Man Signs Birth Certificate But Now Is One Of Several Possible Dads (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Flowers v. Diaz.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Flowers, you have
brought your ex-girlfriend
to court today to prove that you are
not the biological father of her 2-month-old
daughter, Callie. Yes, Your Honor. You claim you were duped into naming the baby and
signing her birth certificate and now the DNA test will prove your case. Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Diaz, you claim that
it was Mr. Flowers’ jealousy and insecurity that drove you
to have sex with another man. But you are confident that
Mr. Flowers is your daughter’s
biological father. Yes, Your Honor. Now, waiting in the hallway
is Mr. Bowman, the man you cheated with. JUDGE LAKE:Who Mr. Flowers
believes is Callie’s dad.
Mr. Flowers,
please tell the court why you’ve claimed
a baby for two months who you don’t believe
is really yours? I gave her my name. You know, Callie,
then my last name Flowers. You’ve actually bonded
with Callie. You named her. Yes. I… Every time
I walk into the room she smile. Like, “Daddy is here.” Like…Oh, my daddy is here.
You know,
she smile, like big smile.You know, she…
She love me.
AUDIENCE:Aw!She really love me.So, it’s like, I can’t imagine
Callie not being mine. But you have doubt? Yeah, I have doubt.
Everybody’s gonna have doubt, if you’re sleeping around. And now, you believe
Mr. Bowman is Callie’s biological father. FLOWERS: I believe it.
But there’s more to the story she actually talking about. She liked to creep around. When I get her mad she like to slither away. She give me this some type of
attitude, like, “Oh, I don’t… I don’t wanna
be with you, we never gonna
work.” You know. Except for standing still
and saying, “Hey, let’s try to make
this work.” Stop trying to go to the
next man to find love ’cause your love
is right here. (AUDIENCE CHEERING
AND APPLAUDING) So, as you stand
here today, do you still love Ms. Diaz? Yes, swear on my heart. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Diaz, you
say you have no doubt. No, Your Honor. Why is that? Explain. Um, the doctor confirmed
the time of conception was around the time that
I had sex with Mr. Flowers. We were the only two people
together at that time.Uh, which was the
first week of August.
And there could be no other
possibility, but Mr. Flowers.
So tell me about the nature
of this relationship. Me and Mr. Flowers have an
off and on relationship, a very rocky relationship. Met up again after high school
about three years ago. Although we love each other,
we don’t get along. We’re like oil and water. Uh, we fight, bicker
all the time and we’re better off
just as friends. And so is this true,
Mr. Flowers? On and off, oil and water? FLOWER: Yes, yes. Yes. Yes, Your Honor. So how do you see
the relationship? Were you committed? I’ve tried my best, you know. I feel like if somebody
lied to me the first time, you lost my trust. Straight up.
And I’m just being honest. I tried to give her a chance
after chance after chance, but I feel like
I were working too hard. And she wasn’t putting
enough effort in. And when you say she wasn’t
putting enough effort, explain that. You know how
you could feel that
love is in the air? At first. But then again it’s
like kinda drifting way because she talking to
another person. You could feel that.
Just imagine if you was
in my shoes. You know what I’m saying? What would you think and
how would you feel if you was in love
with two guys. FLOWERS:
You’d be confused too. JUDGE LAKE: And so you feel
like that’s what she is, in love with two people? FLOWERS: Yes. And that’s how you end up
here in this courtroom… FLOWERS: Yes, Your Honor. …believing you’re not
Callie’s father because
you believe this other gentleman,
Mr. Bowman is. FLOWERS: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Tell me
about this doubt. (STAMMERING) I wanna know
specifically why you doubt that you’re Callie’s
biological father. Because, let’s be honest.
She sleep around. AUDIENCE: Ooh! FLOWERS: She sleep around.
So, in my head it’s like, “Do you want me to be there
because you know Imma be there “and you know Imma be
the good father? “Or are you just gonna use me
because you can’t find “these other dudes
to be the father?” So you think, she’s saying
you’re the father because you’re the steady Eddie. FLOWERS: True story. So, Ms. Diaz, he says you were
sleeping around. Were you? Is that true? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: It is. (AUDIENCE BOOING) And why are you convinced then
that Mr. Flowers is your child’s biological father if you admittedly were having
sex with more than one person? Well, I was in a rough, uh,
time in my life at that time. Um, and I felt like
Mr. Flowers wouldn’t
give me the support I needed emotionally,
or financially for us to be able to make
a relationship work.I’m sure that he is the fatherbecause me… I was only
with him
during the time of conception.And you submitted a calendar
to the court? DIAZ: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: I’d like to take
a look at that. And so, outlined in greenare the days your doctordesignated as the window
of conception.
DIAZ:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:So that would be
August 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
DIAZ:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:Moving on,where there is a blue ‘X’ are
the dates that you were
intimate with Mr. Flowers.DIAZ:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE: Is this correct,
Mr. Flowers? Is this timeline accurate? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. JUDGE LAKE:In orange are
the dates you were
intimate with Mr. Bowman.DIAZ:Yes, Your Honor.(AUDIENCE MOANING) JUDGE LAKE:That would be the
8th, 9th and 10th of August,
which is the very next week.Yes, Your Honor. Now, that’s pretty close. Did you tell the doctor
that you had also had sex with another person the very next week? No, Your Honor. When I first found out
that I was pregnant and I called him
on his birthday. You called to tell somebody
on their birthday that you’re pregnant, but it
might not be yours? Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE MOANING) I didn’t realize
at the time. JUDGE LAKE: That’s what you
heard on your birthday
that year, Mr. Flowers? I was partying.
You know what I’m saying? Like, (CHUCKLES)
then I get this call. I’m like, I haven’t saw this
number in a while. You know what I’m saying?
(LAUGHS) (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) I wondered what she want,
you know what I’m saying? Probably wanna kick it,
probably remember it’s my
birthday or something. And she’s like,
“I’m pregnant.”
I’m like, “What?” And so, when she said this
to you, did she say and you’re the father
or you are one of the
potential fathers? FLOWERS:
She said, “one of the
potential fathers.”She came straight with me.(AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) FLOWERS:Like, she was honest
with me with that.
Ms. Diaz, did you also
tell Mr. Bowman that
he was a potential father? Yes, Your Honor. And what was his reaction? Um, he wanted… He said,
“If that’s the case,
we’ll get a paternity test. “Uh, and we’ll figure it out.
And we’ll go from there.” And so, how does it get
to the point where you decide to jump onboard
and end up naming the baby? Because I got, you know,
emotional. I always wanted, uh,
you know, another child. Two kids. You know. And I wanted to be the father
my father had never been
to me. To prove it to him like,
“I am a better man than you.” (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) FLOWERS: You know what
I’m saying? So you were actually at
Callie’s birth? Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. And were you involved at all
during the pregnancy, did you go to
doctors appointments? No, ma’am. Not a single one. Not a single one. So, during the pregnancy you
were with Mr. Bowman. Me and Mr. Bowman
were friends. JUDGE LAKE: And so,
during the pregnancy FLOWERS: What!he was around…FLOWERS:Hold up, hold up.
Just friends? Nah, you ain’t
telling me all that. Y’all was saying,
“Oh, we did this and that, “he made me feel good and…” Me and Mr. Bowman
were never in a official relationship. But during the pregnancy,
you were with him. Yes, Your Honor. But then at the birth, Mr. Flowers was there. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Why wasn’t
Mr. Bowman at the birth? ‘Cause I’m 100% sure
that Mr. Flowers
is Callie’s father. Based upon the time
of conception. FLOWERS: You know
why he wasn’t there? Imma tell you truth. ‘Cause they fell off. JUDGE LAKE: You signed the
birth certificate? Yes. I did. ‘Cause I stepped up
like a man. So now you understand that
under the law in the eyes of the law, you
are her legal father. Yes. And you understand if in fact
you’re found not to be her biological father, you will
have to return home and attempt to get your
name removed. All right. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Ms. Diaz, has Mr. Bowman done
anything for Callie, is he a part of her life? Mr. Bowman has always been in
my life when I needed him. Um, he has provided diapers
when Mr. Flowers cannot. I thankful for that. ‘Cause I was going through a
rough time myself. You know what I’m saying?
I got much respect for him. Mad respect. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You know. Jerome, I think it’s time
we meet Mr. Bowman. JEROME: Okay. Bring him in. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Hello, sir. Come with me. I’m gonna bring
you right up to the witness stand next
to the judge. Go on the left of me. Mr. Bowman, thank you
for being here… BOWMAN: Yes, ma’am. …today. JUDGE LAKE: We are
here, of course, talking
about the paternity, uh, as it relates to
brand new baby, Callie. Ms. Diaz has admitted in court
today that she was intimate with you and
with Mr. Flowers about a week apart. Are you aware that you are one of the
potential fathers? Yes, ma’am. I’m aware. JUDGE LAKE: Do you believe
Callie is your child? No, I do not. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t? No, ma’am. You did have sex
with her right? We did have sex. Without protection? BOWMAN: Without protection. JUDGE LAKE: You understand
that’s how babies are made? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE LAKE: You do? Yeah, I do. So I want you to explain to
me why is it you believe this child can’t be yours. During the time when the
baby was conceived when me and Ms. Mia had sex
I didn’t climax. Oh, well I walked myself into
that, didn’t I, Jerome? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Um, so this was one occasion that you all had sex… No, ma’am… JUDGE LAKE:
…without protection? It was multiple occasions. I can tell you that the first
few times we had sex right around the
time when they was
presumably conceived I didn’t climax. Okay, so you’re saying
the act did not finish. So, you believed
you couldn’t potentially be the father
because of that. And, Ms. Diaz, you did
tell him though that
there’s a chance he could be the father. Just a slight chance. Ain’t no such thing as
slight chance. You feel me? So don’t matter what you
go through you don’t know what happened. Right. I think what you’re
trying to state… FLOWERS: (STAMMERING) It’s… …which is true Mr. Flowers
is without even the finishing it is still possible… FLOWERS: Yes. …to conceive a child. Yeah. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) What I think is obvious
is that you have two men here that you slept with in very
close proximity. And then when you told your
doctor about the facts relating
to the conception you left
Mr. Bowman’s dates
off the calendar. DIAZ: Yes, Your Honor. And so the doctor
was only giving you
information based upon… My story. JUDGE LAKE: Right. JUDGE LAKE: And so, this day
means a lot to you,these results.FLOWERS: (STAMMERING)
Oh, yeah, this a major day.
One, because I always wanted
a daughter. And two, I am a good father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) So the truth is, while you’re standing here trying to prove you’re
not the father. FLOWERS: Mmm-hmm. The real truth is you really would
love to be. FLOWERS: All right, man… If she mine, I would get down
on my knees and cry. You know what I’m saying? ‘Cause that’s my daughter.
I’ve been with her. Changed diapers middle of
the night. While she didn’t feeling like
getting up, I’m the
first one up. Even if I go to work, I still… In, like, two hours need to go to work,
but still bond with her. That’s my daughter. You know what I’m saying?
That’s my daughter. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And, Mr. Bowman, your relationship with
Callie is what exactly? I really don’t have a
relationship with Callie. You don’t? (STAMMERING)
No. I know Callie. I’ve been aware of her
since she was born. I say about the first
seven-eight months of the pregnancy. I was there for her. I was the one rubbing
her feet, you know. Rubbing her back,
make sure she had finances. JUDGE LAKE: So what
happened after that time
where you just backed off? Well, it was understood that
there was a strong possibility that the baby wasn’t mine, so I had to give the
potential father a true shot. JUDGE LAKE: Understood. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Are you hoping she’s
your child? I’m just hoping for closure. If Callie is my child,
them I’m gonna step up and
you know, be a father. Ms. Diaz, has anything
happened in court today that changes your belief that
Mr. Flowers is in fact Callie’s biological child? No, Your Honor.
I’m 100% sure he’s her biological father. I think it’s time
for the results. Jerome? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Thank you. JUDGE LAKE: These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case of
Flowers v. Diaz,
as it pertains to 2-month-old
Callie Flowers. And whether Mr. Flowers or Mr. Bowman is the biological father, it has been determined by
this court… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Flowers, you are not the father. (AUDIENCE MOANING) FLOWERS:
(CLICKING TONGUE) Damn! Mr. Bowman, you are not the father. (AUDIENCE WHOOPING AND
INDISTINCTLY) Ms. Diaz, is there something else missing from the calendar? (CLEARS THROAT) Um, the week after I was, uh, intimate
with another guy. Um, in July I was, uh, living
with another guy. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Diaz,
that would make (SOBBING) four different men you
slept with within a span of a possible
conception period. Yes, Your Honor. It’s hard for me to
stand over here and look at a beautiful
young girl like you. You just giving
yourself away for free. AUDIENCE: Yes. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I don’t know what you out
there looking for, but it’s not this. Do you know where these
other two men are? No, Your Honor. FLOWERS: Your Honor, that’s still my daughter.
You know what I’m saying? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You know what I’m saying?
It hurts, but in my heart that is my daughter. JUDGE LAKE: In your heart and in the eyes of the law. Because you signed
that birth certificate. Oh, and um, I’m glad I did it. Because I don’t want her to
grow up without a father… …like I did. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) For someone you can’t
get along with, at the end of the day you
blessed to have him. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) But you know now, you been
in a hurry going nowhere fast. Right? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You can’t keep
doing this. Right? DIAZ: Yes, Your Honor. All right. We have counseling,
we have resources for you. I want you all to get
the help you need so that you can help Callie. And I wish you the
very best of luck. Court is adjourned.

Michael Martin

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