Making Of Phoenix | Worlds 2019 – League of Legends

Working on Phoenix this year’s Worlds
anthem has been such a surreal experience. This song is so dynamic and
so special. It’s soft and introspective and quiet but then it’s
empowered and strong and vibrant. That first line, “What are you willing to lose?”… That hit me right in the chest.
I was like, that’s incredible. Sounds great, right? The song kind of takes you through this
progression of it’s all in your head. These monsters that you have to get over
and finally conquering ourselves and validating ourselves. Two singers really highlights some of that polarity
that is the central theme of this song. Having Calin take the quieter, lower parts and then have Chrissy slam in on the big choruses summons all those things that we were reaching
for with Phoenix. You’re good. You’ve got to conquer the monsters in your head. And I’m just like… that’s so applicable to everyone. In League of Legends, it’s all about standing back up
every time you get knocked down. You’re never going to reach the top if you don’t keep climbing. Chrissy she sounds like a powerhouse. We’re both really strong female singers who love what we do. This song, it was writen for something so much bigger than me. People aren’t there just for the song. They’re there for the game, and the atmosphere and the whole energy that goes along with it. And it’s just electrifying to feel a part of it. You just want so much to do well by it. I just wanted to do the best job I possibly could do.

Michael Martin

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  1. Sorry but this song is not suited for Wolrds. It's merely a Legends never die 2.0. We've waited so long only to get this.

    Imagine this song playing during the finals. It ruins the mood and the hype of the people. Riot, you do like releasing lame songs everytime SKT is part of Worlds. 2014 we got Warriors, and for 2018 we got Rise and KDA, which were amazing.

    2015,2016 and 2017 you released awful official worlds' songs: ignite, worlds collide and legends never die, and this year this lackluster phoenix. Around of applause for Riot. Hurrah!!!!

  2. Why ist that so hard for riot to hire a better song writer and a world classic singer ? just lack of money ? or because of fuked up taste ? i really do not like this chirssy from s 7 . without autotune she is just nothing .

  3. Not gonna lie. This song was awful and trash for World's 2019. Cailin Russo is better off having her topless pics uploaded instead. Those are some really good pics 🙂

  4. Not gonna lie. This song was awful and trash for World's 2019. Cailin Russo is better off having her topless pics uploaded instead. Those are some really good pics 🙂

  5. i agree with tyler wtf has conquer ur monsters have to do with lol ? ikik she explained it but it didnt convince me

  6. They looked to have mucked around in the video….wouldn't surprise me if this was why it took so long to put out such an average song for Worlds. I'm going back to the quality "Rise".

  7. It's really depressing to watch the "Making Of…" and have it all about the music when there were a team of masterful artists who had to come together to make the beautiful video too, kinda glossed over their hard work…

  8. I honestl tought the song was pretty good after listening to it a couple of times. A bit less hype than other years but it somehow felt right for this season

  9. Why was the lyrics the only thing covered in this -_- there is so much more than the lyrics that make this song fitting for worlds.

  10. People say this song is trash. Honestly I think it gets better the more you listen to it. Sure many other world songs are better, but its riot games, what do they know. Lets just wait for the finals, it might sound better.

  11. The songs written for League of Legends have always made my hair stand on and this song is one of the best ones doing that perfectly.

  12. was really expecting a mix of how they came up with the style of art, how they came up with the tone they wanted, and the history behind the animations as well as some explanation on what the song meant, not just… a weirdly extended interview with the singers?

  13. This is epic. Phoenix is the best Worlds anthem right after Legends Never Die and followed by Worlds Collide. I also liked RISE, but that just can't compare to any of the others.

  14. by the release i thing i have already listen this song about, 2k+++ times, just amazing, a masterpiece, so single and powerfull. GJ

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  16. What hit hard for me is 'so are you going to die today or make it out alive?' that's a good lyric. I think everyone's been in a bad spot and if someone just asked them that 'are you going to sit there and take it or are you going to do something about it?'

  17. My anthem while reckoning in college. I.T is never been easy and this song reminds me of this.

    So is me towards gaming.

  18. why you dont do this more. why one a year. we need music like this every day. i love u all. i hope you will keep going to do songs like that. i hope this sentence is true btw :DD

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