so they know before hand and is not going in their expecting the mcs to solve everything the mcs just make the person realize why the person was called their and how they should gradually fix their bad habits that are not petty or stupid cause the pr team probably picks which one they should do and reads through them.

  46. Can't even finish watching this. It is a huge problem in Korea anyway how people that are different are being treated. Her husband is an asshole, as well as her friends husband. Marrying someone 90% for their body is not understandable at all. Crying then about how their body changed over the years, he doesn't look as good either as he did before. She definitely does have problems and if he was concerned about her health instead of being concerned about what others think of him I would totally understand it. That she just laughs everything off obviously makes her husband annoyed as fuck, because that is just childish and she has to start face her problems. She can't just lay on the couch eating her problems away the rest of her life while her husband cleans after her. Both here have a problem and seeing the child being kind of chubby already means that she probably endangers her child sooner or later as well with her eating habit.

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