Let’s Do It Before Marriage | Prank | Guru Waar | Pranks In India

Baby Yes….Darling Baby plz listen to me , I am listing darling Baby , do you know yesterday when Ajay’s phone balance was zero He used my phone to call her Darling …..I just won a lottery to go to Paris His girlfriend says that … wow amazing Then Ajay says ..will you plz go to Paris with me, Do you know what she says? What ? Yes , sure …..But who are you ? What Baby …….tell me one thing? What ? Baby we are staying together from last one year, Why still you do not allow me to touch you…. Why So what you want me to do ? Before our marriage ? why not we can do now , what we suppose to do after marriage, Yes, we can do now How I am looking now? Say some thing about my beauty Wow Hot Super sexy I can’t believe it that you also feels same like me After marriage means only after marriage…..ok It means you are playing with me ? Yes I did this because Its a prank you only care about your prank? Yaah oh my god I dreamed so many romantic ideas in my mind just now,

Michael Martin

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