Larissa Threatens to Divorce Colt | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

I’ve made mistakes. OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s not my actions solely
that brought us here today. I wasn’t the one that threw
my brains down the toilet. I never signed a contract
that says I have to buy you 200 dresses, $1,000 makeup. I don’t understand what
is wrong with Larissa. We cannot communicate like
a couple, like human beings, not even like friends. She either shuts
down or she’ll rant. She just wants more
and more things. I know she’s not happy, but in
order for our marriage to work, we have to be able
to communicate. I want to talk to you like
an adult, like my wife. I don’t want you to just rant. We have other important
things to talk about than whether or not
you want dresses, or makeup, or whatever.

Michael Martin

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  1. She wants more and more things 🤔… what things!!!! She couldn’t even buy a sofa without his permission. Mommy drives him around and he is so cheap he couldn’t even spend 20$ of flowers . Wtf

  2. U wanted pretty n sexy woman, need to pay for her high maintenance bro.. beauty dont come for free

  3. Colty,my dude….listen…there are women in your country that look like that and aren't as needy and annoying. Send her ass packing and find someone new,someone not searching for a green card and a paycheck

  4. Look at Colt. Completely disgusting! Poor Larissa!

    If anyone doubts the value- real or perceived- of the American green card, look at this couple. In no other situation could a thing like Colt step to Larissa.

  5. So she a golddigger because the house is to small for her like she sand she didn't like tee decor really add she wanted to use his card and spend so much money she waltz to live in a big house and. Shes made because she want be so luxury and rich like she planned

  6. Just to let you people know. This isn't "reality" tv. Its fake. They're all actors and actresses looking for fame. Stop watching these dumb shows

  7. Larissa might seem greedy, but at least she has been honest about who she is. Colt lied about how much money he has, and treats his mom like his real wife. He's not a man.

  8. I am so happy for Larissa now, she has separated from Colt. Colt cheated on her and now she is a new relationship and is very happy!

  9. Colt you have to know that girl has no intention of being married to you,. I think the three of you got involved just to do the show and make money. Colt, you are a slob,you live with your crazy mother who I think is in love with you in some perverted way, or she wouldn't be so keen on keeping you ALL to herself. Good mothers raise their children to be independent , care for themselves and how to care for family. The fights between him and her are so set up by Colt, if that girl had any self respect she would fly home immediately and take care of her kids?????

  10. She needs to go back where she came from what self centered egotistical pain in the ass !
    Colt you can do better … Debbie it’s your house toss her ass out !

  11. Larissa has an IQ of a 10 year old, comment section giving her way too much credit cus she "pretty" and Colt acting pathetic

  12. She wanted a sugar daddy , not a husband. It's sad he's so in love and so blind of her actions. She likes the idea of him.

  13. Colt wanted a live sex doll. Thats it. He had no respect for her and no intentions of building a healthy relationship.

  14. Larissa did the right thing for leaving his “Jefree dahmer” lookin ass 🙄 He such a damn mommas boy , & I would leave his ass with his momma. She too pretty for him anyway

  15. Colt get a back bone she's a bitch spoiled to say the least your a good man who deserves better let her go divorce her

  16. Omg! Colte's mother should stay out of Colte's & Larissa's relationship, his mom is just jellous.
    I honestly think there relationship definitely could've been different, if his mom moved out.

  17. I never see anyone mention how hot Larissa is so ima say it. SHES BAD TO THE BONE! And she could use me for a green card any day!! Hahahah

  18. I knew it hahaha this will happen she will divorce soon from him and take half of the benefits that was her plan he’s too dumb to understand that sad for him

  19. To be honest I would rather live with Colt than her she's such high maintainance nothing is going to make her happy and I'm not even gay.

  20. So wait I'm very confused so he signed a contract that he has to buy her shit be the sugar daddy pretty much fuck that

  21. Colt makes excuses and doesn’t want to make the change in life; move from his mother’s and love & cherish the positive things Larissa does for you. What an idiot!

  22. how much were you thirsty to get this post-wall bitch? have some self respect man and walk away! she came for the greencard only. wymmyn are not capable of emotion anymore. don't drop your dignity for a piece of meat.

  23. The problem imo: you have a son who doesn’t know how to treat woman properly. You have woman who believes she’s entitled to everything.

  24. She was in it for the money and she thought she win it big when she didn't…..he was in it for the sex and a beautiful girl by him…. no one wins that way…. marriage is about responsibility, respect, caring, and loving each other and I see know one like that in this show and the ones who are… are the ones who left the show

  25. Like I'm not saying all foreign people are gold diggers, I'm not racist or stereotypical. But when it's on a reality show, everyone knows there's at least one person in the relationship who is a gold digger and 95% of the time it's the person coming over from the foreign country

  26. You sponsored me, colteee, so u got to buy me Gucci bags and channel makeup🤣😂What part of that don’t u understand colteee?😂😂

  27. Colte, Larissa LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE! They are so bad for each other. She is a total bitch and he is a nasty stalker. Talk about toxic. These people are crazy!

  28. Idk why y'all like larissa so much she just a thot and wants money and to control her man. But I guess that's what most girls want now a days

  29. Larissa had a plan since day 1. She’s clearly WAAAAY out of his league. You had to see it since the beginning. Colts a straight up square. Man titties and Star Trek? Larissa is a chick that wants to go out to clubs and be seen. Colt has to find a girl that’s just like him he can’t be hooking up with 10s he needs a girl like his friends girlfriend

  30. Why is Steve Rogers taking so much shit from this woman? Doesn’t he know there are fine women in America? And what happened to your muscles Captain? Dump her, hit the gym and find a nice girl!

  31. Colt haven't had look up the 'G' in the dictionary to the definition 'gold digger' prior to he sign the papers. 🙂

  32. This dude needs to cut the cord from his mom, also needs to give in to his true feeling and marry a man😂😂😅

  33. Is it true Colt moonlights as a Drag Queen at night? That's why he purchased Larrisa, for tips & pointers unbeknownst to her?

  34. Colt always says that he can't have a conversation with Larissa but all he ever says is "I don't understand her" "I don't understand the problem". When Larissa complains about things, she's making her points about what she wishes would improve in their relationship. How exactly did he contribute to the conversation? It sounds like gaslighting to me. Not to mention that her complaints are completely reasonable, considering that he literally IS her sponsor and he's so cheap he won't even buy her flowers.

  35. Why the hell is everyone in comments on the side of the woman?? Because she’s hot?? She’s a bitch!! She’s selfish!! She doesnt care about him!!!! She doesn’t do anything so far to try to make him happy. She’s a grown child. And everyone is saying colt is the problem. Yea he has a problem but he actually is trying to have a discussion and she’s walking away. Every single one of you people will have failed marriages if you think Larissa is anything but a terrible spouse.

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