Love Marriage.Court Marriage.भागकर शादी.Bhag kar Shaadi/Shadi.Short Film.Love Arranged Marriage

Kissing… (phone call ringing…) Dad’s call Why did He Calll now…. Hello Dady Yes,I am with my Friends Tell mother not to worries about me,soon i will be in home Now i am little busy,call you soon are you leaving now? So What Should I do? Kajal.. We didn’t yet finished what do you want to do? Why such Disturbance.. till what time I have to wait? Just Shut Up. If you Want to do more first you have to get marry with me this is wrong it is not correct to put marriage pressure for love making then do it by yourself, I am going Kajal,kajal,…. kajal.. listen I am totally frustrated you win,ok Please appoint a meeting with your parents now i can’t live without you what is need to meet parents for marriage? then whom to meet? you are confused.. In India,marriage happens after meeting with parents of each other No,I don’t think so Kajal,Why are you afraid? Why so worried? they are my parents they will not go against my will problem is from my side kajal… listen kajal, am i not look good? i have good job & income i will always let feel you happy what else your parents want? it is not matter actually does you parents want to marry you with someone else? NO try to understand some reasons you are very strange first make pressure to get marriage and now giving excuses tell me real reason Aman does we do elope marriage? WHAT? didn’t you lose your mind? just fix a date for meeting with your parents i will convince them I know they will agree but I don’t want. I want elope marriage only are you serious? don’t talk like MAD just fix a time with you parents I will come to your home with my parents Aman, I told you NO We will only marry by elope marriage else it will never happen I don’t want mess around me WTF. I never thought you are this kind of girl you lose respect in my eyes for you I can never believe that you have such cheap thoughts a girl who is not caring for his parents how can she be nice to me? Because of your types of girls Indian parents don’t want a girl child Do you know what will happen if we done elope marriage? your family and parents will be in trouble by society aman, don’t teach me what is correct or not and not by me but your type of people are responsible for these kind of Indian societies do you believe i am responsible?.. Yes so are you right and i am wrong? explain me how am i wrong? just suppose if we got married we have a daughter will you happy if she do same? just think about your parents you are going to cheat them Aman, this all depend on situation so what wrong is happening with you? do you know about expense of weddings? I know Indian weddings are little expensive, so what? Indian weds only once in his life time, not many times wedding cost will be approx. 20 lekh(50,000 $) I know it is little high but it is usual thing in India and how will it managed? how to manage? does money is only for close drawer? just spend it after earning there will be no issue if we have sufficient money so your parents are disagree for your marriage? NO, my father arranged the money So what is your problem? if you need some more money,i will arrange it for you. Now fine? my father have enough money but you are not understanding… so where is problem? explain me in detail please… my parents worked hard to save this amount SO? everyone’s parents work hard and earn money, what is special in it? they have to spend this money on them,not on me Kajal, I didn’t understand your concern they are your parents. if they not spend money on their child,then for whom? please don’t presume useless logics Aman,they save money to buy a home if they spend this money on wedding, they have to cancel their plan expenses are part of life just apply for loan and pay them in instalments. dad already taken loan from bank and it is tough time to paying them back life is tough. just wait for some time and then buy home after some times my sister will grow older for marriage. and after her my brother will be in line what kind of trouble you have! they are not trouble but my younger brother and sister life is full of troubles, people have to manage sometimes and what about my parents life? does they always need to scarifies for us? this is wrong. today even if my mother have to buy a dress for her,she thinks 100 times and my dad.. he is always thinking about saving money for us doing overnight to save money for our future and his health is also deteriorating. does my parents life is just around our expenses? does they have no life for themselves? if today,they are not be able to spend a good life. it is only because of us you can help them in earning money,just do some job but the job money is also not enough inflation is high nowadays my dad’s salary is 50000 (800 $) monthly about 30000 (500 $) spend on house and study expenses. 10000 (150 $) spend on loan installments and only 10000 (150 $) left for savings, it is so small for big expenses do you know about flat rate in city? it is approx. 6000000 (15,000 $) it takes about lifetime to even by a flat in this small savings also inflation is at its peak and future expenses of marriage,study is also high why are you calculating whole life expenses? why are you taking so much tension for future expenses? enjoy your life i am enjoying my life i am just concern about my parents and i don’t want to be burden on my parents tell your parents to expense less in your wedding, simple do you think my parents will accept this suggestion? our cheap society people will rise questions about my parents ability if they spend less in marriage they will not concern about our difficulties but start making fun of our family if we do elope marriage,will not they make fun of your parents? at least they will have money that they save in their lifetime for their future use life is nothing without money people will just forget after sometimes whatever i do with my life why should I concern about societies cheap people? and take risk of my parents future? just think about me, i will be in trouble… If you like to showoff to people,just arrange a grand reception after our marriage but sorry I will not spoil my parents future for showoff to the people WOW.. what a great thinking… dear I bow on your foot i defeat by your thoughts but i appreciate your idea No one in India will kill his daughter if they get such caring daughter like you. if you want to marry with me then either wait for me to earn enough money for my marriage or if you are in hurry then lets go to temple and marry there No one is above then God your thinking shook my mind very hard you gave high voltage current to my mind I am going just tell me you decision after you come out from this trauma We will meet only after your final decision. OK. till then byee..

Michael Martin

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  2. यह वही लड़की है आरती पटेल जोगेश्वरी वेस्ट खोजा जमातखाना के पीछे पागल है

  3. सही बात है मां-बाप कहां जाएं उनकी भी कोई इज्जत होगी

  4. मंदिर में शादी कर लो कम खर्चा फुल चर्चा

  5. हमें भाग कर शादी नहीं करना चाहिए अब मां-बाप से कहो हो सकता है करवा दे

  6. Sala mahool me randi pna ho rga h bs sale ladko ko bhi maaro faasi pr chado salo ko madachod bin maa baap ki aulaad maa baap ki marji se fasi ho rahi hogi naa
    Haaram ki ulaad

  7. Yee nhi bolegi mujhe mjr bhi krne h ijjat kya hoti h ye ek mard jaan skta h aur nhi
    Aurt ki koi ijjat nhi hoti h
    Naak naa ho to guu khaye

  8. Yee sb ladki hi galti h jb unki behen krti h naa ye sb kaam tb bolte h
    Tujhe kuch ijjat ka khayaal nhi aaya kya kro saalo love marriage aur raho bina ijjat k

  9. Won't worry you are safe now if you don't mine your choice is scenic. Because hindu religion is the religious in the word😚😚😚😚🙏jay shree ram 🙏🙏

  10. Gnta video bakar bi ha hoor Teek bi hoor Jo sadi bagkar karni ha to apni mhant se apne daam se kro vese bi jaha taak muge adaja ha ye video bakar ha

  11. दुनिया में सब कुछ नहीं मिल सकता है एक पाल के अलावा और यह मेल के अलावा सब कुछ ठीक हो रहा है लेकिन इस काम में पूरा गलत हो रहा है

  12. Mere life me to aisa kuch v nahi hua humdono bahot pyar karte the sadi v karna chahte the lekn ladkiwale nahi mane ,ladki ghar kilaf nahi gayi warna humdono v bhag k sadi kar sakte the 😭😭😭😭 yahi haal h

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  15. आप भाग कर शादी तो कर सकते है पर माँ वाप ने सापने तुम्हरे साजुऐ थे उन सापने को तोड कर जउगी आप ऐसी गलती मात करना

  16. But y soch galat h agar apki aamdani nahi h to shadi k lie bahut ese option h Jo log love marriage karte h but samaaj wo bhi ek izzat h so pls girls boys apni maa papa ko btao aur mandir m jakar shadi karlo

  17. I love you video I love you video banane wali I am I am great you I am a very thing is gents full gents aapko battery bachat

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