Lily informs Lazaro about her engagement with Oscar | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

You’ve been so quiet. He’s still busy so he doesn’t
have time to meet you. Are you sure that’s
the only reason? What else could it be? Don’t worry, I’ll call you once he’s free to meet you. Alright. Hello? Are you on standby? Yes, sir. Wait for Juan then
bring him to me. Alright, sir. What’s that, boss? Looks like Juan moved
to another hideout. He’s not with his
big boss anymore. I think he’s messing with us. Lazaro. Lily. Finally. How are you? It’s been a while
since we last talked. I’ve been busy. I called you to tell you this myself
before you lost your mind. What is it? Oscar proposed to me. – And you said yes?
– Of course. Wasn’t that the plan? The Palace announced
the engagement of President Oscar Hidalgo to presidential adviser
Lily Ann Cortez, months after the President
admitted to the public his relationship
with Ms. Cortez. Would you look at that. We’re not the only ones
living the dream. Lily is moving up And because of that, could you stop
contacting me for now? I don’t want to screw this up. Once I become the First Lady, all of us will benefit
from it, right? Wait. What if I need to talk to you? I’ll call you. If she marries the President,
she will become more powerful. She can identify you
and take you down. Lily is smart, but among
her accomplishments, this one’s the least
impressive. Yes, she can do that. But I wonder how long she can
conceal her true identity from someone as smart
as the President. What’s the plan? It’s time to pay some
old friends a visit. Bubbles. You need to decide
what to do with the baby. Cardo, I want him to feel how much I love him
one last time. Don’t worry, Bubbles. We will give your baby
a proper burial.

Michael Martin

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