Making Silk Flower Arrangements : Silk Flower Arrangement Materials

Now, I’m going to show you all the items that
you’ll need to arrange your own artificial flower arrangement. First and foremost and
probably obviously, you’re going to need some artificial flowers. I decided to pick a nice
variety. As you can see here we have some beautiful artificial peonies, but I also decided
to bring in some sort of grassy twigs and then also, this curly willow here. It’s nice
to have different elements just to keep it looking interesting and looking a bit more
realistic. You’re also going to need a container, in which to put the flowers. You’re going
to need this product here, it’s called “oasis, or floral foam.” You can get this at any floral
store or any crafts store. This is going to go inside your container and it’s going to
be what is going to hold those flowers still. You’re going to need a bit of moss, we’ve
got two different kinds here. This is pretty much just to cover up all of your mistakes
around the top and give it that finished designer look. You possibly might need some floral
wire, You’ll need wire cutters to clip these and to make them the shape and the size that
you want. These can be pretty tough and you’ll need those heavy duty wire cutters. We’ve
also got greening pins and some floral tape. These are all the items that you’re going
to need to get to make your own artificial flower arrangement.

Michael Martin

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