Lebanese Bride and Italian Groom Entry to Lebanese Zaffet!

Michael Martin

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  1. Sad…Italians very racist people here in the USA. If you were two skin shaders darker….they would make fun of ur kids…never stoke a southern europeans ego

  2. Sono italiana ,e posso dire che tutto questo con le tradizioni italiane non ha nulla ….. Ma posso dare un mio parere , Fantastico ,bellissimo , rimango affascinata da tutto …
    Dalla bellezza degli sposi dallo sfarzo,dalla musica , insomma il mondo è bello perché vario 🎶😍😀

  3. Best entrance by far! Bride & Groom totally engaged with each & in the moment! Made me happy for them. Other vids of wedding entrance money & pretentiousness goes wasted on too shy brides that look terrorized by the whole event.

  4. I really hope the groom is from South Italy;because if not then she's to try waaaay harder after wedding through make this crosscultural marriage work! Their Southerners already have close cultural to ours.

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