Liverpool vs. Barcelona | Jurgen Klopp Press Conference

juergen can you give us an update on fitness of masala and Roberto Firmino and with or without them what approach do you take to overturn the three goal deficit – both are not available for tomorrow the approach that we try to win the game I thought that makes sense and we looked at that the situation is with the three nails possible and it's obviously not exactly the situation you want to have before you play the second leg but when you cannot play against Barcelona and tell the world watch this after 10 minutes we yeah level and then we try to turn around whatever that's that's not like this so we try to we try to win the game and if the result we have in a specific moment give us an opportunity to go to the next round I think we should try until then we just have to try to play to win the game and that's that's the way how we will do it and together with our supporters this was a long season and as it is the little chance to make it even longer but if not then these are the last two the last two home games of an incredible season and I think we should celebrate it with the goods performance on the pitch a man very very good performance understand so that would be really nice is on this game but how much attention would you also pay to what's happening in the Premier League tonight between Manchester City unless that I will you be as calm as you told us you were watching the Manchester derby I will see I don't know um but the how much attention so I'm not sure if there's any other football game tonight on telly maybe just change yeah yeah so that's yeah so I'm not so now if I watch you know not to get super fun I will add wrong about ten o'clock I will probably know about the result anyway and yeah then I will know what I think then I have a Reno idea didn't didn't think it through no but yeah we played against Newcastle two to two days ago which was an unbeliever intense game and the opponent did read that in if you want in a table didn't replay for for for anything because that couldn't happen a lot yes we will see what lesser we can do there but yeah no idea really okay we'll take one from Seth then we're gonna pass the microphone over to Juliet and then we'll go around the room for people who've indicated yes welcome yo so what's exactly is the case with more suggests precaution to talk to you won't be playing tomorrow precautions no it's a concussion so and that means then is not it wouldn't not even be allowed to play so that's it and it's all if it's if it's okay but it's not not good enough for medical point of food that's all he's desperate everything but we cannot do it touch it not any sorry I can see how the conversation like to pass the microphone to Juliet okay jaegeun you've just said there that there's still a chance to make this season longer people here have experienced the the European Knights the comebacks Dortmund being the one I think that sticks most recently in people's mind and one goal and and the place will be rocking won't it but imagine that the place will be rocking before we score already to be honest that's what I expect and then yeah if we can't score that's how it is but look we have to we had not only have to score we have to deny Barcelona from scoring and I don't know doesn't happen too often it does pass doesn't score at all so we know we know about just we know about how big the challenge is it's not doubt but this team is it's just so can I say so wonderful that they will try but we all will try 100% but that doesn't mean it will work out that that's how it is as well so the result buzzer didn't help a lot honestly but we are three in and out it's right to score the be tied although it all the way through did to score the to one goal or the second goal as well but that's now hardest so we we have that result and we have to deal with that but you only can jump in my understand you only can deal with it if you do it step by step nobody should think about after ten minutes if you don't score now even the last five minutes I enough to score three that's how it is it would be cool if lives ends turn a little so if you have to score five then that would make it slightly difficult but that's let's give it a try with all we have that's how we always did it and that's what we will do again give to your players or is that just coming from your players maybe to you because Robbo has spoken as well after the game at Newcastle that it's rather it's more Hope than expectation but while you've got that hope you give yourselves a chance yeah we've got because yes hope and it's football I will be out far away from from from giving up but it will be I'll be are not likely to be are not in in a situation where we say yeah it will happen 100% so but it's football and that's why we buy big Bubba give it a try because the boys in because the character of the boys I look weak I don't want him and two of the world's best strikers are not available tomorrow night that's not now and we have to score four goals against Barcelona to go through after 90 minutes thus make life easier but still as long as we have 11 players on a pitch end and then BBB be built right and everybody knows that and that's what people we want to show nothing else and just to celebrate the Chairman's ly campaign to give it a either way a proper finish or another go so that's that's pretty much the plan and just try it and if we can do it wonderful and if not then fail in the most beautiful way if you want and so then with the close result nearly we would have done it but they're so close or whatever that's what you try then but now that it's the typical job to do of course okay pass the microphone along the road to the line with the headphones and then we'll go along the roads quite a few I think for our visitors morning masala ESPN um the fact that Barcelona were eliminated last year against Rome but with that three needle in the Olimpico does give you hope to your to your players yeah but it was daddy three Bonner away yeah they scored our way go that's what we believe but they didn't do it that's a it was a big difference obviously but keeps us at hope okay I don't want to sit here and give any any reason to them but to the Barcelona players and and and be more motivated because I say we have this or that really I don't want German I have enough time to speak to my players until tomorrow night we will do that you have to make a lot of decisions until then whose feet be played tomorrow night will be the third game in six days and for parcel in Barcelona changed 11 positions on their own Saturday Sunday or so they don't know when they played so that's a massive difference as well of course so we have to do it our way and that's what we will try it cannot compare us have to roam or to anybody else but we don't have to we don't have to be the boys showed often enough that they don't give up but that's table show it tomorrow night again but we will see puts the outcome is I don't know hello club Marcelo Beck live for sports interactivo Brazil when you blended the match from tomorrow do you plan and you imagine that you need five goals what three goals should be enough to go today the extra time we need the five goals yes if Barcelona's quarter ah-ah-ah their score already in your mind yes I know and we need five if they score twice how many do we need a net that's now getting worse so no we have to know I have but that's what I tried to say that Bibi you have to if you want to be in a football game you have to respect the steps you have to make and you cannot win three nil in the first five minutes so even if you have would be three and up but will not be happy but will not happen tomorrow night then you didn't win it in the first then you have to deal with the new situation whatever so we have to be ready for 95 or even more minutes to to to try and that's step by step it should not concede means we have to be really you have to be really good in defending and we have to score means we need to be really creative offensively and powerful and straight and direct and stuff like that and that's what we will be trying okay but it has money initially using an TL German television I have a similar question to my colleague but it would be great if you could give a brief answer in German sorry I'm sorry because the translation the answer will need to be in English because it's being simulcast of the audience will have to be in English my friend I'm sorry sorry feel free to ask he's always like this I think then we got the answer I asked him a lot of time so if I can speak German said no sorry sorry sorry okay okay sorry hi Francis what Tory from TV Catalonia from Barcelona how much different needs to play against Barcelona displaying four three three or it's playing four four – that's a different it was different in the game but only because our two reasons not only because two reasons for sure because my messy played then clear more centrally if you invited we were obviously chasing the result not the game but the result we wanted to score a goal or two and that gave me the opportunity to be in this position yeah but usually F so it's whatever Messi is it will be difficult to deal with and most of ours is will be difficult to deal with but of course it made in that game it it was because of our situation it was even more difficult because we couldn't sounds like this which AC a result you know you you lose a bit focus on on the other party that's the risk you take when the risks you take risks against Barcelona they punish you that's how it is and you have to be solid all about all the time and but I still like the way that how we tried it and at the end you have to be still defended it apart from one situation I would say after they change after three nil then they had the moments out that was clear but before that it was still it was still okay yep it's a difference for sure gentlemen's go to my phone now and then we'll go liberal under a sponsor importa hey Keith Mitchell atoll human condom Bruno porcelain interior mente en la cinta business catch on television antes de venir aquí de la Nova who are mañana y la bruja es tanto discourtesy important apostle you are el partido Mathias I understood your translation [Laughter] unfortunately I can confirm Muhammad's Allah will not but is the berniandjay nada whatever no plate yeah unfortunately okay because the microphone yes that mean the phone's just jump in front and then we'll go to the back hello you're under review in the in the first leg you said you are satisfied with the performance but not as a result what do you think you need to change ha ha the results will change to resolve it they keep the rest like it was and the only change result we turn it around that was the plan and then give it another 2 times 15 minutes it would be cool yeah look it's as a football supporter I would think you the same would say we don't have to change her to to finish the situations often to score from the chances you create that's how it is I better as a manager I'm used to accept that tastes like this happen where you create wonderful chances fantastic moments I would say that the piece of football we played infinite and ended in James menos big chance was probably the best piece of football in the whole game so there was this first goal of Barcelona was nice but here the team play and involving the different players it was just great but we didn't score from it that's that's how it is what how how can it happen as man's you have to accept that I did that so let me say glad that in general in football it makes sense against Barcelona especially if you have a chance you better use it you better use it because probably not come up 500 times in a game and they will use their chances on the other hand side so that's it but the performance would be cool if you could play similar the last two questions if we can pass the microphones the gentleman the G starts up with zero one and then we'll go to I think our friend from we have talked about Macy's performance but as a German do you understand that ter Stegen is not yet the starter in the national team look I like to sing a lot alike man annoy a lot and thank God I don't have to make a decision and I don't want to be involved in these discussions because I don't think it's too important for for me or for even I whatever I would say it wouldn't have to stain or annoy or or why should I say than anything about it it's obviously Germany has not a go keep a problem that's good okay final question for you pass the microphone gentlemen there I think I know what's coming the boys is Becca yeah it's still the same hello Jurgen and you you spoke with Messi when the game was over and Barcelona I wanted to know if you said something to him if you talk to him just last week yeah the god come no this was the first part of the question I don't know I really I don't know if I said something but you think in this moment you can imagine so much better I didn't say that why you did nothing and the second part is considering that you did almost everything right and to come now you play well you have a lot of intensity you develop the game you had the ball possession you create the chances would you and keep it in mind that you have to deny us and run as well tomorrow night what will be your approach and how how to contain a player like him like you're not messy to delete the world almost it's a plan you have to be looks like you have to be perfect to be Demma so and then we should try that that's all doing that step-by-step and yeah creating an atmosphere using an atmosphere celebrate the situation with with good football so it should be a football party we don't and we don't drink – in the game so we should then don't no alcohol at least so we should then celebrate with football that's that's the plan and it's likely as possible what's possible and a little bit likely there will be the last chance II came for this campaign so let's let's celebrate it with our legs with our lungs with good decisions with sensational atmosphere and all that stuff and then we will see what's out

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  1. Reporter: What's the precaution with Mo for tomorrow?
    Jurgen: Its a concussion, he will not play….
    lol i m dead

  2. Women. Stop asking questions about football. You are are interfering with the order of the universe..

  3. HOW sick do all the "pundits and fecking arrogant barca fans, messi groupies, and Suarez and Phil C look now?/ feck YOU!! 4-0 …Divyy got two, and what a GREAT piece of intelligent football from our lad Trent to put that pass into Origi instead of a traditional corner, here's to all the defeatists and fsg clones fan nies who gave up after last Wednesday, you really don't KNOW what REd karma is… hello Suarez, hello phil, hello super-messi & co.. our Origi and GINI (genie) OUTSHONE you all…guess who goes to the final? and clue its NOT the small team from Barcelona…

  4. Watching after incredible, fabulous stunning etc. 4-0
    It’s an incredible night. I still can’t believe it

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