Man ID’ed by protesters as LA District Attorney Jackie Lacey’s husband pulls gun on protesters |ABC7

Michael Martin

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  1. Black Lies Don't Matter – go find a job and stop bitching. I knew it would be a female – all they do nowadays is bitch, complain, falsely accuse and hang out with friends doing nothing productive.
    P.S. Fake News Liberal Democratic Party shill media – next time include the fact that they went to her home – tried to make it seem as if they went to the office.

  2. Uhhh, and what’s the problem again? His house, his rules. He’s not at fault. I have a high pressured water hose for things like this. I’d sprayed the crap outta them.

  3. That DA (Black) is probably Anti Gun ( for law abiding citizens).
    And, If this guy was White who threatened BLM under these same circumstances, it would be all over CNN …..
    'White man threatens innocent Negros'.

  4. Ring my doorbell at 540 am and I guarantee I will have a gun in hand. That said, this is a great learning opportunity. To any protestor who wants to approach a man's home like this, good way to get shot. To anyone who owns a gun for self defense or anyone who is considering it…. training training training. Finger on the trigger with the gun pointed at either a person or in the direction of a crowd. That's how someone gets killed accidentally. How about finger off the trigger with the gun at low ready. Better yet. Dont open the door and call the cops. If you are going to be an armed citizen it is your responsibility to be trained in PROPER DEFENSE TACTICS! Failure to do so can be fatal.

  5. They are committing trespass. The key facts are whether they knowingly deprived the home owner of a property right or refused to leave after being asked. The time of the incident is important. It is a reasonable right to be free of unannounced visitors during normal sleeping hours. 5 am is unreasonable interference of his property rights. Also, they needed to leave after first request to leave. Continuing to stay on his property after being asked to leave is trespass.

  6. What gives anyone the right to come to someone’s house without their permission and at that time of the morning?

    I would’ve done the same thing … no manners.

  7. Y'all done turn this man to Grandmaster Flash!!
    Don't push me cuz I'm close to the edge, I'm trying not to lose my head Ah Huh Huh HUH!!
    He said if yalls lives matters yall best get out of here!! 🤣🤣

  8. That's what happens when you Trespass you Scum!! Stay off his property. I support this man's actions 100% …You don't go on someone's property uninvited much less harassing them.

  9. You go to someone's home, they arm themselves and command you to leave, you then decide to request them to retrieve their wife and dont leave. These people are stupid. Hopefully this controversy will lead to support for the Lacey family.

  10. Well, as a local Granada Hills resident, i think I know exactly whom I WISH was running for election tomorrow. Mr. Lacey. He'd have my vote.

  11. You mean man defends family you go man I have no idea what this is about but no one should be harassing your family on your property for any reason

  12. These vultures would stick a camera in a dying person's face to get their last words for ratings but this is "disturbing".

  13. He was not threatened and you can't brandish a weapon as he did. Let's see if this brotha gets a free pass on this incident.

  14. Total support here. Protesters should know that they should never go to a private residence because any protester can lie and be an actual threat. They were probably making noise right outside and he did the right thing.

  15. Imagine being so fucking stupid you think this whole thing is a joke. Should've shot the dumb bitch and taught her a lesson. Black lives matter she should be more careful with hers…

  16. This is literally EVERYTHING that's wrong with black lives matter. You think someone pointing a gun at you is a fucking joke, you think it's ok to keep doing the same exact shit after, you claim he put a gun right to your chest and then seconds later claim he's going to shoot you in the back? Which one is it bitch get your story straight.

  17. The protesters are on the DA's porch waking them up out of bed, harassing the DA's family. That is a line crossed.

  18. I agree that confronting them with a handgun was wrong. That should have been a back up plan to the old Joe Biden double barrel of justice!

  19. Oh yes… And re-elect Jackie Lacey. The fact she is being bullied by s terrorist group proves she is effective.

  20. Guy was 100% JUSTIFIED. If this was me and my home my first thought it Loaded Up Vagrants pretending it's The Purge.
    In what fucked up world do these retard protesters think Jackie is going to come down and talk to them after being awoke in the dark by drums and a hoard of people on your doorstep?
    If crazy worthless mother fucks with nothing better to do are banging on my door and hitting a fucking drum at 530 in the morning they are not there in peace. Dumb bitch is lucky he didn't pull the trigger. You want to threaten people with your "PROTEST" you get it right back.

  21. Idiots trespass and act arrogant about having the gun pointed at her. She complained about maybe being shot in the back; it would have been her fault if she was shot between the eyes.

  22. I understand she’s a public figure. Also understand she has a public office where you can go and protest or talk to her. You can’t go to someone’s door and not expect the homeowner to try and protect himself 🤦‍♂️

  23. Never knock on a black peron 🚪 unless yu are giving 💰 or paying 💰 back to dem at 5:am.Otherwise yu might get 🔫 shot

  24. Big mistake by the Lacey's husband here. This is not proper defensive gun use. As far as we can tell, the protesters were not armed or making threats. As such, he had no reason to point a gun at them. I can understand answering the door with the gun at "low ready", but pointing it at them clearly crosses the line.

    The best thing to do there would have been to simply not answer the door at all. Just shout at them to leave and if they don't then call the police. If you are in a situation where to feel the need to have a drawn weapon when you answer the door, it's probably better to just not answer the door at all.

  25. I support the DA's actions.. that said, the rest of us would be charged with BRANDISHING, and he should be charged as well.

  26. Her sweet sing songy voice bugs the crap out of me. They knew what they were doing. They wanted a confrontation and unfortunately for the Laceys it turned out bad. BLM will use this in their favor. I wish he wouldn't have opened the door. I'm sure he was just pushed to the limit. I don't believe in pointing a gun unless you plan on using it. The door should have stayed closed until the police arrived. I'm sure he regrets his decision.

  27. She has to go & will. Thankful for her husband. She is A public servant & in the public so she knows public meetings are neccessary. Doesn't matter if its in the manner that she wants it to be. Her husband pulling this gun on these unarmed protestors shows what type of monsters live behind those walls. They were outside the home, not damaging property, not trying to break in, not causing violence, just simply protesting as their ammendment rights. Jackie must go!!

  28. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this video. Some things do need to be done. About the unjust in this country when it come down to laws and verdicts. But I don't want to make it racial. But injustice has been going on for years the first time you guys show up at and district attorney. It's a black woman.?

    THEY – CORRUPTED POLITICIANS/GOVERNMEnt CAN SHOOT us. all he needed to do was call police…that's a death threat
    we people cant defend ourselfs from Islamic terrorists…drug cartels n NASTY people like him n Killary Clinton can shoot at us

  30. It amazes me the amount of people supporting this man's actions when in fact if it was them they'd be sitting in jail. The second should be for all, not only for the privileged. Give this man the same treatment a typical civilian would receive. Just curious how many people this DA has put behind bars for doing the same thing her husband did.

  31. CLINTONS WAY: double standards… they got guns…we cant …NASTY NEW WORLD ORDER(agenda 21) garbage

  32. I don’t care what you’re race is when you’re on someone’s property and they clearly say “get off my porch” and you fail and refuse to do so,you’ve become an invader and a threat to him and his property.HE👏🏽DOESNT👏🏽KNOW👏🏽YOU👏🏽

  33. F*ck these people! Don’t show up unannounced at somebody’s house with a mob, and ecpecially before the sun is up. Lunatic fanatics 😡

  34. That's when you needed blanks in the magazine. See what them stupid ass people do when he starts shooting blanks. Bet they won't go around harassing people in their homes again.

  35. You should have pulled the trigger. These people need to start paying for their total disregard for rule of law, for peace, for due process, for any semblence of truth. When they show up on our lawns, we should be able to shoot them. Then, then they stop. It's that simple. The law should stop protecting these terrorists from the consequences their actions set them up to deserve. Think you own the world and you can wreck everyone's shit? Get shot. End story.

  36. *popcorn*. please do this for all CA DA's, judges, and dem politicians. and then don't forget to file the red flag law complaint against these holier than thous. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  37. I suspect the "protesters" had already been throwing things at the windows and banging at that front door/threatening to break through it – before he came out and told them to get off of his porch. Also, he needs to learn how to carry a gun. Can't blame him for yielding one, in this situation, but, wow, he needs to carry it better.

  38. come to a person's home and you BET they get REAL and REAL protective…..lucky to be alive with that shit!

  39. IF I ha BLM on my front porch…the Rioting out of control group, that BURNS down whole sections of the city and Tosses rocks bottles and has used guns on cops …you bet I am GUNNING UP!

  40. In Texas, he could have unload his pistol on these idiots and walked a free man. Too bad he is in California.

  41. Like he was gonna do something; looked like he had a Hi-Point, Jimenez or some other cheap gun. Whatever happened to unapologetically blasting burglars and home invaders with shotguns?

  42. Better to be judged by twelve…than carried by six ! Texas has what is called Castle Law…when the King says get off my property…if you are wise and not a fool…you should OBEY !

  43. Protesters have no business being on their property by the porch. He had a right to pull out his gun and give them the warning to get the fuck out. Duh, and these protesters now bitch about what he did. The hell with that bullshit.

    He actually had a right to shoot them at that point!!!!!

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