Love & Marriage: Huntsville Returns on September 7 | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

NARRATOR: This season on “Love
and Marriage, Huntsville.” [INAUDIBLE] or not,
we’ve been, like, the faces of the Comeback Group. We all have been dealing
with the Comeback Group. I have the buyout agreement. We’re not going
to be bought out. I do recommend that we
dissolve the Comeback Group. I’m going to fight
tooth and nail. We’re not dissolving
the Comeback Group. So that my son can
live with us, we’ve been discussing Kayoah moving
to Huntsville permanently. (WHISPERING) I [INAUDIBLE]. Maurice’s ex-wife
does not respect the boundaries of our marriage. Kimmi, Kayoah. Kayoah, Kimmi. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] You want me to discern
things about my infidelity, almost as if y’all ain’t
cheated with 20 women. I haven’t! Your husband has made false
statements about Marsau. Are they real? Figure it out on your own. Is there any truth to what was
said about the 20 girlfriends? Baby, I can’t
answer that for you. You was with 20
different women? Baby, listen to what
I’m saying, please. I’m so mad at myself. I really want to be the
man you want me to be. His phone rang. When I answered the phone,
this girl is on the phone. He needs to be checked. I messed up! But look at all
the other thousands of things I’ve done right. But you continue to mess up. You’re a serial cheater! OK. Make sure you get
your stuff out today. We’re not going to
get a divorce, so it’s like, we don’t have to– [CLEARING THROAT] We don’t have to speak
about a divorce right now. Huh? I think it’s going to
bring us closer together. Does a child make a man
become faithful all of a sudden? Hell no. Well, I’m going to
file for my divorce. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [UPBEAT MUSIC]

Michael Martin

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  1. Don't Be Deceived.
    By The Glitz And Glamour Of Hollywood. It's All Staged By The Writer's, Producers Directors. & Handlers Of The Elites. Truth Be Told. You Have To Do Some Veil And Disgusting Things. To Please The Goat Aka Lucy, Lucifer. Jesus Is Lord

  2. Y'all be waiting for me and s*** that is so sexy that literally y'all had to hide that s*** thank God everybody ain't light skin🎆⛄🌀🎓 Taylor Emerson

  3. I do not like when cheaters get caught OR when women who cheated on start exposing and messing up other ppl marriage. It is truly like misery loves company.

  4. Why are women surprised when they find out through third parties their husband is cheating or cheated in the past? It's a given these days ladies. You all hasbeens pull most of their scandals off when they're at (1) work (2) go to the garage (3) walk the dog (4) go to the gym and (5) when they're with their married partners who cheat as ell.

  5. How many times are we going to see the same plot, in reality shows with a featured cast of people of color humiliating each other! We need less friction and more positive images of black/brown love and friendships. This is not how our culture should be portrayed on television. It's time for change producers!

  6. No way Martell was soo close with those other guys and they weren’t up to the same shenanigans. Definitely believe Marsau was up to no good talking about he want a full time stay at home wife 🙄. Yeah you want her to be at home so you can run the street how you see fit to.

  7. I can't wait till this show comes back, I'm so ready…
    It looks like it's going to be a juicy season 💦

  8. I'm disappointed because Love & Marriage Huntsville came on t.v. in Virginia on OWN for about 4 or 5 weeks and then all of a sudden they took it off the air here…It's been a few months since the last time I saw this

  9. Mel’s hubby like Mike off of why did I get married lol. He was like ok y’all want to tell my business, let’s do this . Let’s Tell everyone’s business

  10. I was so focused on the cheating aspect that I neglected to focus on the other storylines going on. Ok sooooo, Kimmy and the ex wife and son possibly moving in. All of this hostility and/or confusion between Kimmy and the ex should have been resolved before the marriage, and I say that because a young child is involved. I believe now that the ex has seen the show take off she now wants to be apart of it. Because I’m wondering where was all this concern last season, hell the son came and stayed with them BEFORE they were even married last season so what’s the issue now? And majority of this stems from Maurice, he has to be the one to put his foot down and make sure both women fall in line with what’s best for the son. We shall see

  11. Why in the entire heaven or hell is this woman still wearing the awful …SIDE PIECE in her head !? This is 2019 Not 1990 you need a new skypiece

  12. I don't mean any harm with what I'm about to write but if y'all can show us all this alleged infidelity…Love Is should have been allowed to come back…what's the difference…I'm sure there is one but 👌🏿

  13. Why are these women just meeting AFTER they get married and have already made plans for their son to move in full time? I will never understand how you can create a full relationship with a child and one parent and not even reach out to the other parent. I’m not getting that deep into a relationship or involved with kids without having some sort of talk with their mother. The dynamic could have been changed long before something as tense as uprooting the child and changing custody arrangements. People need to grow up and be proactive rather than reactive.

    And please tell me that no one is surprised that Marsua is cheating 🤣

  14. WOW!!! I had high hopes for this show! I want to see ups in relationships not just downs. And It’s looking like I can relate to the newlyweds right now!

  15. Why not just accept polyamory. Folks get on national tv knowing they have had affairs. The women not leaving, so just have an open marriage and stop lying!

  16. Coming from a blended family I wish my husband would come to me and say he n his ex wife have discussed her moving to where we leave for any reason they should be talking about the well being of the child not where she should lay her head when he is old enough he’s like 11 or 12 being with his dad at that vage she should be woman enough to say teach our son how to be man he can stay with y’all meet her n go on her son likes her so let it go woman n FAME IS WHAT SHES AFTER cause she could have meet her without the cameras if it was me that would have been me to show it’s about tv

  17. Did Melody just tell her friend to figure it out? I'm glad I don't have any "friends" like that…wth! I pray that was just editing. I can't be friends with any woman who does not have my back. Not cute at all…I really like Tish and now I feel so bad for her. She seems so hurt based on the clip. I just don't understand who is worth hurting your spouse this way.

  18. I hope Latisha speech is better this season. I couldn’t really tell from the preview but, I cringed every time she opened her mouth last season.

  19. Who watches this crap? Oh, and screw America’s Mammie Oprah. Especially after she threw Michael Jackson under the bus in death. Yah fat cow!

  20. No, no, no! Now he wants to tell because he was busted. Oh goodness. I hope someone works it out. Forgive and move on, the next person may cheat then what. I understand if they keep messing up then you my have to call it quits after a chance or 2. I believe could change and have mess ups but if along affair that's totally different. Marsail im sure I'm spelling it incorrect may have cheated but also may have stopped, birds of a feather flock together but he didn't have to tell. Messing up others home. I really wish women would stop consulting friends and family members about their marriage. Its between you, him and God. Figure it out. Some side pieces mission is to ruin the marriage and I wouldn't leave that easy. Won't just handed it to you. #onlymyopinion.

  21. Don't talk about it, be about it Mel. Don't take anymore disrespect from this child man. You deserve better 😘

  22. Oooooh I knew it! We knew it! Me and my mom called it. We said Tisha husband was cheating….smh. I gotta call my mom we'll definitely be tuning in this season

  23. Finally!!! I was worried that if wasn’t coming back… any word on Ready to Love?? Is it coming back as well??

  24. We need to stop being so quick to say, “Leave him!” Our children are growing up in one parent stress-filled, unsupported households. There has got to be another way.

  25. I knew the other husbands weren't faithful! " I Can't answer that for you??" Marsau, you just did.

  26. Why do men feel like just because they taking care of a household financially that they can cheat🙄 I’ve heard that too many times from black men. They don’t care if they bring a std home to their gfs and wives just long as the bills paid smh.

  27. Unfaithful Adultery for britches or Adultress for skirts women and this Is NOT or has anything to do with GOD ALMIGHTY Ordained Marriages period James 1:13-15. 1 Corinthian 10 :13. 1 Corinthians 6 : 9-10. 1 Corinthian 7: 2-6. Proverbs 5, 6, 7. Hebrew 13:4. Galatians 6:6-8 Colossians 3:25
    1 Peter 3: 2-22

  28. Martel and Mel are used to disagreements with each other. They have grown used to a pattern of behaviour, it will be difficult for her to leave him. They work as a team. They should try counselling together or if she is strong enough to divorce him, maybe she might feel free to do her own thing. Either way, there are consequences.

  29. All these dudes cheating BEEN doing it since the first season probably before that…..🤣😂🤣 how do they not see that

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