LIFE WITH WARREN JEFFS: One of Warren Jeffs’ ex-wives opens up on life with the sect leader

(Briell Decker) So this right here is Warren’s room Very small He wanted everyone to think he was humble (Matt Galka, reporting) Briell Decker showed
us around one of the mansions that used to belong to Warren Jeffs – the polygamist FLDS
church leader and convicted felon Decker also used to be married to Jeffs (Briell Decker) I was the 65th wife of Warren Jeffs (Matt Galka, reporting) 65 out of 79 Decker – born Lynette Warner – spent time
at the house while married to the child sex offender (Briell Decker) This is the prayer circle. When we’re here, we all held hands (Matt Galka, reporting) She says her time in the house was mostly positive, but the rest of her time in the FLDS Church, and her attempts to escape it,
left her traumatized Warner’s story started in Sandy, Utah and
carried over to the twin towns of Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah,
an FLDS stronghold She says she got attention from Jeffs at a
young age. (Briell Decker) I was just a little girl, but he acted weird,
so people from ever since I could remember said you’re going to marry Warren Jeffs I had nightmares and things, I would wake
up thinking ‘oh my goodness’ what if it was true? (Matt Galka, reporting) It was true When she turned 18, her father “turned her
in” to be married Then Jeffs called (Briell Decker) I turned around and he had this look on his face, I just remember his look, and he’s like ‘we have to go on a drive.’ (Matt Galka, reporting) There was no ring and no white dress Jeffs had already been on the run from the law A kiss made it official after a small ceremony (Briell Decker) He sent my father out and he started to talk to me, sat me down, and I resisted him I didn’t know anything, I didn’t have any
sex education He’s a pedophile, and I wasn’t young, so I
don’t think he was really that interested. (Matt Galka, reporting) She says the marriage was never consummated And Warner says the FLDS prophet took notice that she was different She was then sent to Houses of Hiding across
the country – Las Vegas, Texas, South Dakota (Warren Jeffs) I have been the most wicked man (Matt Galka, reporting) Jeffs was eventually caught…but torture from church members was only just beginning (Briell Decker) They told me one time if you kill yourself,
we’ll tell everyone it’s an accident, but if you don’t we’ll kill you and tell everyone
you did it yourself There was a time when they put a rope in
my hamper that had a knot on it and in code that means ‘hang her’ (Matt Galka, reporting) Eventually it was back to Colorado City, where Warner’s own brother Following the church, locked her in a room with the windows nailed shut (Briell Decker) He went around to all the neighbors and told them that if they saw me I was trying to escape Trying to get away, I was crazy (Matt Galka, reporting) But she did escape Barefoot and running through the town…a
trusted neighbor eventually put Warner in contact with Krystyn Decker and the Sound
Choices Coalition – a group that helps women escape polygamy Krystyn ended up adopting Lynette Warner She then changed her name to Briell Decker (Briell Decker) I got legally adopted so that, no matter
what, I would not be in the FLDS” So this room right here is the one he told
me to stay in (Matt Galka, reporting) Today, Decker is back in Colorado City Back in one of the houses she and the other
wives stayed at She says she wants to be there for others
who flee the church (Briell Decker) So my dream was to have
transitional living I’m 65, the other 78 ladies would have somewhere immediately when they get out (Matt Galka) Do you hope they all get out? (Briell Decker) I do. I know the route that they’re going The psychological abuse, the physical that I believe is coming more and more, is … Is sad. That’s heart wrenching Matt Galka, FOX 10 News

Michael Martin

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  1. Judge Judy you are wrong ! As you seem to think restraint is not good . Only whores and whoremongers lay down with anything and everything .And they get diseases and the other side of that coin is killing of and innocent child .Especially when they are too stupid to say no and keep their pants up . Being stupid and having UN -protected sex is neither spiritual or of Gods will . You are putting all people of faith in the same pot with these strange religious nuts .Theres nothing in the FLDS that has to do with God .Religion is man made .But faith isn't . So make sure when talk about this subject you separate the two .People of faith who love and serve God do so as a choice and are not given away like scraps at the dog plate . And people who love God Obey his word because as we see here too many sexual encounters are not good for the soul or body . With it comes many entrapments and sick behaviors that manifest as pedofiles .

  2. Women, we are the ones who give life, who nurse our babies with our own milk and who take care of them to adulthood. If it wasn't for us women, this Jeff Warren or none of these men would even be alive. We don't have to put up with them oppressing us.

  3. Religion.. just delusional stupid people. So sad. . Catholics with their raping priests. And so on. All religions are evil. Period.. all about money,power and sex.

  4. This video is from 2017, so the rest of the wives are not free yet? i Thought Warren Jeff was in prison, wouldn't it be over after him being in prison??

  5. How in the hell do you keep track who is related to who? Im going to say there is a big snitching system at place here cause how would you keep all the teenagers from running off being a teenager?

  6. The FLDS is a prison for women to have babies. These women live in fear everyday and the government needs to set them free.

  7. An adorable child who deserved so much more. Children are innocent and meant to be taught and cared for not looked at in that disgusting way…so glad she's away now

  8. Not to diminish her trauma, but at least she was 18 when she was carted off. Some girls were only 12. The whole ordeal is rotten.

  9. Wow she is so dang lucky! Her timing was the most wonderful blessing because she didn't have to sleep with and have kids by that revolting creature.

  10. Watch a different doc with her in it and she wasn’t talking like this , she was talking how she wanted to be noticed by Jeffs from a very young age and new eventually that she would get him !! Her sisters are married to him she said in that same doc !!

  11. I want to know how she got that house! The journalist failed to provide that information although it obviously is of interest.

  12. These dumb Muslims extremist got their religion all screwed up. They could have their virgins here on earth like this crazy Jeffs

  13. How and why do these people get adopted after they turn 18, send escape? I've heard a few people say they got out at 18 or 19 and was legally adopted by someone, how??? They're adults.

  14. The only difference between this clown and Jim Jones was that he failed to line his people up for the Kool-Aid before he was apprehended. A true black-eye on the recognized LDS church and it's time they clean up this mess.

  15. This was not a new situation. Read up on the Short Creek raid in 1953. Jeffs was just the latest benefactor of this sham religious cult. How many FLDS leaders preceded him?

  16. They have been brain washed to believing something that is not true Warren Jeff is a molester and a rapist This needs to stop Jeff is no prophet of any one nor has the right over anyone get some education and stop this horrific cult……. be safe find help get out from under all of this people with knowledge of this will help…. hugs

  17. How could these people tell a young woman to kill herself and threaten her with murder and still call themselves followers of Christ? It boggles the mind.

  18. I luv jesus not religion, I think jesus would agree, ppl think because I'm Christian I'm religious not at all. I luv jesus not religion, jesus is not religion for me I think he agree with me. Jesus was kind healer giver, bringing people back from death. The 10+ commandments of God are good way to live. I love jesus his ways N compassion and God's law. And believe in the commandments in Bible thy shall not kill, thy shall not lust over another wife, women… In this case Warren you weren't reading the Bible only u own twisted version made up one. If you don't follow these simple commandments in Bible ur not true believer of God or jesus or your church. Don't give God, jesus bad name, u only do damage like Warren Jeff changing Bible wording like Mormon etc. Also says in Bible beware, many will come who say God sent them they the messiah especially them beware like Warren. Warren give jesus ppl and God bad name in society N the true word of God N the new testament especally. They should read the commandments in bible these fdls kids women N men N see how corrupt and evil was Jeff Warren was, making his own man made version up.

  19. I can't imagine any father allowing this to happen to their young daughter, and certainly not encouraging it. Wow, wow.

  20. I watched a documentary that has recently been added to Netflix one man three woves o think it was called, I watched it years ago and watched it again now. I loved all the people on there they were all genuine kind loving religious people who wanted to have a community were they could live happily together and bring up there kids in a loving and happy home and community they lived in Utah, and also got a bill making it illegal stopped from being made a law that's shown in the series. It showed the loving decent side of plural marriage, this is more like a cult then plural marriage isn't t completely wrong this guy. He raped his own daughter and banished her for 7months from her children because he accused her of sleeping with her own husband while pregnant which is illeagal to him. This guy was a peodohole and pure evil nothing like the beauty of having a large and loving family with the people I watched. Don't judge these people by this monster as there just like us you get some good ones and some bad ones. The fact that they live out of the lime light just makes abusers more able to get away with it. But making it illeagal is not the answer at all these people would go into hiding if that was the case and there kids wouldn't be able to acsess medical care etc it would be awful for the mormons who are living a good and righteous life good on them I say!!

  21. They all just need to run together they need to sit down together as one because Jeff can't stop them all, the one thing anyone even the government tries to stop you any of us realizing is we're stronger together not apart i dunno how they can stay stuck there knowing the truth id have been one of those ppl who left a lot sooner than anyone else, i dunno why some ppl are called different i consider myself one of those ppl but really we're just being who us humans should really be by daring to question, being brave and not allowing anyone to stop us from doing so because we know it's not just us who're in danger and relies on questioning things recieveing that information we absolotely need to know it's others too, we're only seen as "different" because the government nor law enforcement like you being that way despite what the media says that it's all okay to do so it's a fight every day to question even around other ppl who would gladly pick on you for questioning but it's SO SO worth it if it helps someone other than ourselves, they need to think about that and do this not just for themselves but everyone still stuck in this cult.

  22. I went to high school with Warren Jeffs. How in the Blinkin' hell did he get that many wives !???????????? If they told me I had to marry him , I'd leave that church so fast !!!

  23. everything about this church and its male followers seems illegal and brutal , i dont understand how they run free around the country like that?!

  24. The house of Yahweh is the same but worst they're killing people , they tried to kill me and vowed to kill me and they are stalking me by phone and they are following me and are having people outside the cult following me.

  25. The people who are in control are very sick. They have so many victims. The US constitution says we have the right to
    Freedoms of many kinds, happiness, etc. Statutory rape is a felony. Polygamy has been outlawed since the 1890s. Child abuse is very much against the law. Kidnapping is against the law. Imprisoning people is a felony…
    So why is the fdls still going strong ?
    I believe completely there is hard core corruption and deals being made between the Heads of the fdls and many powerful people at state levels if not higher. When this corruption is stopped then and only then will the cults like the fdls and others lose power and cease to exist.
    Here's hoping.

  26. How is it, that an unattractive weasel can assert so much power over people? Even his voice is creepy ! You feel like having a very hot shower and scrub yourself for an hour. Such a creep and so many stupidly superstitious sheep !

  27. Her first statement. "Polygamy family was good, Warren Jeffs was not."

    You see how the two are not related?

    Where is your critical thinking?

  28. I’m saying let the public take care of the whole town of perverts. Let’s find out where the others are and have some justice. There are still hundreds of his supporters somewhere. What kind of men are we to let children be molested and made into sex slaves.

  29. I must have missed something. Where is the piece explaining what happened between her "marriage" and her being threatened and held captive?

  30. Would you like to hear something even more sickening than this? It's May 2019, and some friends of mine went down there- for some odd reason, the Sunstone Symposium wanted to hold a gathering down there for all of the polygamists- and my friends came back and told me that Warren Jeffs is still in 2019, running things from prison through his faithfull followers, who are on the outside- man, somebody needs to whack him

  31. it just absolutely boggles my mind how there are ppl in the world that believe a person can tlk to someone who there is no actual proof if he is or isn't. and ok if you do believe 110% in God, why would he choose one man to tell you how word. you have his supposed word in his "book" and Jesus lived in a stable, right?? and it was only 1 woman, 1 man, 1 child? Jesus didn't have 78 wives, live in mansions, make children slave, force children to marry and have bed relations with men chose by some dude claiming to hear the word of the dead. isn't it in the bible thst children shouldn't have sex til their married? and I'm sure it doesn't say in the bible thst some dude chooses a 10 year old, 11yr old, 12yrold, 13, 14, 15, 16 OR 17year husband to bed and marry. I just can't understand at all, like NEVER UNDERSTAND ANYTHING I EVER HEARD OR HAVE KNOWN ABOUT A CULT OR "CHURCHES" HOW IT'S GODLY TO TREAT PPL LIKE THEY DO… AND HOW THEY TREAT THE "TRUE BELIEVERS WORSE THEN AN "OUTSIDER" LMAO CAUSE CALLING ME NAMES AND TRYING TO THROW LIVE STOCK IN MY CAR IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!
    Cause absolutely no one is choosing my life, harming me or my family or being disrespectful, untruthful or disloyal in my life. and all I do is work my butt off, take care of my kid, love my husband, take care of my home and my social life is my family bc they are amazing and fun ppl. I don't understand why you think you have to take something to such an evil and dangerous extreme when you can live a "sin free" life without absolute insanity. smh. This is so crazy, sad and screwed up!!!!!!!

  32. Am I the only one who couldn’t stop laughing at the way the lady pushed the broom in the end of the video 😩🤣

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