Making Edible Vegetable Arrangements : Edible Vegetable Arrangement: Slicing Peppers & Cauliflower

Next we’ll cut some peppers. Peppers come
in a huge variety of colors so you want to take advantage of that and get as many different
colored peppers as you can. Now if you have a center like this, it looks pretty, you may
want to cut that out before we start and save that to put as one of the centers in our flowers.
And then just cut your pepper in half like that. And you can cut it in quarters and just
remove, with a knife, remove that membrane from inside the pepper. And then you can slice
it into sticks. And do that for all of your peppers. You can cut the top off like this
if you like. And cut the pepper in half. Just slice out that membrane and take out the seeds.
And you can slice your peppers in strips. Cut lots and lots of peppers, celery, cucumbers
and carrots to fill up our basket. Now I’ll show you how to prepare a cauliflower, or,
if you have any, broccoli. For the cauliflower or broccoli, we’re going to cut it in florets.
So first we want to get rid of this stem section here. Just cut that, cut that away, like that
and get rid of all the extra leaves. And then if you cut into the stem and kind of break
the cauliflower apart. You can do the same thing with the broccoli. And you want to leave,
just cut it into florets and leave a little bit of stem there. And then these will tuck
around the sides of the vegetable basket.

Michael Martin

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