Making Bowl Flower Arrangements : Using Flower Arrangement Picks

Hi. I’m here to talk about some basic floral
accessories. You have wood picks, which some with a wire attached to them. You can get
them without. They’re used for extending flower stems to attach a bow or some other decoration
to. So, it can stick into your flower arrangement. There’s wires. Wires are used to fasten your
bows. And, again the wood pick if you wanted to attach the wire to it you just wrap it
around like that. Wa-la. And, then just stick it in the arrangement. Your wires are used
to wires flowers. You can wire the stems, so it keeps the heads of the flowers standing.
If they’re not getting hydrated with water, you just wrap your wires around the stem like
that. Another accessory, is stem tape. Stem tape is used to cover up your mechanics on
wires such as this. Put the stem tape over it and spin it around and it will cover up
the wires. And, the stem tape comes in different colors. So, it can match your the colors of
the stems so you don’t see the wires. And, these are some basic accessories used to arrange

Michael Martin

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