Lion Dance at Lunar New Year Parade in 360°

[♪♫ Music ♫♪] Whoa! The lion dance is a ritual performed to drive away evil spirits, and the movements of the lion
are based on kung fu training. The movements are not just physical, they’re also spiritual and mental, using chi energy. So it’s about displacing negative energy with positive energy. Boo ya, boo ya, boo ya! Dragon’s more like a float. It’s big. It could be anywhere
from 50 to 100 feet long and you have 20, maybe
30 people under it. A lion is only two people, so you
have that one-to-one connection with that person. When the audience is watching the lion, they get a good feeling, a feeling of positivity,
a feeling of good luck, and that’s what you
want for New Year’s. [♪♫ Music ♫♪] AARP
Real Possibilities

Michael Martin

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  1. Please post another video ASAP!!!!!!
    You've been at 666 videos for many days now.
    Don't tell me that even AARP has gone Satanic 😨

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