Lemony Snickets VS A Series of Unfortunate Events

before we get started I would like to give a couple of important disclaimers one I have never read the Lemony Snicket's books as a direct result I will not be comparing how accurate the movie and series are as an adaptation that being said I have been told some of the things that happen in the books and when I come to those parts in either the show or the movie I will address them so let's get to it a series of unfortunate events is a series of kids books written by Daniel handler and it was reported that he wrote a script for the 2004 movie which ultimately was not used in the end although he was rather accepting of the movies changes he did admit that it was a bit disappointed that his script was not used in the end as he put a lot of work into it seriously paramount why didn't you use a script from the very guy whose material he wanted to adapt into a movie in the first place regardless he played a much bigger part in the creative process of the Netflix series and one of the things we will find out in this comparison is if his involvement paid off due to the movies hour-and-a-half runtime and the fact that the three books all had their own individual definitive endings the movie had to make alterations to the story and cut parts out to make the narrative flow as smoothly and as coherently as possible for a future length film the TV show obviously does not have that limitation and can take all the time it needs in fact it has just under 7 hours to tell the whole story that's like watching the movie five times so the show has a clear advantage here that being said I will say that the movie does take advantage of the time that has given to it as uneducated casual viewers like myself who know absolutely nothing about the books can make sense of the story and it was coherent enough for me to follow and enjoy the movie for those who have read the books though I can completely understand if they got infuriated especially with the film's final act as it scraps the ending of the last two books and instead uses the ending of the first book as its climax the show however use this exact same ending at the end of episode two so that makes the actual ending of the show a mystery for those of us that lease een the movie and the final two episodes are practically nothing to do with the movie so I cannot really compare them in regards to story although I will say that the movie ends on a more happy note whereas the series ends on a depressing note which I do admire and prefer but man does it make you feel like crap once it's over so in regards to which version tells a story better it's obviously the TV show due to the amount of time to convey all the important story elements the tone at the beginning of the show is infinitely more depressing just by the colors that are on display as well as count all off being infinitely more cruel to the kids which we will touch on later it does have a more mysterious tone as well when compared to the original movie and I thoroughly approve of this as it makes you intrigued the movie on the other hand has a much more colorful aesthetic which lightens the tone quite substantially both versions make use of comedy but the movie does it a lot better and no it's not because of Jim Carrey is because of sunny and I know right and I will explain why a little later the show was sprinkled with comedy but there were only three really funny scenes that stood out to me the scene where Olaf is talking to his henchmen on the walkie-talkie the scene where he has his tattoo revealed with the German festive tissue that mr. Poe constantly coughs on and the scene way talks to aunt Josephine for the very first time other than that the show is very sparing with his humor that being said though the overall tone of this show is over-the-top in fact at times is too over-the-top – a sickening degree logic doesn't fly here the same way it does in real life or even the movie for that matter and it does get infuriating at times in the end both versions convey their own tone very well but I prefer the show's darker aesthetic as it is full of much more dull and grim colors and that perfectly relays the more dark and depressing tone of the story now in the movie Lemony Snicket is a very softly spoken investigator who tells the story of the Baudelaire children whilst being partially concealed so we don't get to see any details of his face and I was not aware of this but he's actually played by Jude Law and thankfully he was not too intrusive his voice was nice to listen to and he never overstayed his welcome he had just the right amount of screen time now strangely enough unlike the Netflix and book versions Snicket's actually encourages you to stick around if you like dark tales which is actually quite an odd and very Hollywood style change if you ask me as that has a complete backwards interpretation of what he actually does in the Netflix series snickers has a lot more prominence as he is fully visible and tells the story mostly by superimposing into the actual scenes there was even one moment where he wears a strange outfit to match the location and this is meant to be for comedic effect and you can tell almost immediately the creator's did not find this funny because this is the only time he does it throughout the entire show he stays in a suit from this point on throughout the books on the show Lemony Snicket's would also attempt to teach younger viewers or readers what certain more complicated words mean now this can be a good thing if you are tolerant enough about it as it helps bring younger kids into the fold but if you just want to continue watching the story rather than learn words of the day then this can be annoying and that brings us to my complaints with Snicket's unlike the movie I personally think he is too prominent in this version there are some places where his appearance was necessary but there were many other times where you just tried to intrude there are so many scenes that would be far more effective if they just played out visually but he feels the need to come in and explain everything and it really ruins the moment to best explain what I mean imagine you're watching a movie and right when a great scene is about to start your grandfather comes in pause the movie tells you a short story about what you're going to see and then presses play and leaves the room it takes you out at the moment it breaks the mood and your experience of that scene is nowhere near as good as it could have been that's how it feels when Snicket's shows up every time he does this and starts talking I found myself groaning he shoehorns himself into the scenes obnoxiously and pointlessly this definitely is one of those times where less would have been more and it's because of that I'm going to side with the movie version of Lemony Snicket's here now when I first saw Neil Patrick Harris in the Olaf make up I did not like it at all the reason why is because I could easily recognize his face through all the makeup and it broke the illusion to me and this is largely because Jim Carrey's makeup in the movie was unbelievable I mean it looked so good that you couldn't even tell it was Jim Carrey unless you look at his eyes and mouth his face just lends itself really well with makeup and it seamlessly blends and becomes one with Harris that was not the case my first impressions is that he looked more like The BFG than Count Olaf however I can say that by the time I finished watching episode 1 I got used to his look and I thought he was fine after that I got into his performance and blimey this is a completely different Count Olaf to the one in the movie in the movie it was just Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey while simultaneously playing a creepy stalker it's just another Jim Carrey performance so when he says things you don't take them as seriously as you should and despite his bad intentions you seem to gain a liking to all up in the movie and that is because Jim Carrey is such a charming over that accent we have always loved him for that and although it lends itself to a fun performance it completely misses the mark with regards to Olaf's character you are not supposed to like him you are supposed to loathe him with Neil Patrick Harris as the episodes go on you progressively hate this guy I mean take this scene from the movie kids it's been fun and then compare it to this scene will never touch our fortune Klaus I've touched whatever I want yeah it's much more threatening isn't it on top of that olav constantly threatening to kill or cut the baby's toe off with his knife if the kids don't come with him especially adds to his deranged characteristics his disguises are also a lot more creepier worse with Jim Carrey they looked too obvious that being said if all off disguises in the movie were too obvious they were too obscure in the show I mean in real life it would take me a good few seconds to realize that this is olaf whereas with Jim Carrey you can tell us him almost immediately his disguises are a lot more convincing though and I especially like the way he breaks character to the kids and attempts to attack them whilst in costume died something Jim Carrey's version didn't do that being said his reaction to the kids seeing through his first disguise was non-existent in the show which is a shame because I love Jim Carrey's reaction when the kids immediately caught on to his disguise in the movie in regards to which all of his more threatening I would say that easily goes to the Netflix series although I will say that they are both creepy in different ways but still I think the Olaf in the show is overall more accurate to his character in the books and is a lot more in tune with the deranged a greedy madman who will do whatever it takes to come after these kids and his methods of persuasion are a lot more twisted in the series I will say though for the sake of comedy this Olaf gives himself away too many times have hidden themselves in the reptile room because you chase them up and down the staircase with a knife the only reason he has not been figured out is because all the adults in this world are stupid some more than others but that is still no excuse for him to keep giving himself away though I mean come on man you're making this guy look smarter than you so overall the show did a much better job of a trained Count Olaf the movie version is still fun too but that's also its problem but I think this scene says it all Jim Carrey actually breaks character and asks the kid to repeat his line again and they kept it in the movie wait let me do that one more time give me the line again quickly that's my mind as far as the kids appearances go Klaus has now been given glasses like his book counterpart and then we have violet now me my sister were talking about this and for whatever reason it looks like they deliberately went to up their way to cast a girl that looks just like the actress from the movie which is very odd now in the show the kids are shown working together a lot more which is nice to see because in the movie prior to their parents deaths it is heavily implied that they keep themselves to themselves a lot all their characteristics have remained pretty much exactly the same with the exception of Klaus in the movie it is said that he remembers everything he reads which heavily implies he has a photographic memory he has no such ability in the show in both versions the acting from these kids goes from good to okay to bad for example in the movie after they are given the bad news about their parents violet has a reaction but Klaus looks like he couldn't care less but then in a different scene when Olaf threatens them with his knife Klaus is clearly concerned but violet she's not even startled there are numerous inconsistent moments like this in both the movie and the TV show and it really is bothersome that being said there are many times when they do showcase the appropriate emotions and when that happens it does result in some genuinely nice or horrifying moments so in the movie they do seem more balanced with regard to their emotions and that can be both a good and bad thing the reason is bad is because they seem to get over their dead parents for 90% of the movie and that isn't right as for the kids in the show the actors are really good but they do lack something for example they complete all the horrific chores that Olaf got them to do but once they had finished they didn't even look tired Klaus just says one line and that's it I never wanna use a toothbrush again they make cleaning for Olaf seem easy rather than painful and torturous I think it's to do with the kids acting because as the episodes go they seem to get a lot better and sound more natural and the funny thing is that some scenes from the kids are done better in the movie and somewhat and better in the show for example the way they decipher there aren't Josephine's message is hands down much better in the movie in the show they just talk about it and it doesn't hit you with the same level of realization as the movie did the final thing I'll say is that the kids are a lot more deductive in the show there is one scene where they have to prove to mr. Poe that Olaf killed their uncle Monty and the way they go about doing it was quite fun so if I had to choose which a version of the two Baudelaire children are the best I would have to give the edge to the Netflix series and the reason for that is because I found myself more concerned for their well-being the stakes felt higher for these kids and I really wanted to see them get out of it more so than I did for the kids in the movie so it's an extremely close call but the Netflix series just takes this round and very quickly let's talk about Sonny as there's not much you can really say about her she usually just bites things and is the most vulnerable of the three I will say however that in the show her teeth are way too sharp I mean it's so cartoony to the point that it feels like something out of the Looney Toons also the baby's shrieks voiced by Tara Strong are somehow even more obviously dubbed here than they were in the movie not to mention that in the show Sonny would say things are more like observations rather than remarks in the movie everything she said was for comedy and it seemed to fit her immature childish personality a lot more she also took part whenever they were in a situation well as much as a baby can in these circumstances and I really liked our extra involvement if I had to choose which version of Sonny was better I would say that the movie did a better job without a doubt in the very first episode the side couches are just a bunch of inconsiderate assholes and I am talking about mr. Poe's family more specifically his fat wife just listen to how she talks about the kids your home was destroyed and your orphans now the front page some people wait a lifetime for that we feel terrible miss her parents very much that's gonna make a wonderful headline what a bitch am i right here's a little trivia for you the judge in the 2004 movie is played by Catherine O'Hara you know Kevin's mum from home alone and in the Netflix series she plays Olaf's ex-girlfriend I found that casting choice to be rather interesting anyway the judge is more prominent in the show and she has plenty of nice interactions with the kids but as you will see in the end of Epis she is a complete fool Olaf's hench people do seem to talk a lot more which is good it gives them more personality and they do seem to have etiquettes at first after that they become Olaf's obedient and retarded henchmen and they kind of become as you would expect in the movie is practically the same thing except they just get less scenes less things to say and not as much comedic moments so let's talk about the Baudelaires guardians dr. Montgomery Montgomery now in the original movie he's meant to be an incredibly nice character and he really cares for the kids a lot as he clearly is a man who wishes for a family and oddly enough does not have one and the actor in the movie was fantastic as a character he was nice in fact he was so nice to a fault in the movie he was quite naive but it was his personality towards the kids that seemed really genuine even though he was quite dumb unfortunately the movies length is a problem here he just felt extremely rushed he clearly did not get enough time to be fully developed so he was written out just as fast as he was written in now in the show he is played by mr. Aziz the pizza guy from spider-man 2 and although he is a kind character and showcases his kind sentimentality towards the kids and is nice to see he just comes nowhere close to the legitimacy of the movie version the scenes this guy has with the kids are just a lot more warm and heartfelt in the show however he's actually quite smart even though his methods are strange and questionable and he is still quite dumb on top of that that being said although he did seem like a much more pleasant Guardian in the movie in the show he was still Pleasant while simultaneously being a much more competent Guardian so although I personally would have liked more development from the movie version for TV series did a much better job at fleshing out dr. Montgomery's character next up on the chopping block figuratively not literally is aunt Josephine now in the Netflix series she is bloody terrible there's no getting around it the actress that plays her a whenever she blurts out her lines it doesn't sound like she believes a single word she's saying she just yells screams and doesn't even show any legitimate concern for the kids at all she really annoyed the hell out of me she is also a freaking buffoon because she does not believe the kids when they tell her that this is Count frickin Olaf in the movies she at least falls for his costume and hears them out in the show she does not even give them the light of day she cares far more about grammatical errors than anything else now I know that this is part of a character but my god it feels extremely exaggerated in this version so yeah she is another character that I couldn't wait to see died and she is so freaking pathetic that she doesn't even get pushed off the boat she gets poked off ah dammit seriously this woman cannot act now Meryl Streep on the other hand is a powerhouse actress and she just blows the Netflix version away also Streep was a lot better at conveying her OCD when it came to grammar problems now don't get me wrong Meryl Streep was so damn annoying too but this was clearly more down to the character rather than the actor this actress was so damn annoying and gave the worst performance of this whole entire show I found myself more annoyed with the actor rather than the exaggerated character do you know when some people say they want to jump into the world of a movie or TV show so they can live in it well I wanted to jump into the world of this show just so I could kill her myself if they cast an actress that could actually act and was not written to be so overly dramatic then I would have been fine with this character as is the fact that we had to spend so much time with her made this undoubtedly the weakest of the eight episodes so yeah if you hadn't guessed it already the movie version blows away this retarded version now I've saved the worst character till last it's time to talk about mr. Poe now ever since I was a kid I hated mr. Poe in the movie he was played by a really good actor but his lack of listening skills really made me and many other viewers hate him the children would constantly tell him that Count Olaf is trying to kill them and take their fortune but for some reason he thinks they are just kids making all of this up oh well he is nothing when compared to the Netflix version I mean my god this guy is such an infuriating part of the show the reason being is because unlike the movie version this guy is retarded I mean he is so numbing ly brain-dead that Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber to would look at this guy and think he has some screws loose the show tells you that it's all because of him that the Baudelaire children have gone through all these unfortunate events and is also the reason they lose all their Guardians now in the movie I always found it odd how Count Olaf managed to convince the bankers that he is a relative of the Baudelaire family when he so obviously wasn't and to the shows credit it actually shows you it shows you that without proof without paperwork and without contracts mr. Poe was convinced to give the kids over to Count Olaf as their guardian and despite his secretary trying to warn him he just takes the stranger's word for it and agrees and what makes this so frustrating is at the show and even mr. Poe himself is fully aware of how stupid and irresponsible he is but it's being treated as a joke and it's not funny it's frustrating I'm beginning to think it was a mistake to listen to that oddly dressed consultant who walked into my office with no references and no identification blue suggested that a place even come olaf's care also unlike the movie version you find out that this mr. Poe does not give a rat's ass about the kids he only cares about the promotion and publicity you will get for taking them in and finding them a home now you might be thinking that I am misinterpreting this well I'm not because towards the end of the show you see that he's crying and you find out that it's not for the kids it's because he might lose his job and not get a promotion I mean he is really despicable on top of that there are so many times where the kids tell him that this has Count Olaf and despite the fact that they proved they were right the last time he still constantly tells him that they are wrong and in this Netflix version Olaf is pretty much always seen with his five henchmen so how the hell can't this Moron put the pieces together and what makes things worse is that right at the end the kids don't have other guardians that are willing to take them in after the previous ones were murdered so instead they are being taken to a boarding school all because of this guy but at least he gets his promotion at the end right that's what he deserves after ruining so many people's lives seriously it pains me that Count Olaf murders the kids guardians but he doesn't ever kill mr. Poe even though yes countless opportunities to do so like in this scene there are no witnesses no cameras just him the kids and mr. Poe he could have easily taken his knife killed him and then been on his way with the kids maybe he was written swea in the books I don't know but the worst aspect of this whole show and story is mr. Poe despite his actions being very consequential he is acknowledged as a running joke throughout the entire show and that is not good I never liked the movie version but he at least showed legitimate concern for the kids and wasn't putting up with them just for a promotion and there was something commendable about that despite not trusting them you can tell he had a certain level of intelligence something this guy lacks what a truly horrible and despicable character now the show has a very low budget and to be honest I was fine with it they definitely did what they could and I found myself rather impressed with the visual style they went with but I swear episode 6 felt like it had his budget cut in half because it was all over the place I mean in multiple scenes the green screen effect was so bad that I swear I have seen more convincing effects on YouTube it is just unbelievably cheap at times not to mention at points you could clearly see that they were holding a doll instead of a baby it really made this scene laughable the same goes for this CGI nightmare inducing puppet over all the effects did their job and I do admire them for making the show look as good as it does with such a low budget now the movie obviously has much more capable resources ice disposal and although some CG effects look great others just look bad they are definitely not the worst effects out there but they could have easily been improved for example I can easily think of another safe way they could put the real baby in this shot without resorting to CGI but yeah it comes as no surprise here that the movie is the clear winner in regards to its effects so overall which do I prefer my childhood nostalgic original movie or the new TV series well I think it's no competition the Netflix show I am just shocked as to how much was cut out of the original film when you take into account in the amount of story that's missing the film does not even count as a recap to the books it's entertaining don't get me wrong but in comparison you don't feel the same sense of dread for these kids like you do in the show you do get invested with the kids in the film but the obvious benefit of spending significantly more time with them in the series really makes you care and feel for them a lot more not to mention that they have a committed maniac who is constantly on their backs as opposed to Jim Carrey that being said you can definitely re-watch the movie version more but that's because it's an hour and a half as opposed to seven hours and you have a Jim Carrey performance to enjoy but the Netflix series definitely is without a doubt the definitive version and was great I cannot see myself 3 watching it though it's one of those shows that after the first viewing you really don't want to watch it again watching kids go through all these horrid events is not pleasant and it's quite disturbing especially when you know where they end up there are 10 books left and that means there are plenty more stories to tell after seeing the show does it make me want to read the books well no the reason why is because unlike the Harry Potter franchise these stories can be told in their entirety on Netflix and I would rather watch the story being told visually than in book form so final scores the 2004 movie gets a 7 out of 10 and the show gets an 8 it was a fun time watching these two different adaptions and an even greater time making this video thank you guys very much for watching if you like this vs. video then comment below with other requests and I will compare other adaptions of movies games or even TV shows and even though we all know the winner to this if I get enough requests I will eventually make a ghostbusters vs. ghostbusters video if you want to see that happen then please do share this video and the more requests I get the more likely I will put myself through this torture I have left a clip to tweet link in the description to make things easier for you guys thanks again for watching and I'll catch all of you next time take care

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  1. what you said about aunt josephine, is a little TOO much.. can you even act yourself? to me she was a really good actor :”)

  2. This is kind of personal, but i found the Netflix version with the low budget cgi good. It oddly fits with the style, but i do say some of them are just bad, but i like it, 6/10.

  3. I will say that show was more faithful to the source but BOY I HATED THE FUCK OUT OF IT, I couldn't get any enjoyment out of it for whatever reason though I should have? Because I actually LOVE the movie and it's what got me to read the book series to begin with. I just really couldn't get into show sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. This may just be me but one of the scenes I find funniest in the show is when Olaf says “my name is not uh anything but Stephano~”

  5. A Series Of Unfortunate Events is my FAVORITE show!! 💖💖💞💞💗💗💜💜👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💜💜💗💗💞💞💖💖 10/10 stars

  6. Violet bauldiaire played in nine lives too at the start she was speaking in a soft voice but then it got tougher

  7. 4:30 it states that it can be helpful but it can also be very annoying. I think it can be very very hmmmmm. hmm is a word that is commonly used for-see it’s just annoying.😂 but other than that I feel like the show has better acting, better delivering and yea. But that is just my opinion. Comment what u think 🤔

  8. Hello I am late
    I think that constructive criticism is the best thing a movie or TV show can get. But not complaining. I have watched both the movie and the complete show, and I have to say that even though it is obvious the show is much more developed, the movie just lacked depth. I have to disagree with you on several factors, like don't be so rude to the actors. No one likes to be judged.
    What you said about Lemony Snicket, Aunt Josephine, and Mr. Poe sounded very mean (especially the last two) , and maybe we could use some kinder words next time. And honestly if you look a bit closer, Sunny is a baby. Like, two years old. She is in no position to help her siblings with something, which I'd like to say she does in one or two scenes , and definitely does countless times over the rest of the show.
    They're both good, I just think we can agree the show is just better. and please don't complain, because it sounds annoying and childlike and irritated people like me who enjoyed the show thoroughly.

  9. I personally believe you contradict yourself a lot in this video analysis and you are focusing more on the actors than the characters they are portraying. Books aside, both are good and bad in their own ways. If you are looking for a replication of the books, the show is a better fit. If you are looking for something dark and for people who perhaps hadn't even heard of Snicket, then the movie is better.

  10. For God's sake, fans of the show, he likes the show! He gives genuine criticism to both, and I agree wholeheartedly with him! Do people just really like the Lemony Snickett in the show, because to me, that's what people seem to be complaining the most about.

  11. I could tell it was Jim carry and why did you compare different scenes. I prefer the show and In my eyes i Lemony only ruin the scenes ones or twice.

  12. I love how we have a longer story and a better ending for the show and I prefer the show now with the new 2 seasons.
    Just my opinion, I loved the movie to but I prefer the show

  13. Most of the time in the Netflix series it’s word for word from the books. A lot of the goofiness is also in the books. For the most part, the show is very faithful to the books. Not everything in the books is perfect, and when the show does it, it shows. But I like both the books and the show and prefer them over the movie.

  14. I don't know what he was talking about when he said he knew it was Neil Patrick Harris, it took me forever to notice it and a as a viewer of the show ''How I Met Your Mother'' (which has Neil in it as a main role) I still didn't know until I found i on Google when seeing what else he was in

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