Lara Croft: The Dark Essence – TV Spot (6th episode)

A Rumari splinterstick. Exquisite edge. I’ll show you how to use this, shall I? You’re being emotional, little bird! I didn’t want this! That’s why we’re. You tried to refuse the gift. Sadly, the only way out of here now is if you reach the gift first. I thought you were special. I thought you wanted to make me proud. I do! Divorce yourself from your feelings. Master your body! Own the pain! Ready? Yes! It was him or you… Never let it be you…

Michael Martin

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  1. 1st season – 6th episode (Training)
    "In 1986 Atlas started training his 11 years niece Lara. His training was rough because he was training Lara in the way Kill or Be Killed. At first Atlas wanted to teach Lara how to kill. Later in 1989 when Lara was in her 14s, Atlas was training Lara by tieing her and another oponent in front of her. Where did Atlas kidnap those people was still a mystery. The only reason Atlas wanted is to build strength in Lara so she could untie herself and reach the egde and kill the oponent. Those victims Atlas was kidnapping were sacrificed to make a cold-blooded assassin. This test was the hardest one for Lara. Every time Atlas was bringing those people, Lara refused to kill them. Uncle wasn't happy about it. He wanted to make Lara do it but she was scared to take someone's life. So Atlas was killing them by himself while Lara was painfully watching this. And one day Lara actually decided to act and made her first kill. That day Atlas was proud of his niece. Lara finally started to become the weapon Atlas wanted. It changed her life's perspective forever. Atlas told her those words – it was him or you, never let it be you. In 1995 where Lara was in her 20s, Atlas was teaching Lara another moments of life. He trained her to fight, to kill and to do anything in order to survive. Those 10 years with uncle Atlas were the hardest years of Lara's life…"

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