LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! | TB Joshua Prayer For Viewers

Viewers all over the world, whatevery situation you are in, whatever challenges, it is darkness. I command light! Let there be light, in the name of Jesus! In your health – let there be light! In your kidneys – let there be light! In your liver – let there be light! In your blood – let there be light! In your organs – let there be light! Wherever it is located – let there be light! Let there be light! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name That setback – let there be light! That disappointment – let there be light! That failure – let there be light! That infirmity – let there be light! Let there be light! That nightmare – let there be light! In the name of Jesus! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name I can see the light of God! Pray Along With Prophet T.B. Joshua
Touch Your Screen By Faith In Jesus’ Name

Michael Martin

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  1. Dear man of God, how do i contact you for sending prayer request for a brother of my friend?
    Please reply me.

  2. Let there be LIGHT..
    In my body
    That setback.. Failure… Dissapointment.. Nightmare
    Let there be light…

  3. Hi friends, from Colombia, I pray to put in prayer, in the hands of the Lord the situation of the dam of Hidroituango (COLOMBIA).
    Only God may save the lives of the people who are living downstream from this dam. Currently the mountain is moving and nobody wants to recognize the danger it means for all these people if the dam fails. The experts says the mountain is moving but they do not give a definitive part, and they do not urge the authorities to take measures that really help the people in those places, a tragedy is gestating, what in consequences only could be compared to a war…

  4. Ameeen. That is exactly the prayer I need right now. Oh God bring light of health into the entire family in Jesus Mighty Name

  5. I received in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah Amen Hallelujah

  6. God of tp Joshua heal my boy Jacob from toncills which is supposed to be removed by operation in the name of Jesus Christ he will be heal

  7. I received You're Light Jesus in every part of my body as TB Joshua commended in You're mighty name thank You Jesus I shall live but not die to declared the Word of the Lord Hallelujah in Jesus name Amen I received it now Amen Melbourne Australia

  8. scoan i'm afraid that because i watch so many abominable sinful images of vulgar clubwear gogo fahsion, demons would jump out of the pcis as i presume these brands are of lucifer; it shows, the names, always say stuff such as moonlight ect; a satani symbol; always bkack dresses, sheer ; all satanic; so i presume there is satanic power in this and i'm afraid these demons would make me turn into a gogo , a strip tease dancer , a prostitue ; because demons can compeltely mind soul conscience brain subconscience wash you ; to make you become for instance a terrorist and you used to be against terrorism ect; for evil spirits got a lot of power; but it'd be my fault not the evil spirit's; for it's me who takes the initiative to search for and look at all these pics; its been almost 2 decades that i've bene watching this type of fashion pics and all sorts of fashion pics ; i hate to watch all that; it's like dead bodies, or animals dead bodies in a slaughterhouse; i ahte wathcing all this skin, legs, breasts, they're almost naked; i just love the fashion that's all ; i feel bad of wathcing all that; i know it's sinful but i still watch ; oh forgive me Holy GOD !!!!! the same when i'm watching sinful movies, i didn't know there was gonna be cussng, sexual inmorality, murder; i just search for movies from 1995 and 1997 and when i watch the movie i find out there is all these inmoralities and i still watch but i dont watch the inmorla aprt; but Holy GPD i know its a sin and i continue to watch; forgive me; its jsut that i love movies from 95 97 too much ! i always tlel myself instead of beign watching this crap puke abomination you'd be watching a sermon, or a Christian vid and i always stop watching the Christian vid to watch sinful movies !!!!!! and i ahte that they're sinful, i'm absolutely agaisnt that but as they're good or great movies, i watch anyway ! save me GOD! save me JESUS too !please help! please pray for me!! i'm so afraid to become a lesbo because of watcing millions of pics like this since 99! my mind is reprobate! oh save me i'm a sinner LORD JESUS!! LORD GOD save me too !!! the worst is that i'm not like thsoe who don't know these are sins, abomiantions ; i know it! and i still do these stuff! these people have no cosncience so they watch these pics and movies but i have a conscience, given to me by Holy GOD i think for all good thigns come from Holy GOD; and yet, its pointless that i have a conscience if i do what i know its wrong and sinful! i'm gonna go to hell??!!!!! please help me Christians, please help me man of GOD joshua!

  9. Oh, my daddy TBJoshua…, pls help my daughter Erika!!!, she now on a check up with a neurologist…, for a brain doctor… she say, there’s dat dark cloud/cloud dat hovers her head… she can’t go to work, drive and hardly speaks…been to specialist n hormones, thyroid…, lab results are 👌 but she still feels sick…., I’ved spoken to her.., works of d evils.,, pls pray for us… Daddy, u all I’ved got , god I’ved known .,, none besides u , d power of God…,Emmanuel, Emmanuel,Emmanuel,,, HolyGhost , HolyGhost, HolyGhost, locate us Lord…

  10. Amen, thank you Jesus because light has taken over my life,I work in your light, I sleep in your light, thank you Jesus because darkness has no dwelling place again in my life.

  11. Hi Received to get a better job and good Pay were I can manage more and my fiance in Jesus Christ name Amen

  12. Tukar ke Indonesia
    good afternoon prophet tb jhosua. my name is yoseph tekege from papua. I and the administrators of some church officials are in need of funds to build our new church, so we ask the help of the prophet tb jhoshua to pray for us so that we can quickly find help from anyone to build our new church. we have been struggling for the construction of our new church, we try to ask for help money everywhere but we are always rejected with disrespect. so we ask the prophet tb jhosua to pray for us so that we can get money from anyone to build our new church.

  13. Thank you Jesus for this light on my health ,profession , setback on my sons future and  family projects in jesus name. God continue to empower and bless thi man of Great God!!!

  14. I receive the light of God into my spirit, soul, and body in the name of Christ Jesus my Lord, Amen.

  15. I command light in every area of my life in the name of Jesus. I tap in the anointing of the man of God by faith. I know that distance cannot be a barrier.


  17. Tate Demeke/Ethiopia Emmanuel, Thank you God of prophet tbh Joshua for your mercy & favour that you have for my family. Good morning man of God & all avian families God bless you all.

  18. Tate Demeke/Ethiopia Emmanuel, Thank you God of Tate Demeke/Ethiopiaa prophet tbh Joshua for your mercy & favour that you have for my family. Good morning man of God & all avian families God bless you all.

  19. I just love his prayers. The prayer of the righteousness, availeth much. Thank you Great Prophet of God. SEALED.

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