Magnificient Ceremony! Putin Lays A Wreath At The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier On Victory Day

Michael Martin

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  1. Hypocrisy. Follower of ideology of Vlasov (Putin) is buying political points by "honoring" (his very much hated) Red Army.

  2. What an impressive parade and a strong leader that’s always their supporting his country. Thanks to Russia many countries don’t speak German today and still they show a lack of respect. May God Bless Russia.. Love and respect from the US.

  3. Hadith 30: Disposition au Travail Préparatoire

    قَال رسول اله: يخْرج انَاس من الْمشْرِقِ فَيوطّىونَ للْمهدِي سلْطَانَه.

    Le Messager d’Allah (que les Bénédiction d’Allah soient sur lui et sur sa Famille) a dit: « Un groupe de

    personnes s’élèvera de l’Est et accomplira le travail préparatoire pour le gouvernement de l’Imam Al

    Mahdi (a.s). ».

    (Biharoul Anwar, volume 51, page 87; Kashfoul Ghammah)

  4. Show where Putin waves to the crowd and falls down! 😂😂😂😂😂. Of course, this channel will NEVER show that because this is Russian bullshit propaganda channel which is FAKE NEWS!! 😳😳😳

  5. I wanted to see Putin goose step! Hes just as stalin that looks at his own people as his own army of minions willing to sacrifice them selves for his satisfaction!!! I say fuck Putin and long live mother russia!!!

  6. And we have had seen the bravery of the Russian people fighting against the super Germany soldiers in World War ll .

  7. What's the name of the beautiful music that is being performed around 0:52, when the guards are carrying the wreath?

  8. This brings tears to my eyes. How many mates lost, how many millions across the world lost of futile wars, and causes a bitter and hatefill bile in my guts for the evil cretins such as Bolton and Pompeo and trump & USA that even now only want war, more bloodshed, more friends lost, more families lost, more fathers, brothers, sons & daughters lost for the perverted yanky scum lust for blood and power. Zionest puppets, filth!

  9. A very impressive and moving parade,a lot of hidden emotion there,so many families having lost members years ago. Rodina will never forget the men and women who have left their blood in her soil,nor will she forget those who did not return from foreign lands. The Flame will burn for as long as Honour and Sacrifice are held sacred.

  10. Столько молодых людей погибли, сражаясь с тем же злом, которое сейчас правит Америкой.

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