Lauren London opens up on her relationship with Lil Wayne & Kissing Terrence J

London is hotter hop ahead on you got a common Hannah she got kicks on today I like you little I'm comfortable today Oh she'll hot 97 outfits no this is my Lauren lyman-alpha do rock this is my Lauren outfit the other press stuff was like you know on outfits for pressed and also like you want a regular day absolutely sneakers all the tabs really flops in LA I love that you know yeah I love that yeah little regular girl yes Mac she would very regular you are super cute are you crazy I was thinking about you today when you were coming and I was trying to remember if you had been here cuz we see each other a lot I saw you at Khloe's wedding yes and I was like three weeks after my baby and I was like mortified remember oh that's right and then you want TV in the bridesmaid dress you still look beautiful thank you I was like spanked up wrapped up how old is the baby now at three and a half oh yeah that's so sweet we've now it's like normal and but I but then it was the surprise the you and Wayne thing was a surprise to people cuz nobody really knew but that's we know or expected because you seemed like this like I don't know this actress I don't know why they get I mean I don't know who came up with that it was fine but I'm a human and a woman and I've been knowing Wayne since I was 15 so maybe because all the internet and all the stuff is like you people are so uh what's the word you can just get too slippery so fast now you know all about them but we mean Wayne knew each other way way back in the day no one knew who I was I wasn't acting I was just probably just the light-skinned girl rolling with him at the time no one really cared about really because I'm so private and I'm not gonna talk about that you are posting pictures on on the well I'm not pressed I saw you tweeting the other day about his album I thought that was super cute mm-hmm yeah look they get along the family affair that's great oh my god you know what I have to ask you about today till lunch we're gonna get all the like the rumor relationship out the way and then we're gonna talk about everything is it rumored I'm in a relationship no not now but I haven't seen you and the last thing that happened about you regarding on my show is this right here we have been lovers before there goes sound like I said it all all right is that no you didn't say it all sound like I said it all right at all cuz then I say to myself number one is she okay what you saying that did you say that to yourself what did you say that to me I said to myself now I'm asking you is she okay that you would say that totally ready she is are how I would never that's what I want that I would speak on anybody like any relationship I involved myself in it's two people so when acts about any position I'm in with any person not taken interest what what they would think of it and is discussed beforehand so she would have to be okay yeah otherwise you would not so you have a discussion like this is cool so are you dating now no no this was passed yes must have been serious to have such a I love her I love her to death tell the whole world I love her she's my friend before anything else I heard about did you hear about it yeah I was taken aback by this cuz he was so right going on about you that you didn't like no you like no other woman and you're his friend and he I'm awesome no yeah she said I'm awesome no no I'm not well clearly as being sarcastic no it didn't come through um yeah I'm not try for a really really long time I like I like that I guess it didn't go anywhere cuz that was a while ago that interview but I thought maybe you might have a that might be a love story no I'm single mmm not so that you didn't go that direction no we didn't know she says it with a nice smile to the killer smile and a good guy for you me too so that's what yet we're gonna we're gonna wait for that for the good guy yeah yeah the good guy with a little bit of flavor though I get crazy yeah I might run all over the extra ultra nice one yeah we don't want that is some strength in there you know yeah I like it so last night the game came on and you have a love interest yes JLS plays my love entry he's cute he's a sweetheart II is cute and you get to like what are you guys you're making out on the show yeah I don't like the episode we're making out yes that was like makeout session I wonder about that it is true no we were making out every episode like every episode I'm kissing somebody so does that ever get I know I this is a question that gets asked a lot but does really but does that ever get weird cuz you seem like the kind of always weird OC ever not weird seem like the kind of girl that would be honest about that it's always weird it's never not weird it is anyway they said cut I just didn't like kissing kissing cut and then you act like you've never happened yeah it is like and then do you ever find that somebody might give you a googly eye later in the trailer like we would really try hard not to pay attention to those things you know what we felt onset was real oh my god thank god that's never happens I be like boy don't get the reality and TV mix-up no that's never happened not me you know what lucky luckily I've had really professional respectful co-stars like they've all I mean as comfortable as you can be I've been seriously because it is weird it is weird you know but it's a part of the job and it is your character and you want to do it as you know realistic as you can but I've been I mean Jay has is super super really really respectful and that would be awkward and uncomfortable no no he's been great ont I oh my god I love 8000 I absolutely one of my favorite movies of all cover yeah I love that movie I watch it every time it comes in I think I do it's the cutest movie ever you guys made out the whole movie we made out a lot too so when you see them now and now it's like what's that like you know sister don't feel like a Lehman we're like a leaning no it's awesome sister oh no not at all no I forget we get in the movie together how old were you when you did that moment 20 were you dating Wayne when you did that moment not at that time no we dating anybody when you did that no not at that time I wasn't the guy in your life is that no no no no every time I work I'm single so that's good yeah yeah yeah yeah cuz the guy who said watching you make out with other guy that can't be fun yeah I don't know if I would have him on set doing that yeah yeah yeah just be weird yeah tell me about the baby had the babies three and a half mm-hmm and doing half he's gonna be a rapper or and I know I think he might be an actor he has a lot of personality and he's like hey you know just he's just he's great I don't know whatever he does decide to do I hope he does what great and happy I can't when we I don't know I just I thought of you when this happened because when that when the full stories about Wayne came out like TMZ and the yang that it was really bad and I was in my house and I felt like I was scared and I felt terrible about it I can't imagine what you well I was um you already know what was going on way before yeah that was with all like the extra nest they put on it that was like three days late you know what I'm saying like he wasn't even like no do you are you worried about him at all just know his health no I know he's okay okay he really is I'm not worried about him I'm worried about how people portray him I feel like he gets me understood a lot that's unfair to him but yeah he's doing all right though he I worry when I saw that that he denounced the tour I'm like cuz baby called up here saying he need rest now he just announced this big old tour he's rst now that's not rest you rest with the day's rest days right he's so supportive and sweet I love that are you finished shooting you're done shooting yeah no you ever done so seasons done yeah so what do you do now go back to auditioning and being a mom you stopped the audition right yeah did you not take meeting stuff like that but there so definitely a yeah you have to prove that you can do this still yes Oh mm-hmm so when you go and you're already Lauren London you already been at movies and on TV are you sitting in the lobby with other girls yeah you are all sitting there in the rock scene they're together there's girls that have been in more movies than me in me yeah you're all sitting in the lobby way talking to each other like so what does he do yeah what do you who's in your circuit um I go it's usually uh Megan I see a lot of tika Sumpter journey mm-hmm a really group good group of women and so then you're all auditioning for the same part yeah I mean usually we see each other a lot passing and stuff yeah Wow and then that was that never weird never weird no I mean I think we're all very we kind of know how the game goes it's just like good we really wish each other well like girl good luck like thank you I needed to it's a really good way to and then you have a movie coming out right yeah then we'll be coming out with a Paula Patton called baggage claim sometime this year David Talbert it was a play and a book and he turned into a movie Paula Patton Derek Luke I play her younger sister who's getting married and she's trying to get a date to my wedding so she's flying all over the world trying to find a date to my own wedding and you're marrying who Terrence J I are you making out with Terrence J no we don't make out how are you marrying him and you don't ever make out because it mean it's really following Paula but it's about my wedding I mean we care come on I don't get one make up you know we actually we have we kiss there's not making now we have like a you know we love each other kiss yeah peck oh that's you yeah this one cuz you know me Terrence is like a brother you know who's like wait what I have to kiss you

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  1. I'm sick of these clowns cornballs wannabes crumb snatchers flaky blood suckers getting over on hip hop and the hood.

  2. Lauren London is beautiful. I am a fan of Lauren London. Lauren London is awesome. Lauren London is great. I love you Lauren London. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–β€β€β€

  3. Just really a beautiful woman I’m so sad I’m sorry for her lost Nipsey is literally was made for her πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜”

  4. I feel like Nipsey was more into the relationship than her. I may get heat for saying that but it’s just my opinion.

  5. Y’all must have never seen a real pretty natural girl before because you guys kill me with she’s the prettiest girl you ever seen when she just regular and goofy looking from where I’m from guys would just walk past her… come to Beaumont tx and you would lose your mind because regular basic girls look li

  6. Strong. She holding up. And her man. Is. In.her. Heart. And kids spiritual. For ever day. Living. Come. Back lord

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