LOL Disney Princess Birthday Party with Baby Goldie – Barbie Rapunzel Family

you've got a birthday invitation come on boy you're my best friend I'm here take a deep breath movie don't give her your Rapunzel you're watching TT toys and dolls rapunzel rapunzel are you I'm not here mommy I'm painting that's a beautiful painting what is it it's you a beautiful princess with very long hair speaking about long hair your hair is so so tangled I know my hair is kind of out of control it's your birthday soon and I have to send out the party invitations you haven't told me who you want to invite well I would like to invite the usual friends Elsa Anya re um jazzy and this year I want to invite my little friend Colby then a cute little girl with the pigtails you met at summer camp last year mm-hmm she is so funny okay I'll mail the invitations right away for now I'll try to get these tangles out of your hair shopkins shopkins I love candy shop king king goody-goody Oh Esther wants to play with the ice cream truck nope.avi I want to buy a popsicle key dawnie hoodie pop she calls particles pop pops he's silly thank you and jelly popsicle thank you push push are you want me to push you okay let's move my shopkins out of the way hey Cole di just check the middle guess what you've got a birthday invitation yay it's from Rapunzel Eve Rapunzel's daughter good care we could go to her party it says calling all princesses to come to Rapunzel's birthday bash calling all princesses but I'm not a princess and reponse each has many friends as friends what if they don't like me or make fun of me because I'm not a princess and I'm not fancy like them of course not Goldie Rapunzel's your friend because you are a kind sweet and funny girl she doesn't care if you're a princess I gotta find a dress to wear will you buy me a new dress for the party please um I don't think we can just buy a new dress but we can definitely find something nice for you to wear in your closet I don't know about this dress Bink Bink Bink you want me to try on this one okay mommy what do you think about this dress buddy cozy Connie I think that's a yes from little Goldie and definitely a yes for me now what am I gonna give her punsie I'm sure she's gonna get the best fancy gift from her friends hmm I don't have any money to give her anything really special mama you don't have to spend a lot of money to give her a meaningful gift we'll think of something nice to give her Goldie and I'm sure she's more excited about you coming to her party then one gift you're gonna bring her I know okay can't help but be nervous whoa goalie you look really nice Thank You pong boy I'm a little nervous about going to my party nonsense you're super nice everyone's gonna love you just don't become best friends with the prince or something come on pop boy you're my best friend here it good oh go look and I'll tell me all about it I will are you ready goalie yes I am okay everything looks good for the birthday party hmm let's see we have balloons healthy fruits and veggies for all the princesses rapun C's favourite unicorn cake and the bouncy castle okay I think everything is ready Elvia Audion thank you for coming to my birthday party of course Roppongi we wouldn't miss it for the world I'm still happy to see you re me too jazzy me too great I'm the only boy here as usual boring I'm here huh take a deep breath Goldy Oh unicorn look at this party is that an actual your own accord oh wait it's my little friend Colby hi call these so happy you could make it happy happy birthday R upon Z what a beautiful party thanks for coming now that you're here we can start first let me introduce you to all of my friends okay no worries Goldy my friends are your friends come on I'll make me feel better Goldy this is LC on Anya guys it is Goldie oh hello there hello there this is rainbow unicorn a real live unicorn hello rainbow we're gonna have unicorn rights later yay she also plays magical music follow me guys isn't my friend goalie that's re sharper Ariela jazzy and Ally hi Goldie how do you do hello another girl great hi I'm Olli hi everyone are we sound like my friend pong boys if you're hungry hop there softest on fruits and veggies okay you guys have any party food what do you mean like candy and my kids pizza that kind of party food we only have healthy food here when I go to the bounce house my hair is already bouncing around okay come on guys let's go to the bounce house okay guys it's time for Unicron rides giddyup unicorn unicorn [Applause] so Goldie what Kingdom are you from yeah I've never met you before oh well like what castle do you live in I don't know many kingdoms or live in a castle I live in a town house in 150 Main Street well I think your dress is lovely Goldie thank you Oh once again some snacks we have fruits and veggies and some broccoli yum-yum broccoli my favorite how boring all this princess parties always have boring food I bet you get to be like real cool food at your parties well we do have like Pete sign cake and cupcakes and cookies and like gummy bears and stuff can you invite me to one of your parties sure you're funny do you want to see the unicorn yeah what is he like a sheep almost anything but she really loves mangoes he's going unicorn you like it oh it's time for tea everyone I never had tea before we'll only pretend to yet like play dates and stuff oh please don't worry you don't have to drink the tea if you don't want to good but I want to try sit next to me the tears just delightful thank you everyone's watching me I'm a little nervous and my palms are getting a little sweaty they're holding their teacup with their pinky up this Keys pretty tasty hmm have some more it's really good this is your first time drinking tea yeah interesting actually I'll have some more please it's good oh I'm so sorry I didn't mean to drop the heat club huh it's okay accidents happen I think we can think happy birthday and cut the cake and open presents yay go on a punt they make a wish at least I have a bound on all to myself now this gift is from Jessie Anna we thank you thank you guys these earrings are beautiful Wow it's SuperDuper special they're from the Cave of Wonders if I turn I'll see ya whoa it's an ice statue it will last forever whoa cool Thanks open mind open mind everybody has such great wonderful fancy gifts and all I have is something boring huh what's this it's mermaid us my grandfather gave it to me what does it do I know greatest gift ever you turn into a mermaid now sprinkle some are on you'll go back to your old self you can use it while you're in the ocean thank you um oh no it's time to give you my gift oh I'm so embarrassed to show her my gift it's inside this cooler what's the matter Goldie I got you my very special thing in the entire world that I love the most to share with you and your friends I brought you the best ice cream ever and I melted now I don't know a gift for you Rapunzel I'm sorry oh it's okay called a port Goldie I'm here goalie thank you yeah you're welcome you're my friend too I brought ice cream for everyone the juicy ice cream yeah now it's a party I brought okay this is a banana split this is strawberry sherbert I also got strawberry soft sir this is amazing Goldie this is just what the party needed mine has little sprinkles this is amazing Goldie you are definitely coming to my party mmm so good brain freeze but so good couldn't choose one so I'm eating lime Trevor and strawberry so good this is my first time having ice cream and it's amazing home so happy everyone liked my present [Applause]

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