Learn Live 10: Arrangement View automation

In this video, we’re going to have a look at how we can
work with Automation in Arrangement View. Automation in the Arrangement View
can be added in 3 ways, either by recording it in using a Push, a MIDI controller,
or a mouse or track-pad, by entering it manually with the Shapes menu
or the Draw tool, or by recording in Clips from the Session View
where these Clips already contain Clip Automation. If you make any changes to parameters during Session
View to Arrangement View recording these changes will be recorded into the Arrangement View
as well. The Automation Mode button allows you to toggle
between seeing track content and track automation. You can also press A on your computer keyboard
as a shortcut to this function. Let’s record Automation into this arrangement. First I need to make sure that the Automation Arm button
is enabled. I’ll go ahead and hit Play followed by Record. Pressing Record again will stop the recording. If I make any adjustments to this parameter after some
Automation has been recorded the Automation will be overridden and the red line
will turn grey. To re-enable the Automation, simply click
the Re-enable Automation button. Another way to add Automation to the arrangement,
as appose to recording it in, is to use breakpoints. I can use the Device Chooser to select the device
I want to add automation to. Directly underneath, I can select which parameter
I would like to automate. A device parameter that contains no automation
will be represented by a dotted red line. Clicking once on the line will add the breakpoints. Dragging these points up and down will automate the
parameter. Breakpoints will automatically snap to the current grid.
If you wish to temporarily disable theSnap to Gridfunction hold downCmdon a Mac, orAlton Windows
and drag your breakpoint to wherever you would like it to be. You can also add Automation by enabling
the Draw Mode switch. Draw Mode will again enable Automation that automatically snaps to the current grid
of the Arrangement View. Once again, if you wish to disable thisSnap to Gridfunction
hold downCmdon a Mac orAlton Windows whilst drawing in the automation. If you would like to move a breakpoint horizontally
so that it remains at its current value hold down Shift and drag the breakpoints. If you would like to keep the breakpoints’ current position
on the timeline, but change its value with a fine resolution,
hold down Shift and drag the breakpoint vertically. You can add a curve to the information
between 2 breakpoints. To do this, hold down Alt on the computer keyboard
and drag the line up and down. As well as recording and free-hand drawing, you can insert
Automation Shapes by choosing them from the menu that pops up after selecting a time-span
and right-clicking on a PC or control clicking on a Mac. Automation can be stretched and skewed
by manipulating the handles that appear when you hover the cursor over a selected span of time. This is possible on vertical, horizontal and diagonal axis. Holding downCtrlon a PC, orOptionon a Mac
while manipulating these handles allows you to simultaneously adjust the opposite handle. Recording in Automation happens at high definition,
which sometimes creates lots of breakpoints. If you want to simplify these breakpoints
to make it easier to edit them select them, bring up the pop-up menu by right-clicking
on a PC or control clicking on a Mac, and choose:Simplify Envelope. You can manually enter a specific parameter value
by hovering your cursor over a breakpoint and right-clicking on a PC or control clicking on a Mac,
and selectingEdit Valuefrom the pop-up menu. You can lock envelopes using theLock Envelopebutton
in the Arrangement View. If this is activated your automation will not be affected
by you editing a Clip or moving it. If theLock Envelopesbutton is not enabled,
all envelopes will follow the Clips’ movement. You can duplicate automation in the Arrangement View
by selecting the Automation and choosingDuplicatefrom the pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can useCtrl + Don a PC
orCmd + Don a Mac. You can add individual lanes to each automated parameter
to get an overview of the automation you’ve added. To add a lane, select the device from the Device Chooser
and then browse the parameter you want. Click the small Plus icon below to add a new lane. Alternatively, you can select the parameter you would like
to work with. By clicking on it anywhere Live’s interface,
the track will automatically now display that parameter. Finally, you can fold and unfold Automation Lanes
by using the small Arrow button.

Michael Martin

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  1. Please, can you add the setting which allows to remove snapping automation point to the grid by default? I.e. make linking optional (as it was in live 9). I almost do not use the snap function (which is now done by default). I don't want to constantly press an extra button on my keyboard to do basic things.

  2. On my win keyboard its the "Alt" key to disable the snap to grid mode for automation, not the control key
    But thanks anyway for the video! Very informative and well done!

  3. I cant drag and make a curve and I dont know what the problem is? I have tried with ctrl, alt, shift and nothing works still

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