Laura, BA Events Management at the University of Chester

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a third-year Events
Management student at the University of Chester. My typical day changes every
week and it definitely gets harder in third year. So this morning I woke up at
half past eight to get up in time for my 9:00 a.m. and then I had a couple
lectures and I’ve even had a hand in today. So last night I didn’t actually
get to bed until 2:00 a.m. as well because hand ins are hard. One of my
favourite modules was one of my second year modules, it’s a live event
module so you actually get to put on an event of your choice that you design you
mark it you create all the finances for and then you get to raise money for
charity. So we did a Restaurant Safari, where we went to four different
restaurants in one evening having all different types of food from across the
world and managed to raise five hundred pounds for charity.
I loved actually being able to do the practical side of my degree, so
really getting involved in how to run events, how to manage them correctly as
well. I was the marketing manager of my events I managed to create and plan an entire marketing schedule and I really, really enjoyed it because I
managed to put my own creative flair onto it all and managed to, so really get
to grips with my events in a practical way. I really like events just because it
is a really well-rounded degree so not only is it creative in the fact that I
get to touch on elements of marketing and designing the events I also get to
look at the law side, the health and safety, the finance, really get to grips with the
practical side of it. I’m currently studying a module called Strategic
Management, which gets you to look at really up-to-date things that are happening
in the business world. It makes you really a lot more employable. I would say
the worst thing is the amount of group work you have to do, because it is a
practical degree in industry you will have to be working with a team. They do
try and push that on you quite a lot at this university just because it is the
real world. It does mean that some of your grade does rely on other people,
which can be quite stressful sometimes, but if you manage to get a good team and
work with a tutor as well then it actually can really, really help you. I
would say get to grips with the work quickly, try and start as soon as possible. Get to
know your tutors as well especially in first year because it will really help
you in second and third year where it really counts. This morning I ran up to one of my tutors an hour before the deadline of one of my
assignments and she really, really helped me, she took the time out of her day just
to give me two minutes just to make me feel calmer and a lot better about
myself, so it’s really, really worth doing. There’s plenty of things that I could be
doing with my degree, I’m not quite sure I want to be doing in the near future but
maybe in the next ten years I want to be looking at either doing a master’s in a
subject that furthers Events Management. I want to be moving to London to
either start a job or find a job that will finance my master’s and it’s also
possibility that I do want to open up my own business, whether that be a hospitality business or start running my own events agency.

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