Maggie Gee. Fred Wedlock song.

all the thunder rolled around as we Lake run bar in the ground in the old churchyard beside her cousin Ted we lay her there to rest because it was her last request but mostly because grandma was dead and the lightning struck the peg holding grandpa's I am leg was healing on the arm of cousin Rose who was holding hands with Sid and their seven lovely kids and all we found was the guide dog puppies no no then I was leaving the graveside with my family beside when a truck driver skidded around the bed and down the bank he crushed my family was rushed and 32 bride orphans met Darren the Holiday Express hit the wreck the Lord when I miss the bridge across the river broke into and the only thing come up from the boat on which it crushed was the banners saying all folks Wingo crew help live with speed the Undertaker in the lead with his calculator and his room I'm trying not to smile but grieving over pile when the rescue helicopter hit the school I was feeling all alone my family was gone and a voice said come buddy don't you eat [Applause] all your folks we took away I've got you down for New Year's Day Christmas is gonna be really cheap I said is that you naughty sir that's a big ten-four and she is on for the good news come on I'm gonna fix it soon for your daughter Cindy Jean Marie the Undertaker's [Applause]

Michael Martin

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