Making Edible Vegetable Arrangements : Edible Vegetable Arrangement: Slicing Radishes

Okay, now I will show you how to slice the
radish, the giant radish and the purple top turnip. Now these have a beautiful color on
the outside, so we don’t want to peel that off. We want to take advantage of the pretty
color. You want to also take a look. Now here is a little bit more damaged area and this
part looks nicer. So this is going to be the section that we cut off flat so that it won’t
roll while we are cutting it. And you do it just like with the kohlrabi. We are going
to, you want to slice off that top. And you want to save this because we may use it for
a center later. So save anything that looks interesting. And again, we are going to slice
as thinly as possible. And keep that knife moving in a motion like this. It helps also
to hold your vegetable like a claw with your fingers here like that, to put the knife right
up against your fingers. And that will help guide the knife down as you are going. And
you want to slice a bunch of those. Let me show you the, well when we get to the purple
section, you will see that you get a nice purple edge on your petal. You are starting
to see the pretty purple edge on the petal. And you want to take advantage of all the
beauty of the vegetable. And for the radish, again, you want to take a look at it. Look
for the part that doesn’t look so pretty and cut that off for our base so our vegetable
isn’t rolling around. You want to hang on to anything. We may use that, we may not.
And then slice in a nice smooth straight motion to get the thinest slice possible. You can
also put this in to a food processor and get slices also. But you see with the radish how
you get that nice pretty color along the edge. Okay, you want to, when you finish slicing
you vegetables, you want to store them in a plastic bag so they won’t dry out or get
yellowed. If you are not going to use them right away, it is a good idea to store them
in the refrigerator like this. But even if you are working on them right away, you want
to put them in a bag just to keep them moist.

Michael Martin

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